39 Marriage Proposal

"Looks like this is the Kingdom that the girl Kira is after lives in, " Kayle said while riding his familiar, a large bird like monster as large as some high leveled boss monsters whose feathers were bright red and orange.

"I shouldn't have to remind you that Lord Kira has ordered you not to interfere with Drago's assignment in this kingdom. We got to have our fun in the Rudham Kingdom so make sure you don't cause too much trouble. I can only do so much to protect you if you mess up. " Kayl's father Obon said while taking Kayl's swords from him as he jumped off his familiar launching himself at the Kingdom.


Walking through the streets trying to take her mind off of her talk with the Demon King Kira she felt a large presence quickly coming towards the Kingdom. Looking in the sky where she felt it she saw a bright red aura flying her direction.

As if picking Alice out of the crowded streets Kayl luckily managed to land right in front of the woman he was searching for.

Taking a small step back due to his dominating presence Alice quickly looked to see his level and took her scythe out feeling danger.

| Kayl level 125 |

'Fuck there is nothing I can do, ' She thought to herslef seeing the tall Demon with black armor, red hair and yellow eyes stand in front of her.

"No need to take your weapon out little girl I am only here to speak with the girl named Alice, if you tell me where she is I promise I will not lay a hand on you. " Kayl said now hiding his presence letting Alice and the people around him breathe a little easier.

"We can talk but you should know that your Kira is quite unhappy with you coming here. He is even more pissed off that you violated our agreement when you harmed my friends in the Rudham Kingdom. " Alice said, still ready to escape if she needed.

"I take it you're Alice then, take us to a place to talk and I will leave without any trouble after our little chat. " Kayl said while taking a step closer to Alice and placing his hand around her arm to let her know she couldn't escape.

"Then I ask we have our chat outside of the Kingdom Gates, I do not wish for you to kill anyone here if they come to interfere. " Alice said while leading the way out of the Kingdom hoping that no one would follow. If she was going to be captured she didn't want anyone to die over it.

Walking with Kayl behind her she felt the looks of everyone they passed along the way wanting to know what a Demon of this level wanted with the pretty girl.

"So what is it you would risk punishment from Kira just talk with me about? " Alice asked trying to relax a little bit seeing Kayl look more relaxed himself.

"I want to know where it is you came from, the information I got in Rudham left me to believe you have two purple eyes so I would also like you to explain your now gold eye. Other than that I wish to talk with you about the matter of becoming my wife. Tri-Mages with your Elements are very rare and I believe you will be worthy of me after some nurturement. You will be coming to the Demon Kingdom anyways so it would be very beneficial to you if I took you as my wife. " Kayl said while letting go of her and taking a seat on the ground.

"What makes you think that I would marry you?!? " Alice asked shocked listening to him basically purpose to her.

"You're looking at things from the here and now point of view. I am looking at the future Alice. I want someone powerful as my wife and with some work you will surely be more powerful than any female demon in the Kingdom. Of course it has some part to do with your beauty but if you agree just know that I will only ask for one offspring in turn I won't restrict you no matter what you want to do. " Kayl said while motioning her to sit with him.

"I understand you are in a weird spot. Kira plans to force you to come to the Kingdom to serve him but what I offer is something different. You may even have more rights being my wife than you will being controlled by Kira so think about it. " Kayl said before she could reject forcing her to think of her future in the Demon Kingdom.

Taking a seat not wanting to anger him while he is being so civil she replied with what she felt was her only choice. "You should know that Kira is my father, do you think he would agree so easily to you marrying me? "

Hearing her words his eyes widened in shock not knowing exactly what to say.

"So that is why he is so determined, we have taken two other Tri-Mages in the past and he has never once cared if they died. I will ask him for his permission then when I return to the Kingdom so we can have this conversation at a later date. I still wish to know about your gold eye though, seeing how I plan to marry you I don't think you should see me as the enemy any longer so please try not to be on edge around me. " Kayl said while showing a softer side and being more gentle with his tone.

"I almost died recently in a dungeon and when I was able to wake back up my eye had changed color. That is all I know about my eye it really isn't anything special that needs questioning, It isn't like it can shoot out attacks you know. " Alice said hoping he would just believe her and drop the subject.

