64 Festival of a Hero Pt 2

"Come on now, you're a King you should be able to speak can you not? " Nyx questioned waving a hand in front of King Marks face who was having a mental breakdown over hearing Nyx call Alice her daughter.

"Mom we should give him some time.. It would shock anyone to hear a God call someone they know their child in front of them. " Alice said, feeling a little sorry for the King.

"Wait, I am fine now! Sorry that was just a lot to take in. I have tried my best to help your daughter in any way she has needed. She is not fond of asking for help though but your daughter is my Kingdoms Hero now. We are honored to have you join us, if there is anything I can do to make your visit more enjoyable please let me know. " King Mark replied while regaining his composure.

"No need, just have your festival. I am only here to support my baby girl after all and I do not wish to take her day away from her. " Nyx said, putting her arm around Alice and walking away to take part in all the games being held at the festival.

_____________________ In Lord Kira's Throne Room_______________________________

"Lord Kira we have returned. " The Demon who was confronted by Nyx said kneeling with his head down.

"This is much earlier than I expected, have you brought me the girl? " Kira asked, expecting good news.

"We encountered… A problem beyond our capabilities to handle my lord. " Jasper replied, keeping his head down fearful that if he looked up his head would be sent flying.

"I assume you know what comes next if your reasoning is not something that surprises me, just what could keep 30 Elite Demon Knights away? " Lord Kira asked, growing more annoyed by the second.

"The other's and I were stopped in our tracks by the Goddess Nyx. She has made an appearance in the Mortal realm and seems to have a relationship with the girl you want. " Jasper replied confident his answer would calm his Lord.

"YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE A FUCKING GOD CAME TO OUR REALM??? JUST HOW MUCH OF A FOOL DO YOU TAKE ME FOR? " Lord Kira screamed in a rage now standing above Jasper who was using every second he had to pray to his God.

"Yo-ur majesty I swear it on my life. " Jasper said, shaking in fear.

Leaning down Kira whispered in Jasper's ear, "Next time someone makes an excuse for their failure I hope they can come up with something better than a blatant lie. "

"You can even---- " Jasper began to talk before seeing Kira's hand grabbing his heart inches away from his face.

Pulling Jasper's heart back through his body Lord Kira stepped over Jasper's dead body, "Guards clean this mess up, I think it is about time I paid a visit to Samaria. "


"As many of you know we are holding this festival to honor our fallen loved ones as well as our new Hero Alice! " King Mark said standing on his balcony signalling Alice to step up beside him as the people having fun at the festival gathered around to hear what the King had to say and cheer when they saw Alice stand next to him.

"Alice has proven herself on the battlefield fighting alongside all of you brave warriors here today! It is with great honor and pride that I bestow the Title of Duke to miss Alice! I wish that each and everyone here will bear witness to the coming of our new Hero and will support her the best you can in the things she needs help with. " The King said waving to the crowd of people and nudging Alice to the center to say a few words of her own to the people who looked up to her as their savior.

Looking at the King trying not to panic she saw Nyx at the back near a window smiling and mouthing, "Give the people what they want I am proud of you! "

"I- I fought a war that was caused in part due to me, I do not think I am worthy of such praise and honor. However I will always do my best to protect this Kingdom and the people in it, I have made friends here and even found family among some of you here today… " Alice said with her head spinning from so much attention being given to her.

Seeing the crowd go quiet after her saying the only thing she could think of she took a step back before a man in the crowd yelled out, "You saved my life! You may not think what you have done is noble and praiseworthy but without you we would not have a Kingdom to call home today! "

"ALICE~ ALICE~ ALICE~ ALICE~ " The people started cheering, making her confused while Nyx stepped up with her and gave her a small hug.

