78 Rage and Tears

 Finally catching back up with Alan and the others Alice ran up to them and picked Sora up and spun her in the air. 

 "I am back! " Alice said, surprising Sora.

 "Yayyy! " Sora laughed as Alice spun her a few more times and set her down. 

 "So what did he want to talk about? " Hara asked curiously.

 "Nothing special, I guess he had heard about me being an envoy and wanted to speak with me a little. " Alice replied as they walked.

 "Well since we still have time to waste we had planned on going to upgrade our armor and weapons, would you like to come with us? " Joey asked, pointing out one of the shops.

 "Sure I haven't had the chance to go to one of those in a long time. " Alice replied as they entered the blacksmiths shop. 

 "Would you mind looking after Sora while we talk with the blacksmith here? " Alan asked, knowing Alice would probably agree giving him some free time to properly pick out some new items.

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