67 Kingdom of Daimonas

"Welcome Alice, this is my domain, the Kingdom of Daimonas. You are free to go anywhere you want in the lower and middle areas of the Kingdom. However while inside the Castle gates you will need to be accompanied by one of my men. " Lord Kira said as he walked her through the streets to the castle.

Taking a moment to just lock around to find anything he may have been doing to deceive her, she was confused why everyone looked so happy and normal. Alice had always thought the Demon people were a warring race she never took a moment to think about how the citizens lived. 'There is no way I could have done what Soron wanted me to do.. ' She thought seeing little kids playing just like any other race would be.

"Why not live in peace with the rest of the world?? Your people look happy, why must you cause so much suffering and fear for everyone else?! " Alice asked curiously as they passed through the Castle Gates.

'I wage war so my people will never know the pain of loss. I rule this land and aim to unite the world under my leadership. Yes I could simply just let the other races live in peace but the day will come when my people are targeted. I was shown a vision by the God I serve where my kingdom burned and I was killed. That is when I decided to eradicate the Angels who had the elemental advantage over us. Now that they are gone I plan to conquer the world through their devotion to my God the Demon race will thrive and war will no longer exist. Do you really think my goal is that bad? " Lord Kira asked, dismissing the men following them.

"So you plan to wage war and kill in order to prevent war? That makes no sense you realize that right? " Alice questioned.

"I do not expect you to understand me right away but in time you will come to realize my goal is not an evil one but one that would benefit the races across this world. " Kira said as they walked through the entrance to his castle.

"I will never be okay with you wishing to harm others. Do your people even know of what you have been doing? " Alice asked, trying to get as much information as she could.

"Enough. My people will never need to know of what goes on in other kingdoms. They have everything they need here. I have already conquered half the continent, I will send someone to take you and see how peaceful the people I have conquered live another day. For now I wish to introduce you to some people so be quiet and just follow me. " Kira said, holding back his anger from the constant questions.

"Whatever you say father. " She replied with enough attitude to let him know she was not happy with his answers.

Walking quietly next to him and following him to the throne room Alice carefully looked around looking for all the shadows and exit points she could see just in case Lord Kira had tried to capture her.

"I already know you're looking for ways to escape. I do not plan on shackling you, I can treat you as my daughter or I can treat you as a servant. The choice is yours. " He said before opening the doors to his throne room.

"Treat me with respect and I will try to do the same. You have broken your promise to me once already if you remember. " Alice replied.

Hearing her words he clenched his fist and walked to his throne trying to hide his anger in front of Alice.

Seeing their King walk into the room showing such a scary face they all kneed and looked down fearful they would be killed if he caught them looking his way before sitting down.

Seeing their expressions of fear Alice knew the people in this room knew exactly how cruel Kira could be.

"Stand up. I am here today to introduce you all to my hier. Alice Demasuc, you all shall treat her with as much respect as you show me. I have given her the same status as one of my knights. As she is still untrusting of how we do things I will require one of you here to be her escort while inside the Castle walls. Do I have any volunteers? " Lord Kira asked.

Standing up Kayl stepped forward. "I will do so. I already know Alice and I believe she will be more comfortable with me showing her around. " Kayl said now standing beside her.

"I will allow it. Do try to remember she is my daughter Kayl. " Lord Kira said, glaring at Kayl who knew exactly what he meant by that.

"I will keep that in mind. " Kayl said, taking a knee again.

"Take her around the kingdom to meet the people, I wish for them to know of my daughters return. I have business with the rest of you so stay where you are. " Lord Kira said in a stern voice.

"Lets go. " Alice said, walking out of the throne room not caring if Kayl followed.

"Alice, wait! " Kayl said, catching up to her as she walked down the stairs trying to leave the castle.

"I really do not want to be here right now, just follow me to the lower part of the Kingdom. Alice said using a shadow to exit the castle and reappear where she saw the kids playing earlier.

"Mommy look! That lady used magic! " A small kid walking with his mother said breaking free of her and running to Alice.

"That was so cool! What else can you do? "

Looking at the kid and his mother who looked a little concerned she crouched down and rubbed the kids head. "I can do a lot of things, you should ask your mom next time you want to run off though. " Alice replied with a smile.

"Thank you. Come now Demetry, we have to go. " The mother said, taking the kid by his hand and leaving.

'You should be careful in this place Alice. If you were to tell anyone about their King's deeds then you would not be treated so well by him anymore. ' Nyx said.

'I figured as much. I just do not know what to do anymore now that I am here.. Alice replied happy she was able to speak freely with Nyx.

"Alice please try to think of what will happen to me if you run off like that. " Kayl said, catching up to her.

"Relax, Kira knows that if I want to leave no one can stop me. " Alice replied.

"That is where you are wrong. I cannot tell you much right now but if you try to leave it will be very bad for the people you love. " Kayl whispered.

"What do you mean? I have a blood oath with Kira, he cannot send people to the Kingdom of Samaria. " Alice replied.

"He had someone there before you made the oath. That is all I can say. " Kayl replied questly.

"I hate that man. Take me to meet with the people you told me about. " Alice said coldly.

"We will have to meet with them another day. For now let's just take some time meeting the people of the Kingdom down here like Kira wanted. " Kayl replied while jumping on top of the building next to them.

"Hear me! I am Kayl, a Knight that serves Lord Kira! I was sent here today to introduce you to Lord Kira's long lost daughter! " Kayl shouted from the rooftop drawing a crowd around them.

"Kayl stop! " Alice yelled back at him.

"Her name is Alice and she is Lord Kira's Hier! It is Lord Kira's wish that you all get to meet her! " Kayl shouted again as more people came out of their houses and shops to see what was going on.

Getting annoyed with Kayl just ignoring her she took out her wings and flew up to stand beside him.


Slapping him Alice looked angry and flew back towards the castle.

Seeing her fly away Kayl felt his cheek and jumped after her.

"Alice what is wrong? " He yelled out after her.

Stopping in mid air, "Do you think that is how I want to be introduced?!? I do not want people fearing me because I am some warlord's daughter!! " Alice replied angrily.

"No one there knows anything about that! They all love Lord Kira! " He replied.

"Then maybe I am not ready to be known as his daughter by anyone! " Alice yelled before flying back to the castle as quickly as she could leaving Kayl behind with no way to catch up.

Reaching the castle Alice was stopped in her tracks and sent flying and crashing to the ground by Obon who had swatted her from the sky like a bug.

"I suggest if you want to keep any of your freedom you just follow along with what Lord Kira wants. Otherwise not even I will be able to keep you safe. " Obon said, offering her his hand to help her up.

"He will just have to give me some time to adjust then. " Alice replied angrily.

"Time is something you wont have until Lord Kira trusts you. " Obon said, taking his hand back and walking away.

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