58 Realm of the God's

"Goodmorning Alice. " A woman with blue hair wearing a robe said.

"Morning.. " Alice said, rubbing her eyes feeling like she had just slept for a year while sitting up on the bed.

"Did you sleep well? My name is Kia. " She asked with a smile while handing Alice some sliced apples.

"I don't think I have ever slept that good before to be honest, thank you. '' Alice replied, taking an apple slice and eating it.

"How can an apple taste this good?!? Alice asked, shocked, still able to taste the pure bliss that entered her mouth.

"All food in the Realm of the God's will naturally taste much better than it would in the mortal world. " Kia said, pleased to hear she enjoyed the food.

"Wait.. Realm of the Gods?? Why am I here? '' Alice asked, realizing what Kia had just said.

"Jun brought you here as you lost consciousness in the mortal world so that he could speak with you. As for the rest of your questions I think it would be better if he answered them himself. Jun will be back shortly, you are free to look around if you wish. '' Kia said, leaving Alice alone in the room.

Looking around the room Alice was shocked to see the room looked pretty average, in fact it was not even as luxurious as her room at the Astala Estate. Getting up she decided to leave the room and take a look at the rest of the place while she waited on the man named Jun.

Walking around the house Alice felt a little let down seeing how it was just as bland as the one she was staying in.

"What kind of God lives in a place so run down looking? Alice asked herself while picking up a wooden plate.

"I am sorry it is not to your liking. I do not live here though, this is just a house I built to remember one of my followers who prayed every day for 50 years without fail. When he died I also brought him here but that was a very long time ago. " A well toned shirtless man said while entering the house.

"Are you Jun? " Alice asked curiously.

"Yes I am, would you like to talk somewhere of more grandeur? " Jun asked, snapping his fingers instantly warping them to a palace made of black and while marble.

"The other place was fine... " Alice replied looking around in amazement at the statues so well crafted they almost looked real.

"Those are all of my followers who have done their best to worship me since they came to know of my name. This is just how I honor them when they pass away in the mortal world. " Jun said, walking over to one and placing his hand gently on the cheek of one of the statues.

"Why did you bring me here? " Alice asked curiously.

"Do I need a reason? I am a God. Jun said, taking a seat next to the statue.

"I have never heard of your name before, the only God I have met is Nyx. " Alice replied.

"Oh? I believe you have met the God of the Angel's have you not? " Jun questioned.

"No offense but he is no God. He is just a pathetic man who uses people. " Alice replied more coldly than she had meant to.

"Hahahahaha! That is great! Hey Soron did you hear that? " Jun said, snapping his fingers again, bringing Soron the God of the Angel race into the room.

"You un- " Soron began to say before being warped away by Jun again.

"..... " Alice stood still in silence not even knowing where to begin or what to say at the sudden spectacle she just witnessed.

"Relax. Soron cannot come here without my permission not to mention he barely has enough power to stay a God right now. " Jun said calmly to try to ease any fear Alice may have had.

"Are you the one who gave me the system? " Alice asked without thinking.

"You have good intuition if you pick that as your first real question. Yes, what you call the system was my gift to you. " Jun said with a smile waiting for a thank you.

"So you are the one who gives me the quests and rewards... My weapon and my wings are both created by you then? " Alice asked, wanting to get all the answers she could.

"I guess your intuition is not as good as it first seemed. " Jun replied slightly upset that Alice did not thank him for his gift.

"To answer your question, yes. Everything in regards to the system is my creation. " Jun said trying to remember Alice had no idea how Gods interacted with each other and to just let her go without the gratitude.

"I'm sorry.. It looks like I am annoying you. " Alice said, seeing him looking both bored and annoyed.

"No it is fine, I brought you here so I will answer any question you ask before I begin to ask my questions. " Jun said in a better mood almost instantly.

"Who am I? " Alice asked the question that has haunted her the most, fearing the answer.

"It is not my place to say too much about this, I may be a higher ranked God than Soron but Nyx and I share the same Rank. I can however tell you that you are not a mortal, the gift I have given you can allow you to go further than you can believe is possible. " Jun said, finding a way to completely answer and not answer the question at the same time.

"So I really am a Demi-God then.. " Alice said not knowing who her parents are but knowing she isn't mortal changed the way she thought about things from that moment.

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"If your questions are done, mind if I ask some of my own? " Jun asked politely.

"Ask away.. " Alice replied.

"Why do you care so much about who your parents are? I have watched you since you became you and it has always held my curiosity. " June asked Alice throwing her off a little bit.

"I… "Alice began to answer when she realized she had no reason a God would understand. "I do not know… "

"Alice! What are you doing here? " Nyx asked while running over and giving her a hug.

"Jun brought me here. " Alice replied which caused Nyx to give Jun a small glare sending Jun on the defensive.

"I just figured I would save her and ask a few questions while she was here that is all. " Jun replied, rubbing the back of his head while looking away from her eyes.

"Since you are here, come with me Alice, I am sure Jun will accept me taking you for a moment. " Nyx said, taking her hand and walking away with Alice not caring what Jun thought.

"I just recently learned of the gift he gave you, I planned on telling you about that the next time I got to see you. " Nyx said while leading Alice through the street that almost instantly turned to nothing but a void.

"This is my Domain, since you have come here you will be able to use the void to come here anytime you wish now. " Nyx said happily.

"Do Gods not believe in asking permission before dragging people around? " Alice asked curious if this would be here life, would she just be dragged around by Gods for the rest of her life.

"You're my daughter so unlike Jun I don't need it. " Nyx replied, still looking very happy.

"Fine.. " Alice replied just giving in without fighting.

"Have a meal with me and I will send you back to the Astala Estate. I have been keeping an eye on your friend Yumi and she misses you quite a lot. " Nyx said, bringing Alice into her home.

"Mom... If I come back later to have a meal with you can I go back now? Arita is dead and I really need to be there for Yumi.. " Alice said almost having a panic attack calling Nyx mom while knowing it would make her happy enough to let her go back to the mortal realm.

Hearing Alice call her mom Nyx turned and gave Alice a tight hug. "Yes of course baby girl but be sure to keep your promise and come back to see me! " Nyx said before snapping her fingers and sending Alice back to her room at the Estate.

'Yumi Alice is back! ' Little Shadow said loudly.

"No need to yell Shadow I will go get her, she can not understand you even if you meow loudly. " Alice replied while petting him before jumping in surprise when her door almost burst off the hinges as Yumi ran through and hugged her tightly.

"I am so happy you are safe and back… " Yumi said, crying into Alice's neck.

"I am sorry about Arita… " Alice said feeling guilty she could not do anything to protect him.

"Don't. You are basically a hero for what you did to the Demons. No one in the Kingdom does not know your name now. " Yumi said, recalling everything the adventures told her about how Alice went into a frenzy when Arita was stabbed.

"I know you cared about my father a lot. I am sorry you had to see him taken from us. " Yumi said, still holding onto Alice not wanting to let go.

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