77 Sora's Blessing

 Having arrived at Nyx's church Alice was surprised to see that Sian was there as well talking with a short man with dark green hair and pointed ears and dressed in a camo robe and a mask covering his nose and mouth. 

 Making eye contact with Alice he ran over to her and bowed his head, "Goddess Alice I am so happy to see you here! What brings you here today? "

 "Goddess? " Sora said, looking at Alice curiously with the same expression as her father and the rest of their group. 

 "Are you crazy? Do not go saying unnecessary things… I am here today with some friends so their daughter can pray to Nyx and receive a blessing. " Alice replied now trying to think of a way to explain what he just said in front of Alan and the others.

 "Splendid! ", 'Why not take her for yourself though? ' Sian said before whispering the question in her ear.

 "I agree we should get started right away. " Alice replied ignoring his question.

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