34 Wealth

"That would be nice, " Alice said taking the merchants hand while taking the seat next to him. "I haven't introduced myself yet, you can call me Sam. " He said whipping the horses and starting the rest of the short distance back to the kingdom. "It is nice to meet you Sam, I am Alice. " She replied happy to be able to relax after a hard days work.

Arriving at a large building surrounded by stalls Joey took Jack out of the back and walked him inside to be brought in front of their boss. "Come with me Miss Alice and I will take you to meet Master Hogan, " Sam said offering her his hand as she got off the wagon.

Walking up the stairs and facing large thick wooden doors Sam pushed them open and motioned for Joey to bring their prisoner inside with them. Walking across the large room Sam called out to his boss telling him he had great news with excitement. "Is that one of the bandit brothers? " Hogan said turning his chair around to face them. "Yeah, and this little lady here is the once responsible for his capture, the other brother was also killed due to her efforts. " Sam said patting Alice on the shoulder with a smile.

Looking at Alice and walking around his desk he held out his hand to shake hers, "My name is Hogan, you have my thanks for completing the request. However I only see one brother where is the proof of the other? " He said asked sitting on the edge of his desk.

Pulling the sack out of her inventory she removed Logan's severed head and held it out for Hogan to take. Is this enough proof? " Alice asked as Jack cured at her and tried to break free from his bindings.

Picking up on of the pens on his desk Hogan swiftly threw it at Jack puncturing through his eye and into his brain killing him. "The reason I wanted them alive was so that I could kill them myself. They're the reason my son is dead, " Hogan said with a depressed face before turning back to Alice.

"You have done a great favor for me by saving one of them for me to get a small amount of vengeance Miss Alice, if there is anything you want just name it otherwise I can just give you one gold coin for the request and bonus reward. " He said pulling out a large coin pouch taking out the golden coin.

"The money is enough, I already have enough items. I even received two axes that can cut through magic spells with ease. " Alice said pulling out one of the axes to show him.

"If you wouldn't mind could you sell the both of them to me? " Hogan said while inspecting the well made axe. "I don't mind I was planning on putting them up for auction but they don't have any use to me or any of my team mates. " Alice said pulling the second one out and handing it to Hogan.

Taking another gold coin and a handful of silver out he placed them into a coin pouch and handed it to Alice, "If you ever come across items like this again please bring them to me, I will happily purchase them for a fair price. " Hogan said while writing a letter of completion for her to turn into the guild. "Sure, I need to be going now to turn in my other requests though, " she said before giving a smile and leaving his business.

Looking through some of the stalls next to Hogan's business Alice decided to buy more MP potions before heading to the Adventure's Guild. Walking slowly through the street looking at more stalls and buying some sweets to eat she saw everyone from her party. "Whats going on, what are you all up to? " Alice asked finishing a cookie she was eating.

"Hey Alice, we were just discussing going to the Guild Tavern to talk about our upcoming dungeon, would you like to join us? " Eric replied. "Sure, I was headed there to turn in some requests anyway. " She said while walking with them the rest of the way to the Guild.

Entering the Adventure's Guild she parted ways with her party and went to the receptionist to turn in the requests she had completed. Handing the middle aged man the request flyers and proof of completions Alice waited for them to be processed. "For completing the Red Serpent Vines request the reward is 80 silver, as for Jakar's request the reward is 115 silver. Remember to let us know if there are any other requests you with to take. " He said while handing her a pouch full of silver coins.

Walking over to join the party Alice took her seat next to Yumi who was happy to see Alice again after her being gone all day. "How did your requests go? " Yumi asked while waiting for Eric to get back with the information on the dungeon. "I managed to level up again and I got a lot of benefits from them. " Alice said pulling a very large bag full of silver coins out of her inventory that she took from the Bandit Brothers camp.

"Oh my gosh Alice! " Yuki said looking over curiously, "How on earth did you earn all of that in a day??? " She continued to ask. "I killed the Bandit Brothers and got to keep everything I took from their camp, I even sold a man named Hogan two axe's that can cut through magic spells for some gold coin. " Alice said happily knowing she made a small fortune.

"Do you even need the allowance the king gave you... " Yumi said curious just how much money Alice really had. "Well I figured I can use the King's money to help us buy potions and camping gear for our Dungeon runs. " Alice replied while pulling out some potions and camping gear she had purchased for everyone to share.

"Looks like Alice has done the shopping for us, " Eric said returning to the table with some beers and a stack of papers. "Well in any case I have the information about our next dungeon, this one will be a little higher level and will take roughly four days to complete. " He said taking his seat and passing out the beer before reading from the papers.

