49 Wings of Sorrow

Standing alone in the middle of her room Alice slowly fell to her knees trying to process everything. She realized none of it was a dream. She was wide awake, she came face to face with two Gods and learned she might actually be a Demi-God and that she may not have to kill anyone. At the same time she struggled deeply with the thought that her parents that she remembered so clearly may just be someone else's memories implanted in her head so she would take revenge for her father.

| Quest - Meet with Nyx and find out more about who you really are. |

|Reward - ??? |


"Why would i be given this Quest… "

Seeing the systems Quest pop up after so long it brought even more questions. "Just what is this system.. God clearly does not like Nyx. Why would he tell me to go see and speak with her.. Maybe the system is actually Nyx's creation.."

"Fuck it I need answers. Alice said to herself before going back into the shadows with the room Nyx took her to in mind.

Appearing in the room just as fast as she submerged herself into the shadow cast in her room she was met with Nyx facing away from her destroying a table in the corner in a fit of anger.

"...Should I leave…" Alice asked, taking a step back.

"No! Sorry I was just venting some anger. I didn't think you would come to see me so quickly I am really happy you came please take a seat. " Nyx said composing herself and sitting on the chair pretending nothing happened.

"I have a lot of questions… You seem like the only option for answers to be honest.. " Alice said hating herself for doubting who her real parents are.

"I can read the first question.. You have it written all over your face so I will just start from the beginning so please listen carefully. Around 50 years ago the Demon race wiped out Soron's precious creations, the Angels. Soron was furious but knew he could not directly retaliate against another God's creations so he Reincarnated 2 of the most powerful of the Angels that once worshiped him. He gave them the same task that he gave you. Eradicate the Demon race and he will allow them to bring back the Angel race as a whole. Believing his words without question the two Angels set off to the Demon Kingdom and wreaked havoc. However two Angels alone are far from powerful enough to wipe out the whole demonic race and thus they were defeated a day into their quest. " Nyx seemed to say in one breathe.

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"So God's real name is Soron? " Alice asked, getting sucked into the story Nyx was telling.

"Indeed, while this was happening Soron and I would regularly meet and pass the time… As immortals who have lived since the beginning of time we sometimes pass the time in the ways of humans and other creatures.. We could have never known that a child would come from our actions. A child born between two God's has not happened in a eon such occasions would normally be celebrated. Soron however had his power drained constantly while I was pregnant.. It is so rare for God's to have children together that neither of us could have guessed that you would put a drain on his power for such a long time. As soon as you were born you did not cry instead you used my power and vanished from our grasps. Fearful that someone would take you and use you against him, Soron implanted a young Angel's memories in your head. The young woman by the name of Alice did indeed exist at one point in time but that is not who you are. " Nyx said trying to hide the fact she was nervous Alice would just leave hearing all of this.

"That… Is just too much for me to handle, if I was really the child between you two why do I not have Godly powers? And what about the Quests I am given by God? The ones that just appear in front of me? There is so much that does not make sense about what you're telling me! " Alice said, still not having any answers.

"I don't know why you don't have the power you should have, As for your father's quest to wipe out the Demons I can tell you that doing that will not bring back the Angels.." Nyx replied honestly.

"Can you give me Quest's as well?? The reason I came here so quickly was not to see you but because I was given a quest to come and talk with you! I even will get some reward for this visit! Are you the one who gives me the rewards?!? Even my scythe was a reward the quests gave me! " Alice said losing control of her emotions, feeling like she was just a tool for the God's to use and play mind games with.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Alice I can promise you that, Soron may just be using the Quests to mess with you and prevent us from having a good relationship… " Nyx replied not knowing what else to say.

| Quest complete |

| Reward - Wings of Sorrow |

Having completed the Quest Alice stood up feeling sick of all the stress and mental abuse she was feeling. Suddenly time felt as if it was slowing down as wave after wave of magic power erupted around her. Screaming in pain beautiful black wings tore through her skin and expanded sending blood and a black mist swirling around her.

Watching in utter shock at what was happening in front of her Nyx stared at Alice's beautiful black wings as they slowly moved closer to Alice's body.

Crying and curling her knees to her chest she let all of her pent up emotions come out as if second nature to her Alice hid her body behind her wings as she sat on the ground not wanting to face reality anymore.

"Alice… are you okay? These wings are not from Soron I can promise you that whatever quests you are receiving are not from him nor me.. " Nyx said, putting a hand on her wings causing her to feel intense emotions of sadness. "You poor child… I can feel how much pain you're in. I will free you from your father if that is what you wish. " Nyx said, trying to be as genuine as she could.

"NEITHER OF YOU ARE MY PARENTS I KNOW WHO THEY ARE LEAVE ME ALONE! " Alice said, flapping her wings hard and leaving the room returning to her own falling onto the familiar and warm floor she felt like she had not seen in a long time.

"Alice… is that you… " Yumi said standing in her doorway in awe of what she was seeing.

Looking up in tears Alice got up rushing over to Yumi embracing her in a tight hug as if she was the only real thing in her life that she would refuse to let go of.

Wrapping her arms around Alice she returned the hug and let Alice cry on her shoulder as she just played with her hair. "I don't know what happened to you since I was asleep but I am here and not going anywhere so cry as much as you need too then we can talk. " Yumi said, wondering just how long she was asleep.

Having cried so much no more tears would come Alice let go of Yumi and took a few steps back. "I missed you.. " Alice said, wiping her eyes.

"How long was I asleep? When did you get your wings back.. " Yumi asked not being able to help herself from asking questions.

"I don't know how long and a few minutes ago.. " Alice replied, taking the chance to finally be able to look at her own wings. "These… are my wings? " Alice asked, touching the silky smooth feathers that looked nothing like the white ones she remembered having as an Angel.

"Looks like it! Honestly they're the most beautiful things i have ever seen.. It is going to bring a lot of attention to you next time you go outside. " Yumi said, making a good point.

"That is true.. Alice said, bringing up her quest panel to look at her wings' information.

| Wings of Sorrow - Living through life and death the Wings of Sorrow will reflect the owners emotions. Wings of Sorrow will allow the user to fly freely through the sky with no use of Mana. Bringing the wings out uses 35 Mana, storing the wings returns 35 Mana. |

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