76 Sora's Test

 Having made their way to the Mages Guild Alice was barely surprised to see how grand the building looked. The building itself was made from white brick and had the Guild's flag draped over the front while the top of the building was shaped to a point with a metal rod sticking out of it.

 "What is with the rod at the top? " Alice asked curiously.

 "That is so the researchers at the guild can draw power from lightning strikes to help them further develop more advanced spells, or so i'm told. " Joey replied as they made their way into the overly decorated lobby where people in White robes walked around and chatted with each other.

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 "Is there anything I can help you with today? " A elderly woman dressed in a blue robe asked while walking up to them.

 "Ah yes, we are here to have my daughter get her elemental tests done. Where do we sign her up? " Alan asked as politely as he could. 

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