42 Steak and Wine

"What would happen if the existence of the Angel was found? " Yumi asked curiously wanting to know more about what will happen when Alice reveals herself.

"The two factions inside the Demon Kingdom would race to either Kill or protect the Angel, it would all depend on who got to the Angel first. If the Angel was lucky then they would be able to help the faction supporting them take over the Demon Kingdom for good. On the other hand if Lord Kira was to catch the Angel first then the Angels would be forever gone from this world. If that happened the Demons who support the Angel's return fear that the God who wishes for the Angel Race to return would strike back harshly. It is all assumptions though since nothing about this prophecy is clear about what or how things will happen. " Kayl replied as they came into a clearing where Kayl's familiar was keeping the Kobold King from moving by using gusts of wind from its wings to trap the King against the side of a boulder.

"That is enough Percius, " Kayl said to his familiar instructing him to let the monster go so Alice and Yumi could fight it fairly.

"Remember not to help. " Alice said pulling out her scythe and rushing towards the Kobold King to attack.

Following behind her Yumi swung her disk end of her weapon wide wrapping the chain around the Kobold's legs preventing it from walking or running giving Alice the perfect chance to land a attack.

Infusing her scythe with the Fire Element she jumped in the air and dug the blade into the Kobold Kings arm. Pulling it free causing a large amount of damage she Rift Warped behind the monster sinking her blade in the monsters back while increasing the amount of fire being released causing the Kobold to begin burning from the inside while Yumi sent the blade end of her weapon crashing into the monster's neck.

Dropping to the ground defeated Kayl began to clap trying to show he was impressed with their teamwork. "You two make a good team. What shall we do next? " He asked.

"Next would be gathering a Fire Lotus plant, the only problem is that we have no idea where to find it. The request did not give a location or a time limit to complete it. " Alice said looking over the flyer trying to find any clues on how to find it.

"That is easy, I have a few with me. Fire Lotus plants can help Fire Element Mages increase the power of their attacks. I don't mind giving you two one seeing on how I already gathered all the ones in the area previously. " Kayl said while tossing Alice one of the plants.

"I guess if there are no more around we have no choice but to accept the gift. All that is left is killing a monster called a Basan. " Alice replied, putting away the Fire Lotus.

"I will send my familiar to search for it, in the meantime we should have some lunch. " Kayl said pulling out everything needed to cook some meat with.

"Kobold meat actually tastes pretty good would you two like to try some? " He said again while cutting the corpse of the monster up and preparing it to cook.

"I didn't know that you could eat them.. " Yumi said, watching him prepare the meat.

"It is very good when you know how to cook it. " He said salting the meat and pouring some oil in a skillet to fry it.

Starting a fire with the snap of his fingers the skillet started to warm up the oil slowly while Kayl cut a few 12oz steaks seasoning them with various spices making sure to thoroughly season each slice. Gently setting one steak into skillet making the oil make a crackling sound paired with a pleasant aroma that soon followed both Yumi and Alice felt their hunger increase with the passing time it took him to cook the steaks.

"Why don't you girls go find us something to drink while I cook. " Kayl said, still focusing on cooking the meat in front of him.

"I just so happened to bring some wine with me, " Yumi said pulling out an elegant looking bottle of red wine with a golden label on it.

"That is some high quality stuff you have there Miss Yumi, normally one would drink that with a lover. " Kayl said a little more excited to eat now that he would be enjoying such fine wine with the steak.

"I just like the taste… " Yumi replied not wanting to share it with him but still wanting to drink it with Alice who also seemed eager to eat and drink.

Yumi used her Earth Element to create a small table and some stone chairs for the three of them to sit at while they ate. "I have never seen someone use their element like that before, " Kayl said watching Yumi craft a place to eat while he finished the last steak.

While enjoying the food and wine which seemed to lighten the mood of all three of them Yumi decided to ask a few hard hitting questions to Kayl to find out if he would be a threat to Alice in the future.

"Kayl I have been curious for a while now so I hope you do not mind me asking this but what faction are you a part of? "

"Speaking honestly I support the return of the Angels, while it is true I support and serve Lord Kira in whatever he needs I do not see a point in putting a target on my back to help a Angel who may not even return in my lifetime. Does that answer your question? " Kayl replied finishing up his steak and drinking the last of the wine in his glass.