"The people only see the things you have done on the battlefield, they do not care for why the war had started. You may not know it but you already have people regarding you as an untouchable existence in their eyes not too much different than a God. Make the people here love you even more, fly and give them more of a reason to celebrate. Even if it is short lived right now everyone here feels safe and happy and that is because of you. " Nyx said, kissing her cheek and leaving the festival to go back to the Realm of the Gods.

Hearing her mother's words Alice took out her wings and took to the sky above the crowd taking comfort in feeling the wind pass by her as the cheers from below slowly got quieter until she could no longer hear them anymore.

Looking down Alice still couldn't accept that she was now a Duke holding political power on top of having the people think she was some sort of Hero that worked to save them.

'Alice, I have something to show you, can you come to the Estate? ' Little shadow asked excitedly.

"Sure? " Alice said curious what had Little Shadow acting so out of character.

Flying quickly above the Kingdom she ignored the people cheering again as they watched her fly by over them until she had reached the Estate and landed by the front door.

"GAH! Put some clothes on you damn pervert! Since when was the staff here so lewd?!? " Alice yelled seeing a tall man with long black hair standing naked at the stairway across the room.

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"It's me Alice!! Isn't this amazing??? " He replied excitedly, looking at himself and walking up to Alice.

"Get any closer and I will send you to hell creep! " Alice said, walking over to a chair and grabbing a blanket that Yumi had left laying on it at the man.

"Now cover up and go back to work! " Alice said now in a sour mood.

"Do you really not know it is me? I am Little Shadow! " He replied proudly.

"Like hell you are Little Shadow! He is adorable and a lazy house cat, not some naked creep! " Alice replied.

"Shadow get out here and take this creep somewhere else! " Alice yelled out knowing Little Shadow would always come when she asked.

"I am right here!!!! Nyx paid me a visit and gave me a human body! She said it was a present for always supporting you. " Little Shadow said a little sad that Alice was not as excited as he wanted.

"Nyx what…. "Alice said, calming down thinking that this was something her mother might actually do.

"If you're lying to me I really will kill you… " Alice said, calming down.

'Believe me now? ' Little Shadow said, using telepathy to speak with Alice.

"Yeah… " Alice said, not even trying to hide how shocked she was at the turn of events.

"Lets go have fun at the festival! I have been wanting to go have fun for a while but couldn't go as what you call a lazy house cat. " Shadow replied teasingly, wrapping the blanket around his waist and trying to walk out of the Estate.

"Wait a minute damnit! You cannot go outside in just a freaking blanket are you crazy?? " Alice said, taking his hand and taking Shadow into Aritas room to let him put on some clothes.

Coming out of Arita's room wearing a white silk shirt and leather pants Shadow smirked and gave a goofy pose, "Do I look spiffy? "

"Pft. " Alice stopped herself from laughing before. "Okay let's go have fun. " Alice said now, feeling like she was just going to a normal festival after Shadow unknowingly made her feel better.

"What would you like to try first now that you have a human body? " Alice asked curiously.

Seeing Alice walking with a man she had never seen before coming out of her home Yumi ran up to them, "Who is this Alice? Why were you in the house with a stranger?? "

"Yumi! Now I can get pay back! " Shadow said, picking Yumi up and petting her head.

"Alice help! Who the fuck is this?!? " Yumi cried out.

"That is Little Shadow haha Nyx gave him a human body it seems. " Alice replied laughing a little at the situation.

"Let goooo please I am sorry! " Yumi yelled out before giving up and just letting Little Shadow carry her around the streets like a little girl. "I hate you so much right now. "

"But you used to do this to me all the time did you not? " Shadow curiously asked not seeing anything strange about what he was doing.

"Let her down now Shadow, now that I think of it we can't just call you Little Shadow now that you have a human body. What should we name him Yumi? " Alice asked, thinking about how weird it would be if someone heard them calling him Little Shadow all the time.

"I'm too mad at him to help right now, " Yumi replied, still upset about being carried around like that.

"What do you think about Shade? " Alice asked both Yumi and Shadow curiously.

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