75 Kingdom or Jorgen

 "Are you ready to go? We are about to head towards Jorgen. " Alan asked Alice while she was still relaxing on the oddly comfortable bed stuffed with feathers.

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 "I'm coming, your beds are so comfortable though I could lay here forever and still be happy. " Alice replied slowly rolling to her side to get off the bed.

 Stretching her arms she used the Monarchs Ring to change back into her normal clothes which surprised Alan and amazed Sora who had just walked into the room.

 "WOAH!! That's so cool! Can you teach me to do that?! " Sora said, running up to Alice who smiled and kneeled down to rub her head.

 "Maybe when you get older and do your best as Nyx's follower I will find a way of teaching you how to do it. " Alice replied with a smile curious what Sora's element was now that she thought about it.

 "What is Sora's Element? " Alice asked while looking at Alan.

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