74 Hunting the Flame Boar

"Alice, would you like to join us on a hunt before we set out? The materials can be sold for profit in the Jorgen. " Alan asked while strapping his armor on.

"Sure that sounds like fun, let me know if I hold you back any. " Alice said with a smile thinking it has been a while since she last went to fight with monsters.

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"I am sure we would be the ones who hold you back, you are an envoy after all. " Hara said jumping up and down with a relaxed posture to get warmed up for the day.

"How do you fight? I am curious. " Hara asked, now doing some stretches.

"I use a scythe as well as some elemental spells. I can do whatever is needed so just let me know! " Alice said while pulling her scythe out of her inventory to show them.

"What an ominous aura.. " Alan said looking at Alice's weapon.

"How about a quick spar before we go out so we know what her strengths are? " Joey, another stocky man that carried a large shield and short sword said standing up and joining the group.

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