54 War Preparation Pt 2

"Alice, how did you bring us here so fast?! " Micheal said clearly freaked out at the sudden change of location.

"I can use the Shadow Element and I used one of my spells to travel us through the shadows in order to get us here quickly. It is also how I left your cave so suddenly. " Alice said not expecting his reaction.

"Do you plan on introducing us Alice? " Arita said sitting behind his desk curiously.

"Oh right! Arita this is Micheal, he is an Angel! " Alice said excitedly.

"ALICE! It is for me to decide who knows my secrets. " Micheal said angrily.

"Micheal, please try to calm down I am sure Alice here was just excited to meet with another Angel after everything that has happened with your race. " Arita said trying to calm him down and offering him a drink.

"I am sorry.. It just has been so long since I have been able to be myself that I am still fearful of being hunted down by the demons. " Micheal said taking a drink of the water.

"I hope it is okay but I told Micheal he could stay here for a while and stretch his wings without worry. " Alice said giving Arita a sad look.

"That.. will be fine just stop pouting. " Arita said turning to face Micheal. "I will have a room prepared for you, as far as your wings go no one in my house would tell a soul so feel free to take your coat off at any time. " He said offering Micheal a hand showing him he could relax a little bit.

"Thank you.. I think I will keep the coat on for now if you don't mind though. " Micheal said shaking Arita's hand.

"Oh right, do you want to go to the Guild together tomorrow Mister Astala? " Alice asked with a smile.

"Sure, may I ask what for though? " Arita replied curiously.

"I will be in your unit during the war, tomorrow we meet everyone so I thought we could just go together! " Alice said proudly.

"Somehow I figured you would end up in my unit, sure I will come get you first thing in the morning. " Arita replied.

"Sounds good to me! " Alice said turning to leave the room.

"By the way Alice, since your father cant be here to tell you this I will tell you for him. You should try to dress a little better. You're showing to much skin try to change if you can please. " Arita said getting a headache thinking of how worried he would be if his daughter wore what Alice was wearing.

"Mmmm, I will think about it but no promises. " Alice said closing the door behind her.

______________________________The next morning_______________________________

"Ready to go Alice? " Arita said knocking on her door.

"Yup! Lets go. " Alice said opening the door and walking with Arita out of the house and through the streets to the Adventure's Guild to meet with Francis and the rest of the members of their unit for the war.

Entering the Guild Alice was surprised to see almost everyone sitting down at different tables being rather quiet talking with their groups and planning things out.

"This place is normally pretty loud it is kind of weird seeing it so.. orderly. " Alice said quietly to Arita.

"I see our table come on Alice. " Arita said changing his demeanor to that of the serious hero of the Kingdom that he was known for.

Seeing this change she just nodded and quietly followed him and took a seat between him and Jannat who was more than happy to see Alice there.

"I knew from the moment we met we would have lots of fun together in the future. " Jannat said giving Alice a hug and scooting closer to her.

"Don't be weird about it.. " Alice said trying to escape her hug.

"Settle down ladies, It is time we talked and introduced ourselves to the people we will be serving beside for this war. " Arita said seriously standing up causing the rest of the room to immediately go quiet.

"Most of you here know who I am already so I will skip over introducing myself but I will however say this. We are gathered here to protect this Kingdom that we all love and do not want to see under the rule of another Kingdom. I would like to ask that each and every one of you no matter how weak or powerful you are take today seriously and to heart. Take the time to get to know your neighbor and know that you may not see them again in the days to come. Remember that no one asked you to fight you are here of your own free will to protect this Kingdoms people. It is not just another quest given by the guild this war will decide the outcome of the normal citizens that live peacefully here. So give this your best effort and do what you can to help the people of your unit, from today on you are all my family. I will let your unit leaders take things from here so be sure to pay attention and don't speak out of turn. " Arita said powerfully before taking his seat again.

"Nicely done as always. " Said Francis shaking Arita's hand.

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"I will start things off, My name is Arita Astala and I will be this units leader. If you listen to my orders I promise you will have a higher chance of coming back alive even though we will be fighting on the front lines. I am happy to meet you all, Alice would you go next please? " Arita said turning his attention to her waiting for her to introduce herself to the rest of the unit.

"I am Alice, I don't know if I will be fighting as a warrior or a mage during the war but I am skilled at both! It is nice to meet you all. " Alice repled with a smile.

"I guess I'm next, my name is Jannat I fight as a mage using long range large area of effect attacks. I will only be useful for a short time during the war but I can promise I will take out as many enemies as I can. " Jannat said happily.

"You can call me Roger, I am normally at the front of my group during adevtures. I can use the Light Element so I can blind my enemies while taking any damage they throw at me using a pretty large shield so if you need to rest just stay behind me. " Roger who was only a little smaller in size than Francis said.

"Nice to meet everyone, I am called Siana and I mainly use a bow. I can use the Wind Element to change my arrows course after firing it so I will have your backs during the war. " Siana a skinny girl with blonde hair and grey eyes said cheerfully.

"I am Francis, but you all know that already. I will deal out as much damage as I can to the enemies that get close to us. I assure you that it will be much different than what you experienced when you spared with me. " Francis said flexing his muscles.

"Now that the introductions are out of the way we can discuss a formation that would be best for us to use. " Arita said while motioning for one of the Guild employees to bring some food and drinks for them.

"Francis, Roger and myself will be located at the front of our formation with Roger being in the middle. Siana, you should be behind us if possible. I will use the Earth element to create a high up platform for you allowing you to keep watch and warn us of anything we may not see. Jannat I want you to use your most powerful move as soon as they are in range to lower their moral and take as many out as you can. Once you have done that stay close to Alice and let her protect you while you recover enough to fight again. " Arita said while using their cups to show their positions on the table.

"What about me? " Alice asked feeling a little left out.

"I believe it would be best if you watch both sides of us and deal as much damage as you can to the enemies that pass by us. It shouldn't be a issue with how fast you can move around. If we see trouble coming use the Wind Element and go crazy with the tornado I have heard about from Yumi. " Arita said still not sure what Alice could really do and how sever her tornado would be.

With everyone knowing their roles and positions for the war to come they began to chat amongst themselfs not knowing that the invaders were already only a few hours away.

"What is everyone freaking out about? " Alice asked noticing a guy causing a scene at the front of the Guild.

"I'm not sure. I will go check it out though. " Francis said walking over telling everyone to calm down.


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