55 War Pt 1

Rushing out of the guild Alice along with all of the adventures made their way to the front gates where the Kingdoms army was busy setting up their defenses along the walls surrounding the Kingdom making quick progress putting up traps and heavy weaponry. With this sight in view the reality of what was happening quickly set in not with just the adventures but with the people living in the Kingdom as well.

Alice was able to see the streets lined with the citizens standing on the sides of the roads shouting their words of encouragement and luck to those who would be laying down their lives to protect them. Among the people Alice thought she saw Yumi waving at her but she vanished in the crowd before Alice has the chance to run over to talk with her.

"Alice, focus and don't fall to far behind us. We need to stick together otherwise you will be separated from us in the crowd of people. " Arita said sternly.

"Right, sorry I thought I saw Yumi and I wanted to talk with her before all of this starts. " Alice said looking a little sad she didn't think to talk with Yumi before going to war.

"It has already started, try not to think to much about it until after we come back alive. " Arita replied a little softer this time also wanting to spend a little more time with his child.

For the next few minutes Alice and the others walked quickly in silence before reaching the front of line where they would lead the Adventures and Kingdoms army to war. Shortly after a large man on a horse yelled out march! giving the signal for everyone to begin their short journey to where the battle would take place.

"You don't have to feel so uneasy Alice, if anyone gets close to us I will blow them so far away they wont know where they are. " Jannat said keeping pace with her seeing Alice still looking a little sad.

"Thank you, I just feel like something bad is going to happen so I feel a little worried. " Alice said not being able to think of a reason she felt this way.

| Quest - Achieve a noteworthy performance during the war. |

| Reward - +10 levels, Title, ??? |

"I get a quest at a time like this.. " Alice said to herself.

"What do you mean a quest? " Jannat asked curiously.

"I was just talking to myself, giving myself the quest to stay alive.. " Alice replied.

"I am on the same quest, I will have your back if you have mine so cheer up a little just vent all your stress to our enemies! " Jannat said with a smile.

"Yeah you're right I will be sure to do that. " Alice said not realizing the enemy was already in sight.

"GET IN YOUR FORMATIONS AND SPREAD OUT! " The commander of the army yelled out already noticing the enemy in the distance.

Hearing his command all of the units got into their forms and slowly marched forward as the army slowly followed behind them ready to take on anyone who got past the Adventures. Moving through the tree's and coming into a open clearing the enemy launched the 1st attack sending out large fireballs at Alice and the rest of the warriors on her side.

Almost mesmerizing Alice she watched as the fireballs and other attacks crashed into an seemingly invisible shield that stopped the attacks in their tracks sending waves of bright blue rippling around them.

"That can happen when a lot of Light Element users work together to form a barrier its always interesting to watch. " Francis said as they slowly continued to move forward through the attacks thanks to the people working to shield them from harm.

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As soon as the enemy was close enough Jannat slowly began to lift off the ground while she chanted causing the sky to become grey letting off a few bursts of thunder before she finally finished her chant and let out a yell fully activating her spell.

Both armies stopped moving seeing Jannat use her spell and some even began thinking it was a bluff when nothing happened right away. Everyone's eyes widened in shock as massive lighting bolts rained down on the enemy instantly killing countless people and stunning the ones who where lucky not to be directly hit.

Landing softly on the ground Jannat took a few deep breaths while following the plan and joining Alice who was already standing where she was needed.

"Get ready! " Arita yelled out while slamming his fist on the ground creating a tall pillar for Siana to stand on and keep watch over them while providing support where needed for her unit and those who would need it.

"Try your best to recover and leave the rest to me. " Alice said while pulling out her scythe and getting ready for the enemy that was now charging at them.

Before Alice had the chance to do anything Francis was already swinging both his ax's powerfully sending the smaller framed enemies flying over their heads while Siana took the opportunity to use their air born state to land the final blows with her arrows.

Both Roger and Arita had fully covered themselves with armor made from the ground beneath them and worked to control as many enemies as they could taking blows and dealing out as many as they received without slowing down.

Remembering her job Alice put her 'Rift Warp' skill to use and masterfully moved from one side to the other knocking down some enemies and seriously wounding others as they did their best to push through the front line and break their formations.

Continuing the formation perfectly Alice was yanked to the side before she could warp again, "Alice they are not stopping some of us need a breather. It is time you showed us all what you can do with your Wind Element. " Arita said for a short moment before stomping on the ground sending a shock wave forward giving Alice just enough time to get in front and start her spell.

Rift Warping as close to the enemy lines as she could she began letting the wind fly in circles around her rapidly as she activated the spell causing the grey clouds that still lingered in the sky to start funneling down as she lifted into the air disappearing from view.

The enemy started to retreat as far back as they could trying to avoid being sucked in and thrown across the land.

Not giving them much time to run Alice enjoyed the feeling of controlling a natural disaster and went full force at the enemy rapidly catching up to the ones fleeing.

Now right behind them she watched as enemy after enemy was sucked in and flown in all different directions. Adding more mana to her spell the Tornado grew in size and even trees began to uproot and fly into her spell knocking over and taking some enemies during the process.

"This is the power of that little girl? " Francis said drinking some water and watching the show Alice was providing for them.

"She is a little special, but it is good that we have two power house mages on our side. If not we wouldn't have the time to catch our breath like this. " Arita said while pulling the pipe out of Rogers mouth. "Alice is giving us a break to catch our breath not take it away. " He said crushing the pipe under his foot.

"My father gave me that pipe ass hole. " Roger replied.

"You said that about the last 4 pipes I crushed. " Arita said with a laugh.

"I am almost all good to go again. " Jannat said sitting on a dead enemy using him as a chair while she held onto a special stone that allowed her to recover her mana faster than normal.

"Good, does anyone know how long Alice can keep this up or does she plan on taking all of them out herself? " Roger said giving an whistle to one of the people he could see flying to meet their maker as they went out of view.

"I just know she has a very large mana pool so I couldn't begin to guess. " Arita said watching Alice go crazy.

Taking a peek at her renaming mana she was happy to see she still had over a thousand mana left as her tornado was coming to a end.

The tornado started to dissipate in the middle of the enemies army allowing them to surround her in hopes of taking out the person responsible for so much carnage.

When the tornado was competently gone both sides were shocked to see that Alice was not in the center she was completely out of sight of both sides.

"Good thing I took the time to fly above the clouds otherwise that would have been the end of me. " Alice said taking a moment to enjoy the breeze high up in the air thankful no one could see her taking the chance to stretch her wings.

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