"Sort of, Just for fun let's say that Alice was the Angel what would you do then? " Yumi asked, causing Alice to start sweating a little.

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"Haha, if Alice was indeed the Angel then I would have all the more reason to want to be with her. My father would be so overjoyed that he might fight Lord Kira on his own. With that said there is no way that Alice could be the Angel. In all of recorded Angel history there has never been an Angel with the Shadow Element. Almost every Angel has the higher tier Light Element called the Holy Element and as far as I know the only Elements Alice has is Fire, Wind and Shadow. " Kayl said, enjoying the laugh Yumi gave him.

"Honestly that is crazy how could I be an Angel? " Alice said relaxing a little more knowing that Kayl did not suspect her in the slightest.

"I mean she is even Lord Kira's daughter so how would that be possible. " Kayl continued.

"If I am being honest with you, I do not know if Kira is my father he mostly just assumes it because his wife and I look similar while I share a certain gaze that she would apparently give him. " Alice replied.

"Well only the Royal Demon's have the Demonic Gaze which I assume is what you are referring to so if you have that then I would also be inclined to suspect you of being his daughter even with lack of proof. Not that being his daughter will be a bad thing. In fact that alone will be enough to secure you some degree of safety in the Kingdom. Anyways my familiar has located the Basan it is currently attacking a group of merchants it seems. " Kayl said getting up and putting his things away.

"Let's go then, we need to save them if we can! " Yumi said standing up waiting for a direction to run.

"Don't worry we can fly there on my familiar who will be here in a moment. '' Kayl said, letting out a loud whistle.

Landing close to Kayl the familiar got down low allowing them to get on his back before flapping his wings hard sending them flying up in the air. Flying quickly towards the Basan they made it in time to see one of the merchants guards being burnt to a crisp by the Basans breath attack.

Jumping off the familiar before if landed Alice used Rift Warp while falling to close the distance in a blink of the eye. Infusing her scythe with the Wind Element she sent a large 'Wind Blade' flying at the Basan landing a hit on the monsters back with a lot of force knocking the monster down.

"We will let her fight this alone. I want to see how well she can do alone Yumi. " Kayl said, keeping them flying in the air to watch, not letting Yumi go to Alice's aid.

"Let me go damnit! What if she gets hurt??? " Yumi cried out trying to break free of his grip.

"Relax I will not let anything happen to her. I just wish to see what she is able to do when she fights alone in a battle.

Looking up to see Kayl holding Yumi back she was able to guess that Kayl wanted to test her abilities. Knowing that she had to fight this alone she quickly placed her hands on the ground and used her spell 'Abyss Vines' rooting the Basan to the ground and keeping it from attacking her with his flaming breath attacks.

Infusing the Shadow Element in her scythe she passed the blade through the vines and then lodged the blade deep in the Basan changing the element to fire and increasing the mana output causing the Basan to let out a Fire attack in a attempt to get rid of all the fire burning inside its body.

Seeing her attack not working due to the nature of the Basan Alice withdrew her scythe from the Basan and attacked any openings the Vines gave her until her spell ran out of time setting the monster free again.

The Basan now free and severely injured turned towards Alice and let out a large fire attack trying to get revenge and burn her to ash. Rift Warping out of the path of the attack she used all her might while swinging the scythe low cutting the Basans legs off.

Almost dead the Basan looked at Alice before admitting defeat by laying flat on the ground waiting on her to deal the finishing blow.

Giving the monster what it wanted she sunk her blade deep in the monsters neck finishing it off for good.

"That was a great job Alice, I did not know you had a spell to restrict an enemy's movements. That will be very useful on a battlefield. " Kayl said letting go of Yumi as they landed next to her.

"T-Thank you for saving us.. " One of the merchants said trying not to show his fear seeing Kayl who was standing next to Alice.

"No problem, the guild issued a request to kill the monster anyways I am just happy that I got here in time to help. " Alice relied with a smile having saved them while also gaining a level.

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