52 Shadow Monarch

Seeing what God told her was obviously a lie she wanted to talk with Nyx again even without the system quest telling her to do so.

"God would not just lie to us! " Micheal spat out fearing Gods wrath from hearing such things come out of a Angels mouth. "While I do not know everything I do know that only an Angel could have wings such as ours. "

"What if I really am the child of God's? Would it be possible then? " Alice asked now certain that Nyx was telling her the truth.

"It is impossible to say.. " Micheal replied.

"I will come visit you again. " Alice said walking into a shadow and entering the room Nyx brought her to before.

Not seeing Nyx anywhere Alice decided to take her Grimoire out and do some reading while she waited for Nyx to show up.

"Show me more skills related to the Shadow Monarch. " Alice said putting the book down on the table letting it flip through the pages until it finally stopped towards the end of the book.

'Shadow Monarch's Control' A single target spell that uses the targets Shadow to control their body. Upon activating you may control the target for as long as your mana allows at a rate of 10 mana per minute. If the target has a higher INT value than the caster the spell becomes null.

'Armor of the Shadow Monarch' A defensive type spell, requires 1,800 mana to activate. Once activated the armor will last for one hour. The armor shrouds the user in a black armor completely making it next to impossible to see the user in dark places. The armor has the special ability to ignore physical attacks three times per use.

Almost as soon as she tried asking for another spell to be shown Nyx appeared in the room and took a seat next to Alice.

"I see you managed to find the Shadow Monarch's Grimoire how interesting. " Nyx said with a smile.

"Did you know him? " Alice asked curiously.

"Of course I did. I know everyone who can use my element. It has been maybe 300 years since I last thought of him though. " Nyx replied recalling some memories of when he use to visit her.

"I came here because of the system I told you about... I also think I believe you now. " Alice said with a sad expression.

"That is amazing news!!! Why do you look so sad though? " Nyx replied wondering why Alice was not happier.

"Because that means all of my memories of my parents in the Angel kingdom are just a lie implanted in me by a man who just wanted to use me to get what he wanted.. " Alice replied.

"We can not help what your father has done to you, all we can do is move forward. What is your name? " Nyx said pulling Alice closer and getting her to meet her eyes.

"What do you mean? " Alice replied.

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"What is your name? It is a simple question. " Nyx repeated.

"My name is Alice... "

"Who do you remember raising you? "

"My father and mother in the Angel Kingdom... "

"Then it is simple. I may have birthed you but they are the parents you know. While I am jealous of that fact it doesn't change anything. I can be your mother now or even just your friend, I am here for you no matter if you want to do that lowly mans bidding or just live your life as you are. " Nyx said warmly hugging Alice in a way only a mother could.

Alice was unsure of what to do but slowly returned Nyx's embrace and was only able to whisper "Thank you.. "

"No lets just forget about all of that stuff for now. We can talk more about it later if you wish, but I have a present for you! " Nyx said instantly disappearing for a moment before returning with a small box in her hands.

"What is it? " Alice asked curiously.

"Just a gift, think of it as a inheritance from the former Shadow Monarch. " Nyx said handing her the small normal looking box.

"You don't have to open it now.. " Nyx began only to see Alice already opening the box. "I didn't expect you to be so excited haha. "

"It's beautiful... " Alice said holding a light purple and black ring so well crafted she wondered if a god created it.

"It is a little to big for me to wear but still thank you. " Alice said happily wishing she could wear such a pretty ring.

"Don't be silly, try putting the ring on. Stand up before you do though." Nyx said taking a seat next to her again.

Listening to Nyx she stood up and slowly put the ring on her middle finger and watched it shrink in size till it fit snugly on her like it was part of her finger.

"Why tell me to stand? " Alice asked curiously.

"Pour some of your mana into the ring, I think you will really enjoy this item. " Nyx said waiting for the show to start.

Doing what Nyx said she held out her hand looking at the ring and started putting some of her mana in the ring. A short while later a black cloud slowly started coming out of the ring swirling around her hand and worked its way up her arm until it was completely engulfing her in the black cloud.

Pouring a little more mana in she felt like her armor and clothes felt different than usual. Eventually the cloud was sucked back into the ring revealing Alice in a completely new outfit. She no longer had the armor on, in stead she was in a pitch black dress that showed a little more than she wanted to show. It barely reached her knees and hugged her body tightly, she was also now wearing white and black checkered thigh high stockings.

"You look absolutely stunning! What do you think? " Nyx said happily.

"I am a little uncomfortable.. " Alice replied looking at her self in the mirror noticing she has changed quite a bit from the last time she looked at herself.

"That is not all the ring does! It should have also given you around a thousand more mana and a decent boost to your defense and agility. There are a total of 4 items the previous Shadow Monarch left behind but you are not ready for the others yet. " Nyx said motioning for Alice to take a seat again.

"What other items are there? " Alice asked curiously.

"A necklace, A key to unlock the grimoire you have, and a few other things but you will need to be much much stronger before even thinking about them. " Nyx replied.

"A key to unlock my Grimoire? " Alice questioned again.

"The Grimoire you have only has a very small amount of the Shadow Monarchs spells and skills. Once you obtain the key and fully unlock the book you will be able to learn everything the previous Shadow Monarch knew. However it is a path that not many are able to take, you're special so it shouldn't be a problem for you but it will still take some years before you get there. " Nyx replied.

"You should probably be getting back now, it may not seem like it but you have been here with me for a few hours. " Nyx said giving her a hug again.

"Bye, I will come again soon. " Alice said before leaving the room and coming back out in her room in the Astala Estate.

"Alice is that you? " Yumi called out before opening her door.

"Yeah I just got back what is going on? " She asked forgetting all about her new appearance.

"Woah, I love the new look! " Yumi said slowly walking over and checking Alice out.

"Thanks.. So what's new? " Alice asked wondering if anything major happened while she was away.

"Nothing much the war is in a few days so the kingdom is super lively right now, even my father is taking part in it. " Yumi replied.

"What? Arita is going to be in the war?? " Alice questioned.

"Yeah, he feels like it is something he has to do and there are a lot of people who are supporting him and serving under him during the war. " Yumi said with a sad face.

"Don't worry I will be taking part in the war as well I wont let anything happen to your father. " Alice said with a smile trying to comfort Yumi a little bit.

"Thanks, anyways It is getting time for me to go to bed you have been gone all day so I just wanted to check in on you. Goodnight Alice. " Yumi said heading to her room leaving Alice alone.

"She feels a little left out if you're wondering. " Little Shadow said while yawning and stretching his paws out on the bed.

"Not much I can do about it when she is still injured, did you get bigger? " Alice asked seeing Little Shadow looking twice as large as normal.

"I woke up this way earlier. Must have to do with either your power increase or mine. Either way I'm going back to sleep. " He replied half rolling onto his back clearly very comfortable.

"Alright well ill be walking around the Kingdom i kind of want to join a regiment for the war. " Alice said leaving the room and making her way to the Adventure Guild.

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