9 Little Shadow

Making it safely away from the Bandit territory, Alice walked up to a small pond to take a drink of water. Leaning down cupping her hands in the crystal-clear, cool water, she took a refreshing drink of it and sat under the shade of a tree to cool off.

Pulling the bag with the egg in it out of her Inventory, she grabbed onto it gently to get a closer look at it.

| Shadow Panther Egg |

| Form blood contract Y/N |

"Yes." Alice said calmly, curious as to what would happen.

Setting the egg on the grass Alice sat with her legs crossed leaning forward waiting. The egg slowly started to crack. After a moment a small cat exited the egg and looked at Alice. The small cat had onyx black silky fur, piercing blue eyes, and a tail about the length of its body.

The cat let out a small "nyaaaa~" opening its mouth as much as it could as if to yawn. 'Cute...' Alice thought as she reached her hand slowly out, gently petting its head. Suddenly and rather violently the Shadow Panther cub bit down on Alice's right hand, causing her to jerk her hand back in pain.

"You little prick! The hell did I ever do to you?!?!" Alice said angrily when a new messaged appeared.

| Blood Contract Started |

| Name the Shadow Panther? |

Thinking for a bit and forgiving the little guy for his violent outburst, she went to pet him again, this time a bit cautiously. "I think I'll call you Little Shadow." Alice said, "Purrrrr~" could be heard. "I guess you like the name huh."

| Named Pet - Little Shadow |

| Blood Contract Complete |

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| Little Shadow - Level 1 |

HP 40/40

MP 40/40

"Well, aren't you lucky? You're just born and already have almost half my HP and MP. Shall we go hunt a bit and level up Little Shadow?" Alice asked getting a "Raaawr~" from Little Shadow with a confident look.

Petting him one last time, Alice gets back up and lightly jogs so her new friend can keep up. Seeing the slimes that she first started with when she woke up in this new body, she smiled as she made her way to them. Lightly licking the slime, she asked Shadow to attack it so he could gain the experience.

Taking the opportunity to impress his new owner, Shadow pounced onto the slime, digging its sharp claws into the slime and biting down, the slime slowly struggled and died. "Good job Shadow! Now let's keep this up!" Alice said proudly seeing the quest completion window appear.

| Quest Complete |

| Reward 20 Silver |

| Title - Hunter |

| Title Bonus - Eagle eye, +10 AGI +5 VIT +10 DEF |

"Wow that's quite the boost." Alice said to herself as she looked to see where Shadow was. Not seeing him she yelled out "Little Shadow? Come back! Where did you go????" She called out worriedly. Hearing a rustling coming from the trees to her left she looked to see Shadow casually walk out carrying a level 2 Slime in his mouth. Even more surprising Shadow had gone off and leveled himself up.

| Little Shadow - Level 2 |

HP 50/50

MP 50/50

'Freaking brat gets 10 points to HP and MP each level while I only get 5?' She thought with a bit of jealousy. 'I guess there is a reason you're a Magical Beast' Alice told herself to feel a little better about it.

Dropping his kill and running to his master's side, he pawed at her leg wanting to be held and praised for his kill and hard work. "nyahh nyahh"

"Yeah, yeah. You did a good job." Alice said somehow knowing what Shadow wanted as she picked him up to pet him.

"Let's keep going through. I wanna get you leveled up once more so you can try to help me with some goblins. I'd like to hit level eight before we head back to the kingdom." Alice said as Shadow leaped out of her arms running to the right knowing where the next slime was.

Alice ran alongside Shadow as he made quick work of a few slimes. He finally hit level three. "Good job Shadow! Ready for a bigger challenge?" Alice asked. "Raaaawr~" he replied eagerly.

'How Cute...'

Locating three Goblins with the help of her 'Title Kill Eagle Eye' which allowed her to see further for a short duration, Alice took out her Scythe, killing one easily as Shadow distracted the other two using his agility to run circles around them. He began slowly clawing and whittling away at their HP. Looking at the sight, she crept up on the distracted goblin and decapitated both with one swing of her scythe leveling up in the process.

"Good job, Shadow! I'll loot these guys and you can keep watch while I adjust my stats." Alice said petting his head.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen

HP - 100/100 (125/125)

MP - 95/95 (120/20)

Level - 8

STR - 19 > 22 +10

VIT - 15 +5

INT - 18 > 20 +5

DEX - 17 (+10 +5)

DEF - 11 (+5 +10)

AGI - 20 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 5 > 0

Getting her status updated with no issues, she looked around to see Shadow busy playing around in the grass, attacking and chasing whatever bug he finds. "Okay, okay. Enough play time. Let's head back to the kingdom. I've got quite a bit of loot to offload and I want to learn some more magic." Alice said as she picked Shadow up and ran full speed back to the kingdom, occasionally using 'Shadow Movement' to gain distance, reducing the time it took to get back to the kingdom greatly.

"Hiya~ Adam. I managed to get my hands on a pet. We have a blood contract. Is it okay if he comes into the kingdom with me?" She asked not knowing if it was allowed while putting on a slight pout to try and sway him.

"Ehhhh… Where in the world did you get a Magic Beast Alice?? There shouldn't be a problem. You'll just have to register it at the guild." He answered kind of shocked that a Magic beast would appear so close to the kingdom.

"Thanks, I'll do just that! Come on Shadow let's go!" Alice said joyfully as she took off towards the guild to hurry and register her new ally.

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