73 Sora Takes Flight

"Wait for me! " Shade said, running over to join Alice outside the castle where Lord Kira, Kayl and some other demons had gathered to see Alice off.

"It would not be wise to bring your familiar with you Alice, at least not yet. He would not be of very much help to you, in fact he may very well slow you down. If you want I can have him trained here with my best knights until he is strong enough to hold his own and not be a burden. " Lord Kira said, trying to help her out.

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"He is right, Shade.. You should stay and train I am sure that father.. Will do his best in order to help you gain strength. Not to mention I still want you to help look after Yumi. Next time I go to the Realm of the Gods I can always have Nyx send me back to see you and Yumi before going back to my journey. " Alice said running over and hugging Shade tight not wanting to leave him behind but knowing if Lord Kira was right that Shade would be in danger almost all of the time.

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