68 Lord Kira and a Lost Love

Walking through the throne room's doors by the two demons escorting her Alice was left in the room all alone with Lord Kira.

"Why do you keep resisting me? " Lord Kira asked curiously.

"I do not like to be caged nor do I like feeling helpless. It is who I am. " Alice replied.

"You take after me alot you know. I was once just as rebellious as you are with my parents. Maybe you would be a little happier if your mother was here. " Lord Kira said, showing a weak side for once.

"You're right, If my mother was here I would be very happy. You drove her away though didn't you. " Alice replied with a nasty tone.

"YOU THINK I WANTED YOUR MOTHER TO LEAVE!?!? ALL I WANTED WAS A FAMILY TO SHARE IN THE HAPPINESS I WILL BRING TO THE WORLD!!!! " Lord Kira shouted loudly, gripping the arms of his chair hard, breaking them.

"THEN WHY DID SHE LEAVE? " Alice yelled back, getting sucked into the role she was playing.

"I SENT HER AWAY!... I am sorry for yelling. I think I know how to fix this.. " Lord Kira said standing up and walking over to Alice.

Looking up at him with tears about to fall out of her eyes she replied, "Oh yeah? Just how do you plan on doing that 'father'. "

"By telling you the story of your mother and I and the reason she had to leave. Follow me and I will explain everything. " Lord Kira said, walking past her and leaving the throne room.

Following quietly Alice looked around and noticed not a soul was around, 'They must have left hearing Kira yell like that. ' She thought to herself.

Standing outside a door Lord Kira pushed the door open slowly.

"This was supposed to be your room. Your mother and I had been trying to have a child for years. I had just gotten back from the war against the Angels and feeling safe from the threat of the vision I was given we decided that it was the perfect time for us to be given the blessing of a child. " Lord Kira said, looking sad.

"... " Alice couldn't find any good words to say so she stayed quiet.

"One day I had received word that a rebellion was building against me and that your mother was a target. Hearing this news I sent your mother away so that the people wishing to rebel against me would not kill her. It was the only thing I could do without knowing who my enemies are. The last thing I wanted to do was send her away especially when we were trying to have a child. I thought that I had done the right thing to keep her safe until I learned that years later she had died. That was around the time I lost the trust in my knight and all who served me. I have been a cruel man, I believed that I could bring eternal happiness to my people on my own and my wife would be happy in heaven. " Lord Kira said letting a tear fall.

"Then I learned that a powerful mage had come to light, I wanted to bring that mage to my side as someone to serve as a trusted aid in my goal. Someone who was not a demon and that could go from Kingdom to Kingdom and get the people to surrender to me without the need for bloodshed. As soon as I saw you.. You reminded me so much of your mother, I felt like I had to get you back by all means I could come up with even if you hated me because I would have my daughter back even if she hated me. " Lord Kira said, walking next to her and putting his hands on her shoulders.

"I am sorry that I did not just ask you to come to me as your father rather than trying to take you by force. Do you ever think you can forgive me? There is nothing I wouldn't do to have my daughter back as an actual daughter someone I can be happy to share in my victories with. " Kira asked, looking like a father who had actually lost his daughter.

"How can I forgive you when you still have me restrained to this kingdom? Nyx has already warned me of the demon waiting in Samaria. " Alice said lying to keep Kayl safe if things went wrong.

"I should not expect anything less from someone close to a Goddess. I will tell the demon to come back home. Please forgive me.. " Lord Kira replied.

"When that demon returns I will tell you if I can forgive you… Thank you for telling me the story though.. " Alice replied feeling confused.

'Is it wrong of me to use him like this.. ' Alice asked hoping Nyx would reply.

"I will send word right away, however I will need you to send the message so my blood oath is not broken. " Lord Kira replied.

'Do not feel bad for using a man such as him, Alice. ' Nyx replied.

"What do you mean I am to send the message? " Alice asked hoping it meant she could go back to Samaria.

"The demon that i have hidden there is located at a shack in the woods next to the Kingdom there. I will give you the location and you can go and get him. I am trusting you to leave and return.. " Lord Kira replied.

"Then can I take a day extra to see my friends before I return? " Alice asked, wanting to keep things civil like this.

"Yes. Just return in two days time. " He replied knowing it would make her happy to give her an extra day.

��Thank you! " Alice said happily.

Getting the location of the Demon Alice took to the sky and flew back towards Samria as quick as she could reaching the Shack the Demon was in at almost no time at all in her excitement.

"Mister Demon come on out, Kira has sent me to get you! " Alice shouted as she landed next to it.

Coming out of the shack a female demon in normal clothing stepped out in front of her. "Why should I believe that Lord Kira has sent you of all people to come and get me princess? "

"It is either go back or I send you into the void with no hope of escape. " Alice replied coldly.

"Fucking Shadow users. Fine, I will go back but if you are lying I will come back and destroy this place. " She replied.

"Threaten me again and you won't be able to. " Alice replied, taking out her scythe showing she would fight if she had too.

Whistling for her mount, a large bird with red feathers flew down beside her. "See you soon princess. " She said before flying away.

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With the Demon gone Alice flew back to the Kingdom of Samaria and landed in front of the Astala Estate and ran inside where Shade was learning how to dance with one of the maids teaching him.

"ALICE! " Shade said, spinning the maid away and running to hug her.

"Are you learning to dance?? " Alice asked, feeling a little sorry for the maid who landed on her butt.

"Yumi said I should since she wants to bring me with her to a party another nobel is throwing! " He replied, happy to see her again.

"Sounds like you will have fun, when is it? " She questioned.

"Tomorrow! You should come with us!!!! " Shade said, taking off up the stairs to find Yumi.

Coming back almost as fast as he left Shade was carrying Yumi over his shoulder and put her down next to Alice.

"Yumi look who came back! " Shade said excitedly.


"Looks like you two get along really well. " Alice replied.

"Alice? " Yumi said, turning around, "ALICE! " She said, giving Alice a hug.

"I am only back for 2 days but I am happy to see you both. Alice said smiling.

"How are you even back? What happened??? " Yumi questioned.

"Some things have happened but I am able to come back for now which is all that matters. " Alice replied.

"Mark will probably have a heart attack hearing you are back. " Yumi said, remembering how long it took him to tell her Alice had left for the Demon Kingdom.

"Yeah I kind of left him to tell you the news because I was too scared to say goodbye, I am really sorry Yumi. " Alice said, giving her another hug.

"You said you're back for two days right? You have to come to the ball with us if you are really sorry then! " Yumi said happily.

"Fine, I will go. I have nothing to wear a ball though. " Alice said, thinking about the lack of clothing she owned.

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