48 God, Nyx, and the Demi-God

Not wanting to wake Yumi up she sank into the shadow next to her bed planning on going back to her room. As soon as she was completely in the shadows Alice started to panic not being able to leave.

"What the fuck??? Why can't I leave?? " She said to herself trying her best to find a way to leave and return to her room.

"No need to panic my child. You will be able to leave after our chat. " A mysterious figure said revealing herself next to Alice.

Trying to use her eyes to see any information she could about the strange landy approaching her she was even more surprised to see that no information would show.

"Trying to read me without permission is rude, you know all you have to do is ask. " The lady replied, snapping her fingers and changing the area they are in to a well lit room with strange decorations everywhere.

"Who are you and where are we? " Alice asked not wanting to anger someone clearly more powerful than she is.

"I guess I can't blame you for not knowing but my name is Nyx the goddess who gave you your left eye. It is nice to finally be able to speak with you in person Alice. " Nyx replied with a smile.

"Why have you brought me here? " Alice asked, looking around at all the decorations noticing there was no door or windows, she was in a room completely sealed off from the world.

"To chat of course, this is a room I bring all of my children to at one point or another. " Nyx said brushing her hair to the side as she sat in a chair across from Alice. "Please take a seat so we can talk. "

Giving her a nod she took a seat on one of the elegant looking seats next to her. "What do you want to talk about? " Alice asked not sure what to say or do in front of a Goddess she has never heard of.

"What would you say if i could offer you a different path than that old man you worship? " Nyx asked.

Before even being able to think of a response the room began to violently shake as a deep voice began speaking. "Nyx what do you think you're doing with my chosen one? " God asked in a furious tone.

"Oh relax, she may be your chosen one but she has my power flowing through her. It is only right that I am allowed an audience with someone who can use my power. " Nyx replied in a bratty tone.

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"Nyx how dare you taint my creation! " God yelled even angrier.

"If all you're going to do is yell then you can leave! " Nyx said, snapping her fingers causing the room to stabilize, getting rid of God's voice.

"Sorry about that, he is a grumpy old man. Have you thought about what I asked? " Nyx asked, crossing her legs with a smile.

"What path are you even talking about?? " Alice asked trying to process what was going on, when she was a angle she had only ever prayed to her God and now she has come face to face with two different God's.

"The old man wants you to bring back your race by eradicating the Demon race as they did to your Angel race. I however can offer a better path to what you want. It is as simple as that.

"Can you tell me about it… Alice asked genuinely curious about the new path before her.

"Instead of causing a blood bath that will last for decades you can take me as your Goddess and become my Apostile in return I will transfer enough power to the old man to recreate two Angels. A male and a Female it will be enough to bring the Angel race back and you will be able to walk the lands a free woman. The only thing I will ask you to do is build a Kingdom with little ole me as the Goddess your people worship. Sounds like a good deal yes? " Nyx said with a smile, taking a sip of a drink that she seemingly got from nowhere.

"I won't have to kill anyone? " Alice asked nervously.

"Who you kill is your business as long as you continue working towards the path I gave you. " Nyx replied without expression.

"What if i fail? " Alice asked, now making eye contact.

"If you do then you will simply cease to exist, I will take you from the world and your body and soul will be gone forever. " Nyx replied coldly, returning her look.

"Can I have some time to think about it? " Alice asked not knowing what to do.

" I will give you 3 days. After that my offer will be gone forever. " Nyx asked snapping her fingers, returning Alice to her bedroom in the Astala Estate.

"Goodness girl you scared the shit out of me! " One of the maids said, putting a hand on her chest trying to calm down.

"I am -

Sorry." Alice said now in front of God in the same room she was in when she was dreaming.

"What did that bitch tell you? " God said, clearly annoyed.

"Can you two maybe ask me before just pulling me all around the place I am actually starting to wonder if I am just dreaming! " Alice said, annoyed herself not even knowing how much time has passed since she tried leaving Yumi's room.

"Excuse me?! You should be thankful I am letting you meet me in the flesh! Now tell me! " God replied angrily, losing his patience with Alice.

"She wants me to be her apostille and said if I agree she will transfer enough power to you to restart the Angelic Race! I won't have to kill anyone! I can live my life freely! " Alice said, overwhelmed.

"Hahahaha! You would believe that evil bitch? " God said with a chuckle.

"And why shouldn't she? At least I am not using her for my petty revenge. " Nyx said, stepping out of a black mist next to her.

"Insolence! You dare step foot in my domain?! " God said so angry the sky above them turned grey.

"So barbaric, I swear you have always been this way. Do you even plan to tell her the truth? " Nyx said overpowering the drained God with her own pressure making Alice feel like she was about to burst into thin air.

Falling under the intense pleasure she looked up and met Nyx's eyes once more causing Nyx to draw back her power.

"I am sorry about that Alice I just got so annoyed at mister high and mighty here. We are all going to have a chat now so bring out some chairs for us. " Nyx now glaring at God who reluctantly did as she said.

"She has no right to know the business of God's Nyx, if the other Gods saw this we would become outcasts and hunted by the others. " God replied trying to bite his tongue from saying too much in front of Alice.

"Let them come then. She is the first Demi-God in a eon and you would have her believe she is just a lowly human that you 'Chose' who is the one with nerves here? " Nyx replied.

"What Demi-God?? " Alice asked puzzled.

"It is time your father and I finally told you who you are. " Nyx said, causing God to slam his fists down on the table in anger. "Nyx watch your tongue! "

"That isn't possible my father and mother are angels… I am an angel…. You are mistaken.. " Alice said, trying to keep her sanity.

"This is your father's fault he wanted revenge for what happened to his creations so he implanted the memories of one of his creations in your mind to have you do his bidding since Gods can not directly kill another God's creation. " Nyx said grabbing onto one of Alice's hands.

"That.. can't.. NO I HAVE PARENTS AND NEITHER OF YOU ARE THEM!!! " Alice yelled now holding back tears as she felt the world crashing around her.

"I should kill you for doing this to our daughter, you're no better than your shit creations. " Nyx said, grabbing Alice and taking her back to her room.

"Listen Alice, everything I said is true, that is why I offered you a peaceful life away from your father's desires and take all of the time you need to think. If you ever wish to speak with me just think of the room I took you too next time you go into the shadows and you can meet me there. Try your best to live your life how you want to live it, I will always be here for you. I just can't play as an actor in your father's play anymore. " Nyx said, wiping a tear from her eyes as she vanished without a trace.

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