27 Unexpected Surprise

After the chamber of spiders were defeated the party regrouped and ate a quick meal before setting out deeper into the cave. To Alice's surprise she saw the level up notification that she must have over looked while fighting the spiders. 'It's about time I leveled again, ' she thought to herself before bringing up the 'status' window as they slowly made their way through a narrow passage way.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 425/425 (450/450)

MP - 570/570 (595/595)

Level - 14

STR - 50 > 58 +15

VIT - 50 +10

INT - 90 > 100 +5

DEX - 30 > 40 (+15 +5)

DEF - 30 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 48 > 50 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 30 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze

Feeling the familiar rush of power over take her, Alice was excited to see how much more damage she would be able to do to the spiders.

"We have reached the last chamber, after this we can go down to the second level so lets finish this pretty quick. " Eric said as he and Josh stepped out to the center of the chamber and held aggro of the spiders that quickly rushed to attack them.

Fighting the spiders with a little more efficiency than the previous chambers the party made quick work of the spiders not taking any damage. Not wasting any time the group started to walk down the stairway until they reached a huge room with slightly larger spider webs covering the walls and ceiling.

"Remember to be careful for the webs the spiders will shoot, Yuki, Alex be sure to watch above us and use your spells to protect the rest of us from web attacks. " Eric said as he brought his shield up and moved to the center of the large room.


Eric used his 'war cry' skill without warning knowing his party was ready. Spiders twice the size of the ones on the first floor came crawling out from webs and lowering themselves from the ceiling as the party got into formation.

Yuki, and Alex both used their magic to attack the spiders coming from the ceiling while Alice used her 'Shadow Zone' spell to slow the movements of the spiders on the ground. While not as effective as the first floor her spell still slowed their movements giving the party just enough time to think before they acted.

Suddenly five webs shot towards Eric and Josh while the two Mage's where preoccupied with the spiders trying to come from above. Seeing this Alice jumped behind Yumi and quickly charged up five 'Fireballs' and firing them at the webs destroying them and gaining the thanks of Josh and Eric.

'I am happy I decided to let the two girls join the party, ' Eric thought to himself as he blocked the attacks of numerous spiders and used various different skills to counter attack them. After fighting for what felt like a hour the party started a small fire to take a breather after the room was cleared.

"Nice work everyone as long as we keep this up we should be able to finish the floor pretty quickly, the last floor only has one chamber before the boss room. Hopefully we can finish this today, once we let our MP recover a little we will move to the next area. " Eric said as everyone continued to take a rest.

"KiKiKiKi "

The party heard a monster quickly approaching them as they shot up into formation and prepared for more spiders. Crashing though part of the wall the Spider Queen slowly crawled out of the hole she made. Long creepy blade like legs slowly pulled the Queens body out of the hole to show her smooth black exoskeleton with red stripes covering her body.

| Spider Queen level 20 Boss |

HP 50,000/50,000

MP 100,000/100,000

Skills - Web Shot, Poison Bite, Blade Rush, Call of the Spider Queen

"Fuck it's the Queen everyone be careful get behind me! " Eric said as he used 'War Cry' getting the Queens attention. Blocking attack after attack from the Queen, Eric called out asking for a buff causing Josh to give him a defense buff then jumping next to Eric to help tank the Queen.

Yuki not wanting to let the queen move from her position slowly raised both of her hands 'Hands of Ninigi' two large hands made from the cave reached up grabbing a hold of the Queen causing her to lose control of four of her legs and not be able to move very well. Alex Let out 'water blade' one after another attacking the Queens eyes while Alice made one huge 'Fireball' and sent it flying at the Queens head.

Sensing the danger the Queen shot out a continuous string of web at the 'Fireball' coming at her slowly pushing the attack away from her at the cost of 15,000 MP. Breaking free of her cage the Spider Queen jumped back onto the wall and let out a cry.


| Spider Queen Level 20 Boss |

HP 38,000/50,000

MP 72,000/100,000

Skills - Web Shot, Poison Bite, Blade Rush, Call of the Spider Queen

Having used her 'Call of the Spider Queen' skill she went back into her hole and left the party to be attacked by all the renaming spiders on the second floor. "Josh, hang back and focus on healing for now! " Eric said as he used his aggro skills to try and hold back as many spiders as he could.

