56 War Pt 2

Looking down she could see the enemies army regrouping, off in the distance behind them she saw something that made her feel a sense of hopelessness.

She was able to spot two demons quickly approaching with reinforcements to aid their army that was being pushed back so early into the war.

Flying as quick as she could Alice lost all reason and forgot all about hiding her wings. She flew right back to her unit where everyone stopped what they were doing just to look at her making her way back.

"TWO DEMONS AND REINFORCEMENTS ARE COMING!! " Alice shouted as loud as she could to warn everyone that was able to hear her as she landed next to Arita.

"You got your wings back? " Arita said to everyone's surprise.

"It is not like that.. We do not have time for this right now we have to retreat! " Alice said in a panic recalling the memories of the Angels being exterminated.

"I am afraid we can not do that. " Francis said placing a hand on Alice's shoulder. "Everyone here is fighting to protect something we love be it friends or family. No one here will retreat even seeing a Demon, our numbers are great and unless it is the Demon Obon we should be able to push back. "

"Francis is right Alice, what would happen if we surrendered? What about Yumi, I know how highly you value my daughter. This is war and casualties will happen, the best we can do is fight with all of our might. Siana I need you to go inform the army that two Demons are coming to help out our enemy. " Arita said turning to Siana who gave him a nod and quickly made her way back to relay the massage.

Putting her wings away Alice took her place in the formation and stood next to Jannat who was staring at her back. "Is that a spell or a special skill that you have? "

"You can call it a skill that I have... " Alice said wishing she had taken a few more seconds to just use the Shadow Element to return somehow.

"That is amazing! Those wings looked really pretty if it is something you can teach you will have to show me I wonder how they would look on me. " Jannat said making Alice feel a little better about showing her wings.

| Quest Complete |

| Reward - +10 levels, Title - War Maiden, Light Element |

Looking at her new title and the Light Element being given to her Alice began to wonder just what was the System and who exactly gave it to her.

Title - War Maiden, A title given to Alice by ??? for striking fear into her enemies hearts while causing destruction to everyone in her path. Title grants +100 STR, +100 DEF.

Name - Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx, Sorceress, War Maiden

HP - 1,060/1,060

MP- 4,4000/4,400

Level 26 > 36

STR - 220 (+10 +100)

VIT - 150 +5

INT - 238 > 438 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 > 245 (+10 +5)

DEF - 100 (+5 +10 +10 +100)

AGI - 95 > 195 (+5 +10)

Skill Points - 500 > 0

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive), Hunter's sight(passive), Wings of Sorrow.

Having put all of her points into her stats and getting the boost from her title the air around Alice was sucked towards her lifting her up slowly as her body adapted to the change in power. The people around her could not help but watch in awe as they could feel a noticeable change in her aura.

"Alice what happened just now? The mana in the air was so thick that even I am feeling fully recharged. " Jannat said feeling like she was just pumped full of mana standing next to Alice.

"I was given a title by a unknown god I think.. I am not to sure but I feel really good right now. " Alice said not knowing how else to explain herself to so many people.

'On that note just who gave me the title? ' Alice asked herself not knowing who could have given her the title. She thought it was just a system reward but reading the title information let her know that someone besides the system had given it to her through the system.

Settling back down Siana had returned and relayed a message that the Army had given her to tell Arita. "The Commander said that he is sending the Light Element users forward to assist with attacks to help weaken and defeat the Demons assisting our enemy. "

"What are those people even thinking? The whole reason this war started is because they blamed our kingdom for the attack by the Demons and now they are working together with the Demons. It doesn't make a lick of sense. " Francis said picking his Ax's back up and getting ready for the enemy that was now charging forward again.

"Focus everyone we will have time for questions later. " Arita said taking advantage of the resupply of mana and sending a large chunk of the ground hurling at the enemy.

Crashing on the ground in front of them the enemy forces stopped in their tracks and took up formations of their own while the two demons made their way to the front standing between the two armies.

"Kingdom of Samaria and all of those fighting here today listen well! We are here for a girl by the name of Alice! Hand her over and we promise there will be no more need for bloodshed here today! " The taller Demon dressed in a mages robes said projecting his voice for everyone to hear.

"That is right, we know you are here today fighting Alice! Come forth and spare your friends the trouble of fighting a war that does not need to be fought! " The second Demon said who was wearing heavy armor.

"Alice do not move from your position, no one here has any plans of letting one of our own be handed to Demons. " Francis said surprising Alice.

"If we can avoid the war maybe it is just better I go with them... " Alice said taking a step forward.

"It is your choice but they will not just forgive the casualties they suffered today a war will happen even if you go with them. " Arita said grabbing her arm.

"Ah there she is! " The taller Demon said quickly closing the gap and now standing next to her and Arita.

"Come now Alice I promise no harm will come to your little friends here. " He said coldly.

"Kira has given me a year. That year is not up yet so return at once! " Alice said pulling out the necklace Kayl had given her.

"Foolish girl that little trinket means nothing to me, Kayl has long been under suspicion and it has been confirmed today seeing that you have wings. You must come with us so that we can figure all of this out. The wings, how you are apparently Lord Kira's daughter, all of this needs to come to light and it has to come out today. " He said putting his hand around her other arm pulling her to him.

"Get your hands off her! " Arita said striking him in the jaw causing him to stumble backwards.

Standing up right the Demon looked Arita in the eyes and snapped his fingers, giving the other demon the signal.

Hearing the snap he quickly took his sword out and stabbed it through Arita's stomach and pulled it out just as quickly as he put it through him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! " Alice screamed releasing her aura and wings making the people around her with a weak mana pool fall to their knees feeling sick.

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Letting the rage take over Alice's wings turned pitch black and released a blood red mist with the smallest movement. Quickly flying forward she grabbed the tall Demon by the next using all of her strength and slamming him into the ground with a loud thud breaking the ground beneath him making him spit up some blood.

Pulling out her scythe Alice flew to the sky and infused it with the light element pouring a massive amount of mana into it causing the blade to shine so brightly everyone on the battle field shielded their eyes.

Alice yelled out in anger while diving down as fast as the could swing her weapon quickly tearing the unconscious demons body in half sending the upper half flying at the enemy army.

Pulling out his shield the other demon let out a battle cry of his own bolstering his strength and charging at Alice.

Alice blocked his strike with the tail end of her weapon and kicked the man hard in his gut cracking the metal plate armor and sending him a few steps back.

Not seeing anything other than the only Demon left standing she Rift Warped in front of him and quickly brought her weapon down on his shoulder almost cutting his arm off. "I wonder how far of a fall you can survive. " Alice said so coldly he could not begin to understand the depths of her rage and hatred.

Remembering a spell she read in Nyx's room Alice placed her hand on his back and whispered 'Shadow Monarchs's Control' seconds later the Demon's shadow vanished and he stood still waiting to be given a command.

"Take my hands and do not let go until I tell you. " Alice said slowly walking around him and putting her hands out.

"What is she doing why is the demon holding her hands now??? " Jannat said resting Arita's head on her lap while a mage worked hard to close the wound and stop the bleeding.

"I do not know but I don't think that is Alice right now... " Siana said quietly to herself watching Alice slowly take the Demon off the ground and into the sky above them.

Flying high up Alice still did not think the height matched the crime the Demon committed so she flapped her wings harder flying well above the clouds. "This is high enough. " Alice said looking down seeing the Kingdom in the distance look tiny.

"Let go of my hands and stay awake until you die. " Alice said letting go of his hands and watching as he fell through the sky with fear in his eyes.

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