25 Wind Element

Reaching the training grounds behind the Mages Guild the elderly man instructed Alice to start by standing in the middle of the training grounds, a small arena like structure made from regular brick.

"Firsts things first, in order to use the Wind Element properly you will need to feel the mana around you. You will have to single out the mana you feel from the breeze you can currently feel and ignore all other sources. " The man instructed.

Closing her eyes and clearing all thoughts from her mind, Alice felt the gentle breeze run over her as she tried to focus and feel the mana the wind pass by her. Seeing that Alice was grasping the feel of the mana she needed to focus on he started to smile a bit. Normally it would take a few days for someone to be able to get the feel for the mana they needed to use, Alice however only needed a few minutes.

'Maybe it is because she has three elements and can use two already that she is able to catch on so quickly. ' The old man thought to himself quite pleased that his new student seemed to be a prodigy. "Good now slowly try to take control over that mana and change its direction,if done correctly you should be able to make the wind move in slow circles around you, I need to go talk with the guild head but i will be back soon. " The man said as he walked back into the guild to find the guild master.

Walking with a small amount of haste the elderly man opened the doors to the Guild Masters room, "Alister, i have a new student who was able to grasp the feel for the Winds mana in minutes, and to make it better she has three elements. " The man said eagerly to the Guild Master.

"Oh, that sounds pretty interesting. Where is this girl right now? " Alister asked curiously wanting to know more about this supposed genius student. "She is outside on the training arena trying to make the wind move, i figured that would give me enough time to let you know about her and get back. Normally to move the wind around your body it takes years of practice. " He replied.

"Lets go take a look at the little miss and see what she can do. " Alister said walking through the guild lobby towards the training grounds.


Alice started to understand how to move the wind around her, she started by imagining the wind as streams moving past her and then willing the streams to move in circles around her body. 'I wonder if I can speed the flow of mana and make the wind blow faster... ' Alice thought to herself as her hair started to go from lightly blowing in the wind to almost violently whipping the air around her.

The wind started spinning around her so quickly that the dust from the arena grounds slowly got sucked in and forming a small tornado around her. 'Faster...Faster... Faster...' Alice thought wanting to know how far she could take things.

The wind was moving around Alice so fast that she started to slowly lift off the ground making her float a few feet off the ground. 'Am i floating? This feels amazing I feel like I am able to fly again! Alice thought with a smile.


Walking out the back doors Alister and Ron were met with fierce winds being sucked towards Alice making a small tornado around her while she floated at the center. "I thought you said she just started to feel the mana... How can she make a tornado around herself only 30 minutes into learning the Wind Element for the first time? " Alister asked the dumbfounded old man.

"All i did was tell her to move the wind around her i never told her to try anything near this magnitude. " Ron said as he snapped his fingers causing the wind to instantly come to a halt causing Alice to fall back to the ground.

"Ow what the hell! " Alice said as she landed on her butt, "Forgive us for putting a stop to your fun but had you kept going and lost control you really might have set a tornado loose on the kingdom." Alister said as he helped Alice stand back up.

"Alice have you had your mana measured yet? " Ron asked quite curiously thinking that a low level mage shouldn't have the mana capacity to use the Wind Element this well.

"I already know how much mana I have. " Alice said wishing she could have kept feeling like she was flying again. "How much, if you don't mind me asking Miss Alice. " Alister asked.

"515, it is 540 with some of my gear equipped. " Alice said thinking nothing of it.

"And what level are you? " Alister asked again.

"I am level 13, " Alice said still not understanding why she is getting the third degree.

"My last question, what race are you Alice? " Alister asked slightly more serious than he was before.

'Fuck, I hope I didn't give myself away already, way to go Alice, ' Alice thought to herself before answering. "My race is not important, and it is none of your business. " Alice said bluntly hoping the two would just accept the answer.

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"I see, if that's your answer I suppose there is nothing more I can say on the matter, My name is Alister. I am the Guild Master for this Mage's Guild it is nice to meet you, but I have somethings to take care of for now. " Alister said as he walked away not prying for more information.

"That reminds my I have not introduced myself yet, my name is Ronald but you can call me Ron. " Ron said before shaking Alice's hand. "Nice to meet you Ron, I think I should head back home for now. " Alice said cutting their chat short and running back home.


Closing the doors and locking them behind him Alister walked over to the large mirror on his wall and waved his hand over the surface causing a tall man in black robes to appear on the mirror. "I have found someone that may be of interest to you Lord Kira, " Alister said as he gave a deep bow.

