57 War Pt 3

Flying alongside the Demon Alice enjoyed the look of fear on his face more and more as she thought of what he did to Arita. Spreading her wings before they reached the ground Alice hovered in the air above the small crater the Demon made on impact with the ground.

Looking down still at his shattered body Alice was unaware everyone on the battle field was silently watching her waiting for her next move. Her allies felt like they had a God on their side who could defeat two Demons on her own. Her enemies how ever felt like she was an Angel of Death sent to eradicate them with ease.

"DON'T GIVE UP MEN SHE IS ONE PERSON!! " The enemy commander said trying to bring the moral of his troops back to a acceptable level.

Hearing his shout the people supporting Alice yelled out already feeling victor was within their grasps with such a powerful figure aiding them.

Remembering what sent her into a rage in the first place Alice turned to face her unit and quickly made her way to them to check on Arita.

"CHARGE!!!!!! "The enemy commander yelled out leading the rest of their forces seeing Alice having her back turned to them.

With her allies rushing past her to match their charge Alice feel to her knees next to Arita who was barely holding onto life. "Alice, I need you to do me a favor. " He said coughing up blood.

"Anything just please don't die.. " Alice said with tears falling from her face.

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"Tell Yumi that I love her and I could not be more proud of her. She has grown into a beautiful young lady and I am sorry I did not get to spend more time with her. She is now in charge of the Estate and business, I know she will do a amazing job.. " Arita said growing weaker.

"Why can't you heal him! " Alice said turning to the mage still working to heal his wounds while exhausting all of his mana in the process.

"Alice, it is not his fault. The demons blade was coated in poison I do not have long left. I have thought of you as a daughter for a-- " Arita tried saying before closing his eyes for the last time.

Holding onto Arita's hand and crying Alice felt the heart break of loosing a father once again which caused her wings to grow slightly bigger as the sorrow in her heart doubled in size in that moment.

"Alice.. We can fight the rest of this war without you.. Someone will be coming by to take Arita back to the Kingdom.. I think you should go with him. " Jannat said placing her hand on Alice's to get her attention.

"No. I will finish this war. " Alice said taking to the sky again needing to vent her sadness with no other option of what to do.

Seeing Alice flying above them the enemy commander ordered the reserve mages to fire off any spell they had that could take her out of the air so they could get ride of her for good.

"I know you can here me. I do not know why you are giving me the power of the system or who you are but I need answers I am sick and tired of not having any answers. WHO AM I?! " Alice said not caring who could hear her while launching fireball after fireball down at the enemy at random.

With half of the enemies mages trying to bring Alice down while protecting the rest of their army from her attacks, Alice's allies were able to deal with things much easier allowing them to push back with little to no resistance from the mages.

"Fuck it. " Alice said flying above the clouds again.

Putting her hands out Alice began to form the Meteor spell she had managed to learn in the fight with the bandit. Seeing that it did not take as much mana as she thought it would she began pouring all of her mana into the meteor almost doubling its size and sending it crashing down while she tried her hardest to stay in the air fighting off the feeling of passing out.

With the battle raging on intensely both side's army commanders looked to the sky in horror seeing the Meteor slowly falling from the sky with Alice no where to be seen.

Almost at the same time the commanders yelled out "RETREAT NOW!!!!! " Through voice amplification causing the war to stop in its tracks as they all began to feel the scorching heat above them.

With both sides fleeing as fast as they could from the area Alice passed out and began to fall from the sky behind the meteor.

Crashing on top of the slower enemies and instantly turning them into ash before hitting the ground and causing a massive explosion that sent a shock wave so violent and quick it sent both armies flying and knocking most unconscious clearing the battle field in a instant.


Waking up feeling the world around her spinning making her sick Alice sat up and puked on the floor next to her.

"Where- " Alice tried saying before getting cut off.

"Do not speak yet child. Your body exhausted more mana than it could handle so you're in a dangerous spot right now. Lay back down and drink this. " A man she had never seen before said handing her a cup with purple liquid to drink.

"Keep quiet for a while we will talk more after you get some more rest. " The mysterious man said leaving the room as she passed back out.


"WHERE IS ALICE?! I can't handle loosing both her and my father! " Yumi yelled out in anger at the commander of the army who was holding a small ice block to his head which was bruised from being sent flying off his horse.

"No one knows where she is or what happened. You know no one here would lie to you, we are all indebted to your father and no one is not morning his loss right now. You must believe me when I say we have no idea where she is. " The commander said laying back and closing his eyes.

"Miss Astala you know I am doing everything in my power to find her. Your energy would be better spent near- " King mark said before turning his head to the side at the thought of mentioning Arita being dead.

"Do not even say it. " Yumi said fighting tears and the feeling of utter loneliness with both her father and Alice being gone.

"Come with me, I have some things I want to show you. " Mark said taking Yumi's hand and helping her up.

"Where are you taking me? " Yumi questioned as they made their way through the streets.

"Something to show you that even though your father may not be here with us he will never be forgotten. " King Mark said holding back some tears of his own.

Coming to view of the middle of the Kingdom Yumi fell to her knees and began to cry even harder seeing what the King was trying to show her.

"Your father and I have been friends for a very long time and no one but you will morn his death more than I will. I had planned on this being a present for his safe return.. It will now serve as a memorial to this Kingdoms greatest hero. " Mark said placing his hand on the two story high statue of Arita in his prime with Yumi standing next to him as a little girl.

"He would have loved it.. " Yumi said crying and leaning against the statue holding her knees against her chest.

"I will give you some time.. For now I will keep people away from here so morn your father in peace and know that I will always be here for you. " Mark said before waving to his guards to clear the area for Yumi.

Jumping out of Yumi's shadow and nudging his head against hers Yumi took Little Shadow in her arms.

"I wish more than anything i could speak with you Shadow.. You're all I have right now.. " Yumi said sadly hugging Shadow tight.

Hearing her wish Little Shadow opened his mouth and cut her arm before licking the wound to heal it.

"What the hell Shadow! Fine if you don't like me that much just leave like everyone else!!! " Yumi said emotionally.

'I only did that so I could grant your wish, but I can leave if that is what you want. ' Little Shadow replied laying on her lap knowing she didn't want him to leave.

"Thank you... " Yumi replied wiping away some of her tears.

"Is Alice still alive?.. " Yumi asked almost not wanting to know the answer.

'She is very weak right now that is all I can tell for the moment but yes she is alive. ' Shadow replied.

"Cant you go to her through her shadow? " Yumi asked hopeful.

'Where ever Alice is she is in a place not reachable in this world. I am also worried about her but I know if I try to her that I will be lost in the rift she uses to move between places. ' Little Shadow replied having thought about going to her many times already.

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