"The dungeon is called 'Lair of the Satori' from the information provided the last Boss is a monster called the Satori. He resembles a large monkey that has the power to read minds, his level should be around 22 and his weapon changes from a club to a staff. Once his HP gets below a certain point he will begin using magic attacks while reading our minds to know our next moves. The information also states that this dungeon has four floors and the terrain is consistently forest like while having different seasons on each floor. " Eric read from the paper while drinking his beer.

"Does it say anything about the average level of the mob monsters? " Alex asked already boarder-line drunk. "Take it easy on the drinking Alex you still have to wake up in the morning. Yes the average level for the first floor should be 18, increasing by one level for each floor as for the mob monsters they should all be monkeys. Once we reach the third floor some of the mob monsters should have some basic magic attacks they will use so we will have to be prepared to defend against them. " Eric said putting the papers away and asked if anyone had questions.

With no one having any questions Eric told everyone to meet him back at the tavern at sunrise the next day. "Hey Yumi is there a auction tonight by chance? " Alice asked wanting to spend some of her new found wealth. "Yeah there should be, want me to go with you? " Yumi asked as she finished her drink.

"No I can handle it this time, mind if I use the VIP booth though? " Alice asked not wanting to admit she got used to living with luxury. "That should be fine, just show this token to the receptionist, " Yumi said tossing Alice a large bronze badge with her family crest on it. Catching the token Alice looked at the crest seeing a large wolf with a small crown and money around it. 'Well I guess I am not to surprised that the family crest shows their wealth, ' she thought as she walked to the Auction Hall.

"Are you here to purchase to sell? " The Auction Hall receptionist asked while sitting behind the counter. "Buy, " she said as she showed him the crest and continued to walk in towards the stairs. Finding the Astala VIP room Alice sat down in a large comfy chair overlooking the seats and stage below. Hearing a knock at the door Alice turned to see a man in his early twenties open the door, his slim but healthy figure and washed blond hair let her know he was probably another VIP. "Can I do anything for you sir? " she asked curious who the man was and why he was at the Astala VIP room.

"Sorry to intrude but my name is Jesse Vaugn, I noticed you come here alone and was curious if you would mind sharing a VIP room with me. These auctions can be pretty boring at times as I am sure you are aware. " Jesse said while taking a step into the room with Alice. "I don't really mind, my name is Alice. " She said while turning her attention back to the stage waiting for things to get started. "You do not strike me as a member of the Astala family Alice, could you be a close friend to the family? " He asked sitting in the chair next to her.

"I currently live at the Estate and Yumi is my best friend as well as party member, and what of you? How is it you know the Astala family? " Alice asked figuring talking would pass the time faster until the auction started. "Our families are business rivals to be honest, I don't really have much to do with any of it other than spending my father money to get back at him for ignoring my mother and I. " Jesse said surprising Alice a little. "Would you not get in trouble with your father for being seen in the Astala VIP booth? " She asked now looking at him.

"It isn't like I really care to be scolded by father, if he paid enough attention to me to actually scold me I would have to thank you for letting me in this room. " He said while turning his attention to the stage as the Auctioneer started the auction.

"For our first item tonight we have a Magical Beast Egg! The beast should be a eagle when hatched from its egg we are starting the bid at 200 silver! " The man said loudly as a bidding frenzy started off going from 200 silver to over 1 gold in the matter of second with Jesse winning the bid. "They really started things off with a good item this time around, " Jesse said happy to have a Magical Beast. "They are very nice to have, I personally have one and he is now the same as a family member to me. " Alice said finding it easy to get along with Jesse.

"The next item up for today is a Captured Fairy!! You heard me right we have a Fairy up for auction the starting bid will be 250 silver! " He said while taking bids rapidly. Seeing the Fairy she saw this as her chance to get use from the ring and yelled out 1 gold coin topping the previous highest bidder of 780 silver.

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"It seems someone from the Astala household wishes to purchase the Fairy, will anyone top the bid? " The auctioneer yelled out trying to increase the bid. After someone stood to bid looking Alice's way to taunt her into wasting all her money she used her 'Demonic Gaze' skill causing the man to pause long enough to lose the bid. "SOLD to the Astala house hold! " He said with a smile knowing what Alice did but not doing anything about it.

"It seems you have obtained a very valuable item Alice, " Jesse said giving her a smile. "Same to you Jesse, I got what I wanted so I shall take my leave now. " Alice said as she waved and left the room to go pay the money and get the Fairy.

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