71 Shade meets Kira

Being thrown into a cell, Shade was tempted to escape and just try to find the Demon King but was stopped when the guard who threw him in decided to take a seat next to his cell.

"So tell me, what information do you have for Lord Kira? Just so you know it better be very good otherwise he may lose his temper with you.. " He asked, turning his chair to face Shade.

"I am connected to Alice with a blood contract, recently we were pulled to the realm of the Gods for some reason and I felt a very strong presence which was clearly hostile. Worried for Nyx, Alice wanted to run into the house which Nyx resides in. Not wanting her to go I tried to stop her which made Alice mad. She took me back to the mortal realm and went back to see Nyx… Shortly after that I could feel that Alice's life force was very weak meaning she was injured.. I know that she is supposed to return to Kira but things may be out of her control right now. I came to inform Kira of this so that he would not be angry when she did not return within the time he gave her. " Shade replied, still worried for Alice.

"You mean to tell me that my daughter can freely traverse between the realms? " Lord Kira said, stepping around the corner revealing himself.

"It is something she has been allowed to do by Nyx, that is all I know. " Shade replied with a quick wit.

"Tell me, beast. Why should I believe you. " Lord Kira said now standing in front of Shade.

"Because I came to your territory knowing I might be killed for giving you this information. Alice is my master and if I have to give my life for her I will gladly do so. " Shade said looking Lord Kira in the eyes.

"Sigh. Let the beast out of its cage. You will stay with me until Alice returns, I have a few more questions I wish to ask you in private. " Lord Kira said, turning around and walking up the stairs to leave the prison.

Catching back up to Lord Kira, Shade walked quietly behind him trying to hide how nervous he was feeling Lord Kira's enormous power hidden within.

"How is it that you have a Human form? " Lord Kira asked as they walked towards the Castle.

"When Nyx came to our realm she gave me this form as a gift for my loyalty to Alice. I do not know much more than that. " Shade replied, trying to keep Alice being Nyx's daughter a secret.

"I see. Can you feel where Alice is now? " Lord Kira questioned.

"I can only feel that she is slowly recovering in the Realm of the Gods. " Shade replied honestly as Lord Kira led him into the throne room for the rest of their chat.


"Jun please help me heal Alice, I am a little beaten up right now so I can not do a whole lot to help her right now. " Nyx asked as Jun came out of his home.

"What in the world happened to you two??? " Jun asked curiously, seeing Nyx in such bad shape.

"Ara, she has woken up from her slumber… " Nyx replied quietly as Jun poured a shining liquid into Alice's mouth to help her heal.

"It would seem that Soron may be next in line for a beating then. " Jun said, wondering if Soron would even be able to survive Ara's wrath in his current position.

"The only good thing that has ever come from Soron is Alice. I do not care much for what will happen to him. I just really hope that Ara's actions do not disturb the Supreme… " Nyx replied shivering at the thought of the Supreme being awakened by petty dealings.

"That would be very bad, " Jun said, handing the rest of the bottle to Nyx as Alice's bruises and broken bones began to heal.

"Jun.. This is your power of belief. I cannot take any from you. " Nyx said looking at Jun who just smiled.

"Relax it is a very small amount, for Alice it will heal her right away. For you it will help you to speed up your recovery. You can just pay me back later. " Jun said motioning for her to drink up.

"Jun? What is going on? " Alice said waking up feeling good as new.

"You got caught up in your mother's affairs, you don't remember? " Jun asked curiously.

"No, I remember that crazy short lady beating me. I just don't know why I am here or why I am completely healed. " Alice said, sitting up and hugging Nyx who had just finished drinking.

"Are you okay?? " Alice asked, looking at Nyx who still looked like she went through a rough beating.

"I will be fine hun, but you should really head back to the mortal realm. The realm of the God's will be pretty lively for a while and it is best you're not here for it. " Nyx said, touching her shoulder lightly sending Alice back to the mortal realm.

Appearing where she and shade had first been taken from near the Vaugn Estate she noticed how torn her dress was. Using the Shadow Monarchs ring she quickly made sure to change back into her normal clothes before anyone could realize she was back.

'Shade I am sorry for sending you back, I should have listened to you. ' Alice said using her telepathy.

'It is okay, but i am here with Kira at the moment. Can you please come back? Kira is questioning everything and I do not know how much longer I can keep him from finding out more about you than he should know. ' Shade replied.

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'I will be there soon, just let him know that I am on the way. ' Alice replied pulling out her wings and taking to the sky quickly.

Flying as fast as she could not knowing what Kira would be able to get out of Shade regarding her true relationship with Nyx and how she was allowed into the Realm of the God's.

'If things get dangerous just stay in the Shadows until I get back. ' Alice said worried for her friend.

'I do not think you need to worry about that, Kira seems pretty pleased to know you are returning as we speak. He is going to get some food for us to share. ' Shade said seeming more relaxed.

Quickly flying over Kira's gates she landed in front of his castle where the surrounding Demons bowed their heads to her as she walked by.

Feeling where Shade was she used the shadows to enter the same room as him only to be met with the sight of Shade stuffing his face with an asortment of meats that had been laid out on the table in front of him.

"Good to see you are alright.. " Alice said feeling silly for even being worried after seeing him like that.

"Welcome home Alice, take a seat with us and eat. I am sure you must be hungry after traveling to and from the Realm of the God's. " Lord Kira said giving Alice a calculating look.

"I was forcfully brought there for some reason, however I am able to go to Nyx's domain through my Shadow Element. " Alice replied.

"Shade had told me that you were gravely injured, how is it you look even healthier than when you left if that was the case? " Lord Kira questioned.

"I was injured, some of my bones had shattered thanks to a certain God. With that said, God's can heal any injure they want to other than death. Is it really that surprising given my personal relationship with Nyx? " Alice replied knowing Lord Kira would have no way of confirming what she said.

"I suppose you are right, I am happy to see that you are unharmed now though. " Lord Kira said taking some food for himself.

"So when do you plan to introduce me to Nyx? I assume that is something within your power seeing how you can bring Shade back to our Realm. " Lord Kira said giving a serious look before taking a drink.

"It is up to Nyx if I can bring you or introduce you to her, would the God you worship not be mad at you for wanting to meet with a God other than him? " Alice asked.

"I wouldn't know. I do however know that I stand a good chance at meeting with an actual God now that you are here. If I happen to recieve some benifit who knows what I might do. " Lord Kira said assuming Alice would tell Nyx of his interest in her.

"I will tell Nyx, that is the most I can do for you. Why do you wish to meet with her so bad? " Alice asked as they both ignored Shade who had nearly eaten all the food on the table by this time.

"You could say that I have a way of increasing my own power that would require coming face to face with a God. " Lord Kira said with a smile.

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