51 Micheal

Rushing at the man she swung hard in hopes of being able to end things quickly. To her surprise the man had some sort of ability because even using her shadow element she was not able to pass though his armor made of the earth beneath them.

"You're not the 1st monster I have faced that can use the Shadow Element little miss. " He said seeing her surprise while grabbing he weapon and pulling it towards him landing a crushing punch to her stomach again sending her rolling on the ground letting go of he weapon.

"Get up! You don't get to just kill all my friends in front of me and then just lay on the ground after a few punches. " He said tossing her weapon to the side.

"Fine. You asked for this. " Alice said taking to the air and raising both of her hands above her head creating a large red magic circle.

"You think hitting me with a puny fire attack will do anything to me? Bring it on... " He said looking up at her and realizing her attack was not small in the slightest. In fact she was pouring so much mana into her attack that he could feel the scorching heat through his armor. Quickly making a earth shield around him he couldn't do anything but pray her attack was nothing but a show.

Seeing him put up his defenses after taunting her she put almost all the mana she had into her fire ball making it grow even more in size and start catching the trees closest to them on fire even though they were still a distance away. Lowering her hands slowly she send the enormous ball of fire crashing down with him as the target.

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The closer her attack got to the ground the more the man started fearing for his life since he was basically being cooked inside his armor.

Alice watched calmly as her attack crushed and burned everything it came into contact with into ashes leaving nothing but a crater behind.

| Level up |

Name - Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx, Sorceress

HP - 1,010/1,010

MP- 2,350/2,350

Level 25 > 26

STR - 200 > 220 +10

VIT - 150 +5

INT - 208 > 238 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 (+10 +5)

DEF - 100 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 95(+5 +10)

Skill Points - 50 > 0

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive), Hunter's sight(passive).

| Quest - Meet with Nyx |

| Reward - ??? |

"Another quest to meet Nyx? " Alice said out loud to herself still curious why the system wants her to talk with Nyx so much.

"I can go see her later it doesn't matter I still want to level some more" She said to no one while flying around looking for more monsters to fight with.

As Alice was flying around she noticed a large cave in the distance high up on the mountains, getting closer she was able to see the remains of a freshly killed animal.

'Maybe some sort of beast lives here? ' She questioned while landing at the entrance wanting to know more about the place.

Hiding her wings Alice formed a small fire in her hands before going into the cave further and looking around cautiously.

As she slowly went deeper into the cave she was able to smell a familiar smell of barbecue the same kind they sell in the kingdom. Lowering her guard some she walked a little quicker. "Hello is anyone here? " She called out expecting a reply.

When no one replied she became a little more cautious as the fire and meat being cooked came into view. She was surprised to see that not only was meat being cooked, there was even a table and bed and other furniture you would find inside a house. "Excuse me, Is anyone home?.. " She asked again this time stopping in her tracks feeling a blade against her neck.

"Who are you and how did you get up here? " A man said in a deep voice pressing his dagger against her neck a little harder showing he would kill her if she didn't answer.

"My name is Alice, I am a adventure and I used the Wind Element to get up here. " Alice replied not saying any more than she needed too.

"What do you want and what do you think of the Demons? " He questioned still holding his dagger still against her neck.

"I do not want anything from you I did not know anyone lived here. As for what I think of the Demon's I can tell you that I hate the Demon Lord Kira. " Alice answered honestly.

"Last question, what would you do if you met a Angel? " He asked moving the dagger a little to remind her to keep truthful.

"I would probably cry I was so happy, if i was to meet one here. " She replied honestly again.

Withdrawing his weapon he walked around her and took a seat next to the fire and his food revealing his face and bringing tears to her eyes as she saw his perfect white wings. She finally was able to come face to face with another Angel.

"You actually started crying... My name Is Micheal take a seat. " Micheal said moving a log off the wood pile next to him and placing it down for her next to the fire close by.

"I have so many questions.... " Alice said trying to keep her thoughts from clouding her mind to the point she couldn't speak anymore.

"I have a few of my own but I will let you start. " Micheal replied removing his food from above the fire and taking a bite.

"It has been so long since I have seen someone like me you have no idea how happy I am right now.. " Alice said with tears running from her eyes as she took a seat and tried drying her eyes.

"Like you? What do you mean? " Micheal said while handing her some of his food.

"It will be easier if I show you, after that I can tell you a story.. " She replied while taking her wings out which let off a white so bright it illuminated the cave further showing just how happy she really was. Seeing this Micheal felt his heart skip a beat, he had not seen wings so beautiful since he was with his daughter over a hundred years ago.

"You.. are a Angel? H-how can this be??? You are so young! Has our race been brought back?! I failed God.. Did someone else finish my mission???? " Micheal began shooting off questions and dropping his food.

"My name is Alice and no the quest has not been completed yet. I was given the same quest to complete. As for being a Angel I still do not know for sure... " Alice replied honestly.

"How can someone with such radiant wings not be a Angel? To have such wings you would have to be God's most prized Angel. Did God bring you back as he did with me? " Micheal asked trying to sort his own thoughts as he asked.

"I was given these wings through a quest given to me by the system. the only reason they are so white is because of how happy I am to see you.. A Angel.. I am currently not sure if God brought me back or if that is because I am the child of Nyx and God.. " Alice replied a little dizzy from bringing back all of the confusion that surrounded her life.

"The system? What is that? A Child between two Gods has not been seen in eons. " Micheal replied a little confused himself.

"I only woke up a few months ago, at that time I received a notification from the system to kill monsters and go to a kingdom close to where I woke up. I didn't even have my wings, the only thing I had was my memories of being a Angel. I followed the system's quests and received all sorts of benefits. I was convinced it was God trying to help me out until recently if I am being honest with you. Eventually I met with God in a dream where he explained how If i eradicate the Demon race he would bring back the Angel race through me as the mother of all Angels.. A while after that I met with Nyx... This infuriated God and lots of things happened, I was face to face with both Nyx and God where they proceeded to tell me that I was actually their child and that God had implanted the memories of 'Alice' a loyal Angel into my mind so that I would do God's bidding. Nyx took me away from God's place where ever that may be and treated me as if I really was her child.. I have no clue what I really am and there are a bunch of things that don't make sense now that I am saying everything out loud. " Alice said in almost one breath.

"That... " Micheal began before Alice continued cutting him off.

"The fact that God brought Angels back before me and promised the same things to them confuses me... Men can not give birth so how did he plan to use you or the other Angel to bring back the Angel race? I can not understand this no matter how much I think about it. To top everything off If God loved us Angels why wouldn't he just create a male and female Angel to re populate the Angel race? Nothing makes any sense! " Alice said now putting some of the clues together about herself and the situation.

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