72 Key of the Monarch

'Mom, are you okay? ' Alice asked, still worried about Nyx who was in rough shape the last time she saw her.

'I am fine now, the higher God's are becoming more active lately so you should wait a while before coming back. ' Nyx replied, hiding the fact she was still injured.

'I have a question, Kira is being very persistent about meeting you. He said he can increase his own power if he comes face to face with an God. What does he mean by that? ' Alice asked, still curious about Lord Kira's words yesterday.

'If that is the case then he will never meet with me. What he is referring to is an abomination, I assume he has the Dagger his God used when the God's lived in the Mortal Realm. It has the ability to drain a God of their power and transfer it to the wielder for a short period of time. However I have heard that some of the power will remain with the wielder for as long as they have possession of the dagger. ' Nyx replied.

'You can not meet Kira. ' Alice said stubbornly.

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