"If you were not of Royal Demon blood I would still be curious but my last question would be where is your mother? I am sure that Lord Kira also wishes to know this information. " Kayl asked.

"My mother was taken from me a long time ago, I have been all alone for a long time now.. I just recently found a family to call my own here in this Kingdom one of them will even be coming with me to the Demon Kingdom. " Alice replied still shocked that things have turned out so much differently than she was expecting.

"I am truly sorry to hear that Alice, I have only just met you but please think of me as a friend and an ally from now on. I will try to come and visit you when I can so we can better get to know each other before you give me your answer. " Kayl said while standing up and offering his hand to Alice to help her stand up.

"You utter fool, you think that Lord Kira will let you marry his daughter? " Obon said while landing beside them on the giant bird.

"It has nothing to do with you father, I have made my mind up and Alice has been kind enough to not reject and give the offer time. You should be more happy for you son you know. " Kayl said annoyed with his father pointing out the obvious hurtle he will have to overcome.

'I wonder how long I can pretend to be Kira's daughter, ' Alice thought to herself hating the fact she has to continue lying in order to survive.

"Miss Alice please continue to grow and make sure to honor your promise with our Lord, " Obon said while handing Alice a necklace.

"What is this for? " Alice questioned while taking the necklace which had a black star encircled by gold.

"This is the symbol of our family while I do not think that Lord Kira will approve of your marriage. I as a father would fail if I did not give a dowery present to the woman my son has proposed to. This necklace has the ability to speed up ones growth, it also serves as a token all Demons will see as you being part of the Royal family so they will leave you alone and in some cases listen to your words. We must return now, " Obon said while mounting the bird once again.

"Since my father approves I will net time return with news of Lord Kira's approval, please give me your answer at that time Alice. " Kayl said while following his father and taking off on the bird.


Walking into the room they held the meeting about what to do with the news of the demons coming to the Kingdom she was met by Arita and King Mark.

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"It is good to see that you're unharmed Alice, please tell us what happened and what did they want? " King Mark questioned.

"The two Demons that came to the Kingdom are known as Obon and his son Kayl, the son wished to ask me where I came from as well about my gold eye.. He also asked for my hand in marriage… " She replied while waiting for a response.

"It is good news then! If Obon the destroyer of Kingdoms came with his son only to ask you to marry Kayl then that means there is no threat to our kingdom right now. With that being said I will not tell you want to do regarding this matter but just know that Obon is not someone to offend if you accepted then you no longer have a choice. " The King said with a smile now that his people are safe.

"I didn't answer, I told his son that I will answer after he gets 'My fathers' permission… " Alice replied.

"Your father? " Arita questioned knowing that wasn't possible.

"Demon King Kira believes that I am his daughter. " She replied not knowing what else to say.

"I see, then you plan to continue pretending to be his daughter? " King Mark questioned again.

"I don't see any other option, if he believes that I am then it makes things easier for me when I go to his Kingdom. He may even try to kill me if he finds out that I have been lying to him about this. " Alice said, knowing that she could trust the King and Arita with this information.

"I think Alice has had quite the day your majesty, we should have a drink later. For now I wish to take Alice back home to have a private discussion. " Arita said while now standing by the door.


"So what do you plan to do regarding the marriage and what is all this about the Demon King thinking that you're his daughter how did that even happen? " Arita asked while taking his seat in his office.

Explaining everything to him not leaving anything out they failed to realize that Yumi was sitting outside the door listening to their conversation.

"If you ask me then I think you should do it. Kayl seems to want to help you which will prove useful for you later on when you start living in the Kingdom. While you may have reservations about this keep in mind you can ask the wedding be put off for a longer period of time. This is not an uncommon thing for people in high status to do in the Demon Kingdom. His main concern also seems for you to become powerful so he may be looking for a War Maiden to be his partner on the battlefield. " Arita said thinking things through with Alice trying to help her make the smartest decision she can for her situation.

"I guess I will tackle that problem when the time comes, for now I need to focus on leveling. All the Demons I have encountered so far are much stronger than I currently am. " Alice replied while leaving his office only to see Yumi with her head hanging down depressed in front of the open door.

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