"Please tell me about this supposed person of interest i do not have time to play around right now. " Lord Kira said coldly.

"A new mage appeared in our kingdom, she is a low level but she has the mana of a level 40 mage. That is not all either, she also posses the Elements, Wind, Fire, and Shadow. I believe that she could prove useful. " Alister said still in his bow not daring to look up and face the Lord of the Demon Race.

"If she is not dangerous I will send my son to fetch her. He has been a pain in my ass lately and I could use a task to keep him busy. Thank you for informing me, my son will arrive in a weeks time. Be sure to inform me when he arrives. " Lord Kira said as he ended the communication.


Arriving back at the Astala Estate, Alice ran inside and looked for Yumi's father. "Whats wrong Alice, what is the rush? " Yumi said curiously as she walked down the stairs.

"I need to talk to your father, Alister the Mage's Guild Master questioned me about my race and I want to know more about Alister from your father to know if I should be worried or not. " Alice said trying not to panic.

"He is in the garden lets go talk to him, " Yumi said as she grabbed Alice's hand to calm her down.

"What a nice surprise girls, what can i do for you two? " Arita said as he continued to read his book while sitting on a bench next to a rose bush.

"Alister from the Mage's Guild questioned me about my level, mana, and about my race. I want to know if you know anything about him, I did not tell him about my race but I am still scared. " Alice said with her heart still racing not wanting to put the family that has been so nice to her in danger.

"As far as I know Alister has been in the kingdom for about 10 years but not much is known about him before that time, what caused him to question you? Arita asked curiously closing his book and focusing on Alice.

After finishing hearing what happened from Alice he pondered what the best course of action would be, "I will try to dig up his past a little more and see what i can find out, but using magic like that likely surprised him, it isn't impossible that he just wanted to know more about the amazing mage that can use magic on that scale at a low level. "

Hearing what Arita said made Alice feel a little bit better but she still had a uneasy feeling about the whole situation. 'Ugh Shadow what do you think? ' Alice asked shadow who was currently sitting above the fresh fish tank in the kitchen.

'I would say to keep your eyes open, while it is possible he was just interested in you that may be a bad thing. Who knows if he told someone about your abilities people have been abducted for less and you're one of the only Mages with three Elements. ' Shadow said as he pawed at the fish swimming by taunting him behind the glass.

'That doesn't make me feel any better but thanks..' Alice thought feeling a little more dreadful.

"Yumi, when are we going to get a party together and go to dungeons or kill forest monsters? " Alice asked wanting to level up as much as possible.

"We can go to the Adventure's Guild tomorrow to find a party and a good dungeon for us to do. We are a lower level than most of the adventures here so it may be hard to find a group. " Yumi said.

"Why dont we find a good blacksmith to fix or make you a new weapon? Seems a lot better than waiting for one to just show up. " Alice said thinking back about Yumi's weapon.

"That's a good idea, wanna head to one now? " Yumi said excitedly. "Sure lead the way! " Alice said happily, she needed a distraction anyways.

The two girls walked around the kingdom and looked at various stalls as they made their way to a local blacksmith. Stopping at small stall on the way Alice felt drawn to a ring she saw sitting ontop of a purple silk cloth. It was a shiny silver ring with runes carved into it and small purples gems embedded in it.

| Ring of the Fairy King |

| A ring once worn by the Fairy King, useless unless acknowledged by the Fairy's |

"Sir how much for this ring? " Alice questioned, "This ring is basically useless since the Fairies don't show unless they have no choice, the ring is 300 silver though. " The stall owner said.

"I would save your money Alice, it might be pretty but that is super pricey for a useless ring, " Yumi said trying to convince her friend not to make a stupid purchase.

"I guess you're right. " Alice said as they continued their walk to the blacksmith workshop.

| Lazlo's Blacksmith Services |

The two arrived at the blacksmith's workshop that looked like a small two story building made from red brick. "Hello ladies what can I do for you? " Lazlo said while polishing a shield at his work station a few feet away from the furnace.

"I was curious if you could repair my weapon or make me a new one, " Yumi said as she pulled out her Kyoketsu-shoge. "Interesting, this is the first i have seen a weapon like this. With the material i have right now i can repair it but I also believe i can make one that is much better than this if you would like to commission me. " Lazlo said still inspecting the weapon.

"Can you repair this one since it means a lot to me as well as make me a better one? " Yumi questioned unable to control her tail. "Sure the repair will only cost 39 silver, and the new one will cost 480 silver, if you want it made from top tier materials it will cost 1,200 silver. " Lazlo said putting her weapon on his table.

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