65 Power of Belief

Having had their fun at the festival Yumi, Alice, and Shade headed back to the Estate where they were met by the people Alice noticed near the castle gates when Nyx showed up. Seeing the group approaching the Estate a man pulled his hood off revealing his long ears and grey hair.

"Miss Alice, it is a great honor to meet you. My name is Sian, may I please have a moment of your time? " Sian said bowing his head before looking up at her.

"We will see you in a bit Alice just yell if you need help. " Yumi said, taking Shade's hand and walking past the group into her home.

Looking back at Sian Alice sighed, "What is it you guys want to talk about? My mom didn't want to talk with you. "

"We wish to speak with you because you are Nyx's daughter, you have brought a Goddess into the mortal realm which is a blessing to all of us to have been able to see her in person! I wish to thank you for such an occasion and to invite you to see our church where you will be honored and be given our worship so that you may obtain the power of your belief in you! " Sian said before bowing again.

'I can see why mom didn't feel like talking to these guys.. ' Alice thought to herself before deciding to turn them down. "I'm sorry I really- "

| Quest - Go to the Church with Sian |

| Reward - Power of Belief |

"Please reconsider Miss Alice! We only wish to help you and worship you and Nyx together as the mother and daughter! This will give the church much more reputation with everything that has happened today! I swear to Nyx that you will not regret coming with us! " Sian pleaded with Alice.

"I will go… " Alice replied after seeing the system give her the quest to do so.

"That is great news!! Please follow me. It is not far from here! " Sian said excitedly.

Nodding and following Sian and the other followers she was a little surprised to see a part of the Kingdom she had never been to before. She was able to see tall buildings with the symbols of various gods on them. Looking further up the hill Alice was able to see exactly which building they were going to. They headed to a very large building which was made from black marble bearing a large symbol on the front where numerous of Nyx's followers gathered waiting for Sian to return.

Seeing Alice next to Sian the group waiting out front of the chapel all took their hoods off and ran over to greet Alice.

"Stop acting like children! " Sian yelled out at them as they asked various questions to Alice without hesitation.

"Maybe I should go back home.. " Alice said, a little nervous from all the attention she was getting.

"I am sorry for the others, they are just excited to be able to see such a person as yourself please forgive them and give us another chance. " Sian said bowing again causing the others to do the same.

"Fine… Just no more of the questions.. " Alice said, feeling a little creeped out by them.

Walking quietly they entered the Chapel where a giant stone statue of Nyx was placed at the back surrounded by pillars and pews.

"Miss Alice I do not want to waste any more of your time here would you mind standing on the platform in front of Nyx's statue? We wish only to offer you our prayers and worship you. After this we will never bother you again we would just like to ask you to come and visit if you ever have the chance. We are not bad people but we know of no other way to help you than to do this. " Sian said honestly while pointing at the platform.

'Mom please save me… " Alice thought to herself while walking over and standing on the platform and facing them.

'Don't be afraid of them Alice, this is a very important stepping stone in your life right now so just endure it. I will be watching over you from here. ' Nyx replied to Alice who was shocked to hear Nyx respond telepathically.

Looking back at the followers who had seemed to understand Nyx had spoken with Alice just now Sian made his way next to Alice and began to speak.

"Today marks a day not to be forgotten by history. Today we offer up our praise and worship to a new Goddess, one that has protected the very Kingdom we reside in and have all witnessed with our own eyes. Her name is Alice Daughter of the Night! Offer her your loyalty and your prayers and let us welcome this new Goddess into the world right here and right now! " Sian said before stepping away and getting on his knees and praying to her along with all of the other followers in the chapel.

'This couldn't be any weirder… ' Alice thought again not wanting to make them angry.

| Quest - Complete |

| Reward - Power of Belief |

Seeing the quest complete Alice almost covered her ears as the voices of the followers praying with unwavering belief became clear in her head letting her hear every word. "Wait stop! " Alice yelled, stumbling on the platform a little as her wings forcefully came out and began devouring all the light around her.

"STOPPPPP!!!!!! " Alice yelled out with such power she sent some of the followers flying back as she was no longer able to bear with the voices in her head and changes she could feel happening in her body.

| Evolution successful - Demi Angel > Demi God |

| All stats +100 |

| All stats +5 per believer |

| Title - Daughter of the Night |

| Ability - Dead of night (Allows user to suck all light from the surrounding area) |

Barely able to read over the systems messages she fell to her knees on the floor as the power continued to rush inside her before finally passing out on the floor.


"Nice of you to wake up, you have been asleep for almost a whole day. " Nyx said sitting next to her on the bed.

"Why am i here? " Alice questioned noticing she was in the Realm of the God's again.

"I came to get you after you passed out, the good news is that you are now officially a Demi God and can freely come to this Realm and interact with the Gods here. You do not have to hide yourself here anymore. " Nyx said happily, giving Alice a hug.

"Demi God?? What does that even mean? " Alice questioned remembering the system messages she saw before losing consciousness.

"For now it means that you can come and go between the two realms as you please and you can obtain a small amount of power from having people worship you. After a certain point you will ascend to full Godhood and will have a following of your own in the Mortal Realm. I have already lost around 30 followers to you, which would normally make me a little upset but I am overjoyed they pledged their loyalty to you. " Nyx said, handing Alice some water.

"I feel way more powerful than I ever have, is this because of my new followers? " Alice asked curiously.

"In a small part yes, you're only a Demi God right now so the power you receive from believers is only a fraction of what a God receives so don't go making any enemies up here. " Nyx said, letting out her full power to show Alice just how much power she really lacked compared to a God.

Feeling the power Nyx had just released Alice felt like she could see the end of the world if Nyx truly got mad. "Thank you for giving Little Shadow a human body, he had a lot of fun the other night. " Alice said, trying to change the subject.

"Of course, he will be one of your greatest friends in the mortal world so I thought I should give him a present. It is about time you go back, Yumi has prayed to me constantly since the other day trying to get me to bring you back. You managed to cause quite the scene when you unleashed your Demigod power in the Chapel.

"What do you mean? " Alice asked curiously how she could have even let out enough power for someone to take notice of.

"You managed to let out the full force of your mana when you screamed for everyone to stop, the whole Kingdom was able to tell something had happened. Anyways just go back and see for yourself. Also you should know that Lord Kira is on his way to the Kingdom so try to prepare and remember you can still die. " Nyx said snapping her fingers and sending Alice back to the Estate where Yumi was ready.

"WHAT IN THE W--mhmnnmn- " Yumi began to yell at Alice getting stopped mid sentence by Shade who shoved a biskit in her mouth.

"Welcome back Alice! " Shade said running over showing off the new clothes Yumi had taken him to get while she was away.

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"Sorry for making you worry Yumi but we need to go see the King right now! The Demon Lord Kira is on his way here right now! " Alice said, hurrying out of the door to go see the King to warn him.

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