"Shadow let's go all out, just make sure to stay alive, " Alice said to Little Shadow as the party faced a hundreds of spiders coming their direction. "Shadow Zone" Alice said out loud activating her spell, to her surprise the spells range and effectiveness had increased by quite a bit due to her now having 100 INT. Knowing they were still in a bad situation Alice took out the weapon ornament she had received as part of her last dungeon and system quest. She quickly attached it to the weapon and watched as it seemed to get absorbed.

| Scythe of Revenge |

| Growth Type Weapon |

| +15 STR |

| +15 DEX |

| +10 VIT |

| Ornament - Shadow, Fire, Wind Attributes |

Putting some mana into her weapon her blade caught on fire and turned a bright red, feeling pleased Alice dashed forward and swung her scythe taking out four spiders killing them tanks to her added item effect. feeling it Drain 5 MP every few seconds she knew she couldn't keep using this forever. Picking up her pace and fighting her way through the spiders she felt her MP slowly start to raise back up. Thanking Josh for his buff she kept on killing one spider after another. Not falling behind Yumi attacked with wide spinning strikes keeping a zone around herself where spiders couldn't pass without being killed she moved to help Yuki and Alex.

Fighting for hour to the point of collapse the party finished off the rest of the spiders as they made a small camp for themselves to recover. "That was freaking terrible, I am going to get my revenge on that Queen, " Yuki said. "I agree that bitch attacks us runs away and swarms us with all the second floor spiders. She needs to die I feel like taking a nap after that. " Yumi said while laying back on the cave ground.

"Don't get to comfortable, the Queen can still come back and attack us. " Eric said while cleaning his equipment and taking a bite of some dried meat. "I can keep watch if you guys want to take a nap, " Alice offered, she had leveled up again due to the volume of spiders she had to kill that were a higher level than she was.

Waiting until everyone had fallen asleep Alice brought up her 'status' window.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 430/430 (455/455)

MP - 575/575 (600/600)

Level - 15

STR - 58 > 78 +15

VIT - 50 +10

INT - 100 +5

DEX - 40 (+15 +5)

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DEF - 30 > 10 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 50 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 30 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze

Putting most of her free points into her strength Alice felt the power course through her muscles toning her stomach and giving her a slightly better figure. 'Oh I changed a little bit, hehe how nice. ' Alice thought to herself as she let the party rest a little more before deciding to wake them up a few hours later.

"Wake up everyone, lets go kill the Queen! " Alice started saying loudly as she kicked the feet of her teammates.

After waking everyone up they all set out towards the third floor entrance, passing through empty chamber after chamber they finally reached the third floor. "Okay guys, this floor has only one chamber of spiders and then it is the Boss room. Save as much energy as you can and lets get this done safely. " Eric said slowly leading the party out into the open chamber. The spiders in this chamber were all half the size of the queen but there were only five of them. They had red glowing eyes, shiny black bodies and long red legs.

| Spider Queen's Guard level 18 |

| Spider Queen's Guard level 18 |

| Spider Queen's Guard level 18 |

| Spider Queen's Guard level 18 |

| Spider Queen's Guard level 18 |

Charging out Eric used 'War Cry' as he quickly brought his shield up blocking the spiders attacks giving the rest of the party the chance to get attacks in. "Focus on one spider at a time! " Eric shouted as he continued to hold aggro.

Going with the spider closest to Eric's side the party attacked it together bombarding it with spells and physical attacks all at the same time overloading its aggro causing it to swing one of its lets hitting Alice in the ribs as she few back a few feet landing on hers. Reviving a heal Alice regained all the HP she had just lost. Rushing to a new spider as the one who hit her fell down defeated the party kept the same attack pattern every now and then overloading the aggro and taking a massive blow. Getting down to the last Spider Guard they attacked from all sides of the spider not giving it a chance to defend they killed it almost instantly.

Looting the items the five spiders dropped they gave Josh a chance to rest since he had to use a massive amount of MP to keep healing everyone during the fight that just took place.

Finally entering the boss room the party was slightly nervous seeing the Queen no where in sight, looking around Yuki pointed up and used her 'Earth Spikes' causing the Queen to take another 1,000 damage as it fell from the ceiling crashing to the floor.


The Spider Queen yelled out in anger as it was pissed it was found so easily, putting three legs out and spinning itself the Queen rushed at the party letting its blades swing wildly. "She is using blade rush! everyone move! " Josh said as he gave everyone a agility boost so the party could effectively dodge the Queens attacks.

Coming out of her attack Alice used her Fire Element on her scythe again and spun her blade while jumping above the spider slashing it against the top of the spiders exoskeleton burning the spider taking 800 HP from her. Feeling that she could do the Alice continued to attack as Eric used his skill to hold aggro.

Yumi using her weapon to wrap two of the spiders legs together to reduce her mobility held the spider in place allowing the party to attack better.

Having an idea Alice used her 'Rift Warp' skill to get under the spider without being cut by the Spider Queens bladed legs. Using the Shadow Element on her scythe Alice swung at the belly of the spider, seeing her blade phase through the exoskeleton and removing the Element the scythe became lodged in the Queens abdomen causing the Queen to slowly loose HP.

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