1 I'm Alive?

Waking up suddenly screaming, Alice looked around in a panic. The last thing she remembers is a devil like creature ripping her wings off and killing her.

Seeing that no one is around and that she is fine she tries to feel her wings. Instead of what should be there, she feels like a part of her body has been stolen, noticing that she no longer has wings. In fact, she doesn't remember having white skin or her hair being this long.

Forcing herself to stay calm, Alice tries to think about the situation calmly. 'I don't seem to be hurt other than the fact I don't think this is my body'

Standing now she looks around finally realizing she's in an open field with nothing around except for a forest to the north and an ocean to the south.

Suddenly a transparent window comes out of thin air saying;

| Quest - kill 5 monsters |

| Reward - Map Skill |

'Kill monsters?! With what my hands? And what is a quest? Where did this window come from?' Alice had way more questions than she did answers.

Thinking about everything calmly, she chose to try to complete the quest and headed to the north.

Looking around for anything to use as a weapon, fearing what kind of monsters could be around, Alice found a very solid looking stick. 'I need to at least sharpen the end of this if I plan to use it to kill.'

Rubbing the tip of the stick repeatedly with a jagged rock, she manages to sharpen the stick just enough to stab if she must.

Cautiously searching the forest, she spots a green slime hopping around. To her surprise, she is able to see the name and level of the slime.

| Green Slime - Lvl 2 |

Charging forward as fast as she can, she lunges the makeshift spear at the Slime, killing it instantly. She then sees a notification pop up.

| Quest - Kill 5 monsters 1/5 |

'Ugh… Just four more I guess.' she says to herself and begins searching for more slimes. Making good time, going deeper into the woods, she manages to find three moving her way. She rushes forward as fast as she can wanting to end things with one strike if possible. She lunges forward again, piercing through the 1st and stabbing the 2nd killing both instantly. Swinging the spear around as if she knew exactly when to strike, she impaled the 3rd slime mid jump as it moved towards her.

| Quest - Kill 5 monsters 4/5 |

"One left to go." she says aloud to herself and pausing realizing how soft her voice sounds. Her normal voice was much crisper from all the yelling and shouting she would always do in her real body.

Getting back on track, she spots the final slime and moves as quick as she can lunging forward once more as she finishes the quest.

| Quest Complete |

| Reward Map Skill |

| Learn Skill Y/N? |

"Yes!" she says proudly and waits for something to happen.

Moments later she starts to see a map. When she thinks of a map, it is small, just big enough to see her general area. Showing on the same kind of transparent window the quest showed up on, Alice couldn't help but think how convenient this skill was.

Traveling deeper into the woods, another Quests pops up.

| Quest - Find Rudham Kingdom |

| Reward - Rudham Language Skill |

'Rudham kingdom? I don't remember there ever being such a place... Where in the world am I?' Alice questioned. Pausing and looking at the map, she could just barely make out what looked like the outer walls of a kingdom. While concentrating on that area a marker appeared and a faint light could be seen above the trees in that direction. 'Yup, very convenient. Who even put this, whatever it is, together?'

Picking up her pace she would kill slimes along the way until eventually she leveled up.

Name - Alice

Race - Fallen

Lvl - 2

HP - 25/25

MP- 30/30

STR - 12

VIT - 8

INT - 9

DEX - 13

DEF - 10

AGI - 18

Skill points - 5

'The F*** is all this about?' Stopping halfway to the kingdom. As an Angel, she was a being blessed by God from birth. She had set stats and they only grew as she got older until she matured into an adult. Talent is what set all Angels apart from each other as every Angel was very strong.

Realizing the ability to get stronger as she leveled, she wondered just how strong she could become. 'Can I get strong enough to take revenge on the Devil who killed me?' Alice began to smile thinking her situation might not be that bad.

Resuming her sprint toward the kingdom, she decided to leave her skill points as they were, in case she needed them for later.

Finally reaching the outer walls of the kingdom, the quest completion message displayed in front of her.

| Quest Complete |

| Reward Rudham kingdom Language |

| Quest Reach Lvl 5 |

| Reward Tier 1 weapon |

Seeing this new quest only reminded her she was basically using a stick to kill monsters. 'For now, I'll just enter the kingdom and see if I can't find out any more information'

Seeing two Guards at the front gate, she discarded her stick and walked up to them. "Hello, I just came from a long journey. May I enter the kingdom for some rest?" she asked the two guards who looked at her a bit shocked. 'Is there something on my face?' Alice wondered.

'Ahem, the first guard cleared his throat a little slightly blushing. "Where did you come from and how long you plan on staying?" he asked.

"I came from the other side of the forest. I just happened to see your kingdom's walls by luck. I've been traveling for days and I'm exhausted." Alice said, hoping to get in a bit easier with the excuse.

"Do you have your adventurer's ID with you? If not, I'll have to accompany you to the guild until one is made for you."

"No, sorry. I was robbed of all my belongings, so I have nothing. I had to use a stick to kill the slimes on my way here." she replied hoping to get a freebie.

"If that's the case then it should be fine. The Guild has temporary lodging for beginners, if you'll follow me, I'll show you the way." The Guard motioned for Alice to follow him.

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