5 Ignited Determination

After finally getting some rest Alice headed downstairs to check if she could do any jobs to earn some money and level up. 'I won't be strong enough to slaughter those bastards if I just sit on my ass.' Alice thought with a cold and murderous aura around her.

"Jess I'd like to go kill some monsters to level up. Can I use a spare weapon and take a request flyer?" Alice asked.

Request flyers are able to be taken within your adventure rank, the ranks go from F > E > D > C > B > A > S > SS.

"Sure, but your current adventure rank is only F right now. You'll need to be Level 5 and complete 2 requests to rank up to take E requests." Jess said with a worried look, seeing the look Alice had in her eyes.

"That's fine, I'll take the request for Slime killing, and the request for gathering low rank medicinal herbs since they're both in the same location." Stated Alice, not wanting to waste any time.

"I'll approve your taking of the requests, which weapon would you like to use? You'll have to return it once you return or you'll be charged for the price of the weapon." Jess said as she pointed to some of the weapons on the wall behind her.

"A sword and a dagger please." Alice asked waiting patiently.

"If you'll just sign this contract for the weapons, you'll be all set and can be on your way" Jess said giving her the papers.

Leaving the kingdom gates Alice rushed towards the forest spotting a group of slimes in no time at all.

Throwing the dagger with great accuracy the instantly killed one of the slimes and made her way through the others with easy. Picking up the dagger alive thought to herself, 'This is much quicker with actual weapons. I need to hit level 5 as soon as possible.'

Continuing her quest to level up before she gathered the herbs, Alice made quick work of the slimes in the area, pausing to take a rest she decided to check her status noticing she leveled up twice in the few hours she been at it.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen

HP - 50/50

MP - 40/40

Level - 4

STR - 13 > 16

VIT - 10 > 13

INT - 11

DEX - 13 > 16

DEF - 10 > 11

AGI - 18

Skill points - 10 > 0

'Great! I only have one more level, then I'll complete the system quest and gain a weapon of my own.' Alice thought with a smile.

Coming into a clearing she could see the herbs she is supposed to gather, not wasting this opportunity she gathered all the herbs. Wishing she had more space to store things so she could take extra, a new window appeared.

| Inventory |





Seeing this surprised her so she tapped one of the boxes a question appeared on.

| Store Low Rank Herbs Y/N? |

"Yes." Alice said not knowing what to expect as all the herbs she gathered disappeared from her bag and appeared in the Inventory.

| Inventory |





| x15 Low Grade Herbs Stored |

Closing out the window, she once again praised the convenience provided to her somehow. Gathering and storing 20 more herbs, she looked up only to see a little green creature.

| Goblin - Lvl 5 |

Seeing Alice, it started to run toward her with a dagger in hand clearly with the intent to kill. Not giving the situation a second thought, she picked up her sword and threw the dagger at the goblins face.


The goblin parried the dagger only to be stabbed through by Alice's sword. 'Well, that was easy. Poor, stupid creature.' she thought to herself as she gathered her dagger and taking it from the goblins body, storing it in her Inventory to inspect later.

A new screen appearing before her slightly caught her off guard. 'Damn system.' she cursed under her breath.

| Quest Complete |

| Reward - Weapon |

| Sword | Dagger | Rapier | Scythe | Claymore |

Seeing the selection before her 'A sword would be good since that's what I'm currently using but the same goes for the dagger. I could probably make good use of a Rapier, but I've never tried it before. I've also never used a Scythe, but it looks like I could take multiple enemy's down with one swing pretty interesting. While I have the strength required for a claymore, I'm a little small to wield it.'

Taking all aspects into consideration Alice used her finger to select the Scythe as to kill more enemies fast.

Materializing from thin air, a grim looking scythe appeared into her hands. It had a long slightly curved staff with the end of it having a long dark and beautifully curved blade.

| Scythe of Revenge |

| Growth type weapon |

| +10 Str |

| +10 Dex |

| +5 Vit |

Seeing her weapon and the bonus stats, she let out a little squeal of excitement. ' Growth type weapons are crazy rare. Even the Angel race blessed by God only had 2 of these kinds of weapons.' Storing her sword and dagger, she decided to use her new Scythe to test out her compatibility with it, swinging it around and twirling it in her fingers felt oddly natural. "Oh! Right I must have leveled up to 5!" "Status"

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen

HP - 60/60 (85/85)

MP - 50/50

Level - 5

STR - 16 +10

VIT - 13 > 15 +5

INT - 11 > 13

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DEX - 16 > 17 +10

DEF - 11

AGI - 18

Skill points - 5 > 0

Feeling as though she got a massive power spike, she decided to hunt down another goblin to test the power of her new weapon and stats.

Dashing through trees, swinging the scythe around, using its weight to carry her up further when she jumped, she made amazing time in locating a group of 3 goblins. Launching herself off a tree, Alice spun her body quickly slashing a wide area leaving behind an after image of her weapons path.

As soon as the goblins noticed her and turned their heads to see her, their heads rolled off their shoulders as their bodies collapsed, trying her best to avoid most of the blood splatter caused by her devastating attack. She looted the goblins, storing 1 Short bow, 32 arrows, another dagger, and a short sword. 'Today has been pretty productive. I should head back and turn in the requests. It'll be a good idea to store my Scythe and walk back with the weapons I came here with.' Alice thought with caution.

Returning back to the Adventures guild, she handed in the herbs and showed her ID card since they record every monster you kill.

"Wow! Good work! You even killed a few goblins and made it to level 5!" Jess said with wonder as most people don't level up so fast.

Handing Alice her reward of 1 small silver for the herbs and 90 copper pieces for killing the slimes Jess asked, "So will you be returning the weapons, or do you wish to buy them?"

"I'll be returning the weapons since the goblins dropped theirs when I butchered them" Alice said with a blank expression.

'What an... odd way to refer to that.' Jess thought as she took the weapons back.

"Thank you for lending them to me. I'd also like to update my ID card, seeing as I'm level 5 and have completed 2 requests." Alice said, pretty happy about ranking up in a day.

"Sure, I'll just update your Rank and you can take E rank requests from now on, to rank up to D you need to be level 10 and complete 5 Requests as well as take another Talent test to see how you've progressed." Jess said handing Alice her ID back.

"Okay, thank you. I'm going to get some rest and meet the old man at the mage's guild tomorrow, see ya!" Alice said rushing off to her room

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