53 War Preparation Pt 1

"Alice! " Jannat called out seeing Alice come out of the Estate's gates.

"Oh hey Jannat what's up? " Alice asked wondering what she wanted.

"Nothing much I just got my duty details for the war, have you registered yet? " Jannat asked wanting to see if they got put in the same unit.

"I was actually on my way to register to take part in the war right now. " Alice replied.

"Awesome follow me and I will take you to get it done! Maybe we will be put in the same unit. " Jannat said taking her hand and leading her through the crowded streets to the Adventure's Guild.

"Okay go talk to the bald guy sitting behind the booth over there. " Jannat said pointing across the crowded room where a small sign could be seen that showed 'Recruitment' could barely be seen over the top of peoples heads.

Giving a nod Alice moved in between people as best she could not getting very far, annoyed by this she sank into the man's shadow next to her and came back out beside the man in charge of recruiting for the war.

"Good god woman. Wait in line like... " He started but decided to just take care of her first.

"I am here to join the war and help any way that I can. " Alice said happy she got to skip over the line she had not noticed before.

"If you are a warrior.. No you must be a mage. I will need to know what Element you use as well your most powerful attack. " The bald man said thinking it was silly he almost treated her like the average adventure since there was no way she could be useful with a weapon.

"I am good at both close range and long range combat. I use Fire, Wind and Shadow for my Element's. My main weapon is a Scythe that can be infused with one of the three elements that I control. " Alice replied with a smile rather proud of her abilities.

"There is no need to lie miss. " The man said with a look of doubt.

"Is there a place you can test me? " Alice asked curiously.

"Hey Francis, this little one says she has three elements on top of being skilled with a scythe. Take her out back and have a spar with her. Place her wherever you would like if she does well. " He said waving her off.

"Come with me miss. " Francis said with a smile.

Following behind the man she wasn't to surprised to see people naturally moved out of his way. He had to be one of the largest men she had ever seen. Not to mention his large battle Ax's strapped to each side.

"This should be a good spot, come at me whenever you would like. " Francis said pulling one ax out and doing a small stretch.

"Sounds good to me. " Alice said pulling her scythe out of her inventory and taking advantage of her boosted mana pool to infuse her weapon with the Fire Element.

Seeing her weapon glowing red with flames Francis got into a defensive position knowing that if he didn't block her attack it would leave a nasty wound.

"Ready? " Alice asked with a smirk seeing him already in a defensive position.

"Bring it on little girl, keep in mind we are just sparing before the war starts though. " Francis said with a serious expression wishing Corey would have just let her into a random unit.

Hearing him give the okay Alice started running to the right and used her 'Rift Warp' to appear to his left giving her scythe a heavy swing aimed at his chest.

Almost unable to follow her sudden position change he barely was fast enough to move his Ax to parry her attack. Following up with a punch aimed at her stomach hoping to land the blow and call the match he was surprised to see she had already warped away again.

This time pulling the mana out of her weapon so it wouldn't burn him Alice appeared to his right from a shadow and turned her blade away from him sweeping his legs out from under him and pointing a large fireball right at his head while standing over him.

"Give up yet? " Alice said confidently.

"You pass, but what of your wind Element? I over heard you say you could use that as well. " Francis said getting back on his feet.

"I can do you need proof? " Alice asked with a evil smile wondering how far she could send him flying with a tornado.

"No need... " Francis replied not liking the look she was giving him. "What about your most powerful long range spell? This is something I need to know before I assign you to a unit. "

"Hmm.. I would have to say for numerous enemies it would have to be one of my Wind Element attacks I just recently learned. I can conjure up a large tornado and control its path by riding in the center of it. " Alice replied thinking back to when she first used it in the valley Kayl took her and Yumi to train at.

"Ah so we have two in our ranks now that can use large scale attacks like that now. We are sure to win at this rate. I believe it would be beneficial to our efforts in this war if you joined unit one. It is led by a man named Arita. I will introduce you to him tomorrow at noon, be sure to be here at that time to meet him and the rest of your unit. " Francis said rubbing the back of his head.

"I will be here, if you're talking about mister Astala then you do not need to introduce us since I currently live with him and his daughter is my best friend. " Alice said with a smile putting her weapon away.

"I guess I will see you tomorrow to meet with the others as well as discuss plans of action for the upcoming war. " Francis said waving to her as he walked back to the Guild.

Having time to kill Alice decided to wander around the streets to see if she could find anything interesting to buy since she has just been sitting on her money and adding to it for a while.

Smelling the same kind of barbecue she smelled in Micheal's cave Alice followed the smell and found Micheal selling the food in a stall on the side of the road wearing a very heavy looking coat making him look homeless.

"Micheal? What in the world are you doing here? " Alice asked curiously.

"I didn't imagine I would see you here Alice, how are you doing? You left my home rather quick after telling me all that. " Micheal asked.

"I am good, sorry about leaving like that. Are you not worried someone will find out what you are? " Alice questioned.

"No one thinks my look is out of place with so much going on right now so I decided to get out and be around the people of this land. Would you like some barbecue? " Micheal said while taking some of the food and handing it to her.

"Thank you, things are a little hectic with the war about to happen, by the way if you need a safe place to sleep go to the Astala Estate and tell the guards I sent you. The owner and his daughter know about me and God so they should be willing to let you stay without you having to hide who you are. Arita the owner would probably enjoy talking with you as well. " Alice said with a smile handing him some money.

"They know about you and still let you stay? Are you sure it is safe? " Micheal asked curiously.

"It is probably the safest place in the kingdom for you to show your wings as long as it is just around him and his daughter. We can go there together right now if you want. " Alice said motioning for him to follow her.

Deciding to trust her Michael got up and followed close behind Alice constantly checking his coat to make sure his wings didn't slip out or show at all.

"If you want I can get us there really quick if you're worried about people seeing. " Alice said grabbing both his hands.

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"What do you mean? " Micheal started to asked not realizing he was halfway into a shadow already.

"Wait what is happening? " Micheal asked trying not to panic as people stopped walking and watched them.

"It is something I can do because of my shadow element, we will be inside in a moment just don't let go of my hands. " Alice replied as they completely disappeared from the road and came back out in Aritas Office.

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