13 Spirit Water

Spotting a group of five goblins, Alice lightly swatted one of the goblins with the back of her scythe, sending the goblin flying back into a tree. Instantly putting her weapon away, she launched forward to bring both knees up smashing them into the goblin's shoulders, breaking them on contact.

Grabbing the now useless goblin and jumping onto a tree limb above her, she ties the goblin up and secures him to the tree as she broke his jawbone with a swift punch so he can't call for help.

Looking back, she sees that Little Shadow has successfully killed the remaining goblins as she jumps down landing gracefully. "Good job, Shadow! All that's left now is to find the spirit water and return with the goblin to collect our reward." Alice said patting his head.

Request - Gather Spirit Water

The spirit water can be found to the east of the forest just beyond the goblin territory. The water can be found in a clearing and is protected by a level nine Magical Beast.

"I wish they gave more information about the Beast that's guarding the water." She said. She took off to the east at half her speed to give her HP and MP time to recover since she doesn't know how hard the upcoming battle will be.

"Let's stop here Shadow. I can see the clearing and I wanna regain my stamina before we fight him. He is four levels higher than you and the same level as me. If you get hurt in the slightest, I want you to back off and let me handle things." Alice said sitting down and petting Little Shadow. He curled up on her lap taking the opportunity to get loved on and regain his own stamina.

"No matter how I look at you, you're just an overgrown house cat." Alice said teasingly, pulling at a whisker, to which Shadow replied "Graah" in a low tone as if he was pouting.

Standing back up and stretching, Alice and Shadow once again made their way to the spirit water and the guardian. Seeing the Beast in the distance, a massive gray snake could be seen. Catching his eye, the massive snake raised his head.


Spinning the scythe, Alice jumped up, using the force of her scythe to carry her higher and holding all the Beast's attention. She waits until she starts falling and used 'Rift Warp' to instantly appear in front of the snake. She swung as hard as she could, cutting the snake's tail from his body.

"Hiss!" The snake lets out a cry of pain before opening his mouth wide and lunges towards Alice, only to be knocked off course by Shadow, crashing into his head at full speed. The snake bit into the ground next to his severed tail.

"Good job, Shadow!" Alice called out, praising Shadow for protecting her. She once again swung her scythe at the body of the snake, ripping open the side of his body.

Becoming enraged, the Beast starts slamming his body around violently, hitting Shadow. The force sent him flying back towards the forest. "Shadow!!!!" Alice called out to her dear pet in a panic seeing him hurt.

Turning a cold gaze back to the Beast, she charges up mana in her hands visualizing four fireballs. Seeing four glowing, red, magic circles form around her while they turn the mana into massive fireballs. "HAAA!!!" Alice screamed out in anger, causing the fireballs to bombard into the Beast. She fell to the ground drained.


Looking at the Beast with hatred in her eyes she watched the Beast become ablaze, as it flailed around before collapsing dead.

"Shadow? are you okay?" She asked, sliding next to Shadow with worry.

| Little Shadow level 5 |

HP 8/80

MP 80/80

With a tear running down her cheek, she picked Shadow up, holding him close. "You can't die on me Shadow… You're the only real friend I have…" Alice says gently, petting Shadow as he slept.

| Level Up |

| Quest complete |

| Reward +50 skill points, Class up |

| Class up Y/N |

"Yes..." As soon as the words came out of her mouth, her body started to glow slightly. She could feel a small change happen.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 130/130 (155/155)

MP - 150/150 (175/175)

Level - 10

STR - 28 +10

VIT - 20 +5

INT - 30 +5

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DEX - 20 (+10 +5)

DEF - 21 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 24 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 55

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive)

Looking at her new Class and status, Alice couldn't help but look at it with a dropped jaw.

'That's one hell of a boost! All my base stats shot up over twenty and I even gained two new skills, '

| Familiar Telepathy - Can communicate with contracted Beasts |

| Blessed by God (Passive) - HP and MP regen increased +25%, +25 extra skill points per level up |

| Race - Demi Angel, A half breed of the Angel race that was wiped out |

Unable to believe what she was reading; Alice couldn't help but think that she really could get her wings back and take revenge with the help of the system. Deciding to wait until they got back to town to allocate her skill points, Alice looks at Shadow's HP again and sighs in relief seeing his HP having gone back up to twenty.

Picking Shadow up and carrying him to the small pond the Beast was guarding, she takes out an empty water sack she had and begins to fill the container completing the request. "Are you feeling good enough to walk yet, Little Shadow?" Alice asked with concern.

"I'm feeling good enough to do that at least." Shadow said to Alice. "YOU CAN SPEAK?" Alice was taken back. Looking at Alice and shaking his head, "No, you can just understand my thoughts now." Replied Shadow as he leaped out of her arms.

Remembering her new skill, she quickly regained composure. "Are you sure you're okay? I was really worried you almost died." Said Alice, still unsure.

"Yes, I'm sure. You can always carry me and treat me to some good meat when we get back to reward my hard work." Shadow said making what he wanted to be known without shame.

"Okay, fine. But promise me you won't ever scare me like that again." Alice said as Shadow jumped back into her arms happily. "It's a promise. Now, let's go collect the goblin and go home."


Dropping off the Goblin at the designated spot and receiving the token of completion, Alice and Shadow made their way back to the guild to collect their reward and relax a bit.

"Hiya~ Jess. I'm back and I've finished everything!" Alice said trying not to show how tired she was this time. "Welcome back. Just hand me the spirit water, token, and your ID card and I'll process everything." Replied Jess.

Handing Jess everything, she sat on the chair, resting her head on the palm of her hand, leaning against the table. "Took a lot out of you this time, huh? Your total reward this time is two hundred and twenty-five Silver." Jess said.

Collecting her money, she headed to her room, discarding her armor on the floor and falling face first into the bed, letting her muscles relax as she faded into sleep.

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