50 Jannat the Storm Magnus

"I can store my wings away it seems. " Alice said curious just what it meant by being able to store them. Thinking of putting her wings away they slowly faded away into a black mist until they were completely gone.

"That is a pretty crazy skill.. Anyways I need to rest today I don't seem to heal as fast as you do unfortunately. Have you seen Little Shadow? I was hoping to cuddle him since I cant leave the house yet. " Yumi asked while looking around Alice's room.

"Now that you mention it I have not seen much of him lately, I wonder where he has been. " Alice said while sending a signal to him to let him know she wanted him to return.

Taking Alice and Yumi both by surprise Little Shadow leaped out of Alice's Shadow looking up at the both of them as if it was nothing strange.

"Where have you been? How can you come out of my shadow like that? " Alice asked curiously.

'Since we have a blood tie to each other I was able to take on some of your power as I leveled up. I am close to your current level at the moment. ' Shadow said while flicking his tail a few times obviously proud of himself.

"What else can you do? " Alice asked wanting to know more.

'I can use your shadow movements as well as a few new attacks. ' He replied not noticing Yumi sneaking up behind him.

"It's not fair that you can talk to Alice and not me! You have to cuddle me to make up for it! " Yumi said carrying him off to her room.

Deciding to get some fresh air Alice made her way out of the Estate. As she walked through the streets she was able to notice a large presence of soldiers and high level adventures crowding everywhere she could see. Not watching where she was going Alice bumped into a beautiful brown skinned woman dressed in leather.

"I am so sorry I was not paying attention to where I was going. " Alice said noticing the woman had a streak of silver in her dark hair that fell over her face.

"No worries just watch where you are going there is a lot of tension right now so others may not be so kind. " The woman said with a smile.

"What is going on anyways? " Alice asked curiously.

"The kingdom is preparing for war with the neighboring kingdom. My name is Jannat, who might you be? " Jannat asked curious if Alice was also a Adventure taking part in the upcoming war.

"My name is Alice, It is nice to meet you. You are here to fight on our side in the war? " Alice asked using her eye's ability to check Jannat's level.

| Jannat the Storm Magnus - Level 78 |

"I am indeed how about you? You give off a thick magical aura so I assume you're a mage like me. " Jannat said happily to meet another mage around her age.

"I use a scythe as well as a few different elements. " Alice replied pulling her weapon out of the systems inventory.

"You can use dimensional storage???? " Jannat said more surprised at Alice's ability to store things than her menacing looking weapon.

"Mn I was born able to use it. " Alice said.

"So what about your elements? What all can you use? " Jannat asked genuinely curious now.

"Fire, Wind, and Shadow. I mainly use my scythe that I can combine with my elements when I battle. " Alice replied expecting a big reaction but was kind of upset when Jannat just smiled like it was a normal thing. "What about you Jannat? "

"Technically I use the Wind and Light elements but I am known as the Storm Magnus since I can use large scale spells. Lots of them involve lighting and tornado's pretty cool don't you think? " Jannat said proudly, also feeling a little upset by Alice's lack of astonishment by her abilities.

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"So are you taking part in the war Alice? " Jannat asked pushing through the awkward tension between them.

"I plan to level up a few more times before it starts that way I can be of more help. " Alice said honestly while wanting to go back out to train some more.

"Mind if I tag along? " Jannat asked having some time to kill anyways.

"I am only level 25 currently so having you tag along would probably scare away the monsters I plan on killing. Sorry maybe next time! " Alice replied wanting to be alone while she vents some of her pain and anger as well as not wanting anyone to see her flying around just yet.

Saying her goodbyes to Jannat she quickly made her way through the crowded streets and out of the Kingdom walls. Once she was sure she was out of sight of everyone she brought her wings back out and took to the skies eagerly missing the way flying with wings felt.

Flapping her wings hard and going as fast as she could Alice could not help but smile and laugh a little at the familiar feeling of flying. Now completely sure she was a Angel and not the child of two God's she felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders and she could breathe again.

Remembering that her wings would reflect her emotions she glanced to the side to look at them to see if she could notice a change.

Looking over she saw that her wings did not change much in color except for that the wings almost looked grey instead of a silky black. Feeling a little disappointed that they were not pure white like her old wings the color slowly darkened back to the silky black color they were before.

Deciding not to look anymore she instead used the Hunters eye passive to search through the forest from the air for monsters that would wive her a decent bit of experience. Her goal was to reach level 30 before the war started if possible.

Spotting a group of bandits further in the forest she decided to take a closer look to see if she could see anything interesting.

Flying high above the camp she hovered in one place as she watched a few of the men take turns going in one tent and leaving after 10 minutes letting the next in line have their turn.

'I wonder what is in the tent? ' Alice thought to herself but decided she should wait a little longer to see if anything would happen before she took on the bandits.

Not having to wait very long she noticed the men starting to go crazy. Flying a little lower to see more clearly her eyes widened in shock seeing a very large man exit the tent dragging the corpse of a female with almost no clothing on and bruises all over her by the head.

The large man lifted her body up and threw it at some of the men who stopped their yelling and instead fought over who would be allowed to take the body to their tent.

Seeing this Alice became enraged which caused her wings to emit her murderous intent in a mist of red with every flap. Pulling out her scythe she flew down as fast as she could swing her weapon all around her as she landed cutting two of the unsuspecting men down instantly while taking the others in the camp off guard.

"MEN GATHER WE HAVE A INTRUDER! " The larger man shouted while racing towards a tent to grab his weapons.

Only seeing red Alice infused her weapon with her Flame element making her look like a god of death sent to seek vengeance on behalf of the abused and deceased woman that laid on the ground next to her.

Without giving much thought to her actions she quickly flew around attacking everyone in her path injuring some and having her attacks blocked by others. Growing even more angry that the men didn't just lay down their life's for her to take she landed and used "Vines of the Shadow Monarch" to grab almost all of the bandits and drain them of all their mana killing them slowly leaving the ones who did not get grabbed no choice but to either run or try to face her head on.

Wanting to set a example for the ones who still had fighting spirit she made the vines line the captured men up around her while she swung her weapon quickly decapitating all 25 of her prisoners sending blood spraying at the rest of the bandits for a short moment.

"Who are you? What do you want?! " The large man asked taking a step back in fear.

"You do not deserve to know my name. I was looking to kill monsters and I found some so come die. " Alice replied coldly flapping her wings hard closing the distance between them in a instant as she swung her blade in attempt to take his head from his shoulders.

Having her attack blocked repeatedly Alice pushed herself harder picking up on the speed of her attacks forcing him back a step with each attack.

Getting annoyed the man jumped back and yelled out "Armor" causing the ground to erupt around him and form around his body making him look more like a monster than a human. "Lets play you damn monster. " He said now rushing at Alice punching her hard in the stomach sending her flying back.

Using her wings to stabilize herself she changed her weapons element from Fire to Shadow and rushed at him this time.

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