35 Favor of the Fairy

"I am here to pay for and pick up the Fairy I just won. " Alice said as she pulled out her money to hand to the man at the counter.

"Follow me please, " He said as he lead Alice into a back room with other monsters in reinforced cages. Looking around she saw some pretty unique monsters and even some that had intelligence.

"Seeing how the purchase was above the amount we expected we are offering to preform a free slave contract for you. Once the contract is complete you should be able to communicate with the Fairy and give it commands. " He said while taking the cloth off the top of the bird cage showing the Fairy sitting with her hands between her legs and her head hung low.

"I wont need that, I will take the cage and be on my way. " Alice said picking up the cage with the fairy and headed back to the Astala Estate. While walking through the street she raised the cage a little so the Fairy could hear her as she said in the Angel language, "I do not want to harm you or enslave you wait until we get to my home and we can talk when I free you. "

Hearing Alice's words the Fairy fluttered her wings and looked at Alice with a shocked expression, even as a Fairy she still knew the Angels were eradicated. She never imagined she would hear the Angel language again.

Entering her room Alice gently set the cage down on a table and slowly opened the door letting the Fairy out of her prison. Seeing Alice keep her word the Fairy hovered in front of Alice giving her a deep bow showing her thanks before they started talking in the Angel language.

"Thank you for freeing me, I thought I would end up as materials or worse a slave I do not know how to repay you. My name is Lillian, " she said not believing she escaped slavery so narrowly.

"I am Alice, it is nice to meet you Lillian. You have probably guessed by now but I am part of the Angel Race.."

"Are you the one the prophecy spoke of? "

"Yes, God has given me a mission to revive the Angel Race and I want to complete it. "

"It has been so long since I have talked with a Angel, I wish you success on your quest. Now that Angels are gone the Fairy Race is being hunted down to no end our only safe place is the Ruined Angel Kingdom. " Lillian said lowering herself and sitting on Alice's hands.

"I will bring the Angels back and protect the Fairy people don't worry, " she said while gently wiping away a tear from Lillian.

"I am so happy to hear that, the only thing I can give you is my blessing as a Fairy Elder, it will give you the ability to use items we Fairies have enchanted. It is not much but it is all I can offer you as my savior. " She said while flying up and putting her forehead against Alice's and chanting letting out a soft warm glow as Alice felt her body get a massive surge of mana due to the Fairy Rings stats being unlocked.

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Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 580/580 (605/605)

MP - 635/635 (1,660/1,660)

Level - 17

STR - 80 +10

VIT - 78 +5

INT - 110 (+5 +200)

DEX - 40 (+10 +5)

DEF - 60 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 50 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive)

| Ring of the Fairy King |

| Effect - +200 INT, Loved by nature ( +20% MP regeneration in Forests ) |

Upon seeing her new INT stat she couldn't help but look at the ring she bought for 300 silver, If she had to guess the true value it would probably be close to a nation treasure. Noticing that Alice possessed the previous Fairy Kings Ring, Lillian gave her a smile before giving the ring on Alice's finger a small bow of respect for the departed King.

"I believe that fate has brought us together today, now that you have my blessing and that ring when you're in a forest Fairies will not fear you and may come out of hiding to speak with you. You will not have to hide your identity from any of us. I have a request that you take me to the forest safely so I can be reunited with my family if you don't mind though. " Lillian said sitting on Alice's shoulder.

"I can do that, I will be going to the forest in the morning with my party to conquer a dungeon. You can ride on Little Shadow and he will take you quietly away from my party so you can leave safely without being seen. " She said while laying back as Lillian flew to sit on her head.

The two talked for hours about flying and Angels and how the world has changed in the last 50 plus years up till the point Alice was reincarnated.

Waking up Alice put Lillian safely away in her bag as she met with Yumi before heading out to meet the rest of the party at the Tavern to eat breakfast before going to the dungeon.

"Hey Eric, you're here early, " Yumi said taking a seat next to him while they waited on Josh and the others to arrive. "Yeah, Josh and the others are on their way and then we will set out. " He said while eating some eggs and drinking coffee.


Having entered the forest Alice put Lillian on Little Shadow and sent her on her way while they continued deeper in the forest to the dungeon entrance. Coming into a clearing they saw the entrance of the dungeon called 'Lair of the Satori', checking all their equipment Alice and the others gave Eric a nod letting him know they are ready to begin the dungeon.

One by one the party entered the dungeon, being blinded by the light as the group entered the first floor of 'Lair of the Satori'. Letting their eyes adjust they were met with the sight of a thick forest and a bright sunny sky. "Okay everyone be on guard, we have no idea if they will attack from the tops of the trees or not. " Eric said bringing his shield up as he started walking into the forest.

Hearing the distant taunts of the monkey-like monsters the group kept their eyes on the look out while searching for any sign of movement. "Above us! " Alex yelled out as he sent a magic attack blasting into the trees. Yelling out using his 'War Cry' skill Eric called the aggro of the nearby monsters who dropped from the treetops to attack them. Yumi who was not able to take advantage of her main weapon pulled out a short sword and started attack the nearest monster while Alice used her scythe infusing it with her Shadow Element allowing her to swing through the trees and still attack the monkeys dealing large amounts of damage.

Yuki who was comfortable with her surroundings shielded the party with her earth spells from projectiles being thrown at them from the tops of trees while Alex would send out blasts of water knocking monsters off the trees.

Little Shadow would run through the trees quickly taking chunks out of the necks of the monsters who fell hitting the forest floor adding to the damage making them easier to kill. Josh had no issues keeping the monkeys off of Eric's back while healing and buffing as the party needed it.

Clearing the first mob they decided to keep moving not wanting to lose any momentum, killing mob after mob they came across another clearing showing a staircase that seemed to have half of it vanish in a portal leading into the next floor. "We ended up making really good time for this floor, the terrain seems to work in our favor. " Eric said with a smile as he saw his party was ready to go to the next floor. "If you two need to rest and regain some mana then I can take over for a while since I still have plenty of mana to use. " Alice said not telling the party her mana pool grew by a thousand and her mana regeneration in this terrain could keep her going for a long time thanks to her passive and ring a secret for now.

Drinking some mana potions both Alex and Yuki thanked Alice but decided to refuse her offer. "Off to the next floor we go! " Yumi said as she ran up to the stairs waiting on the others to catch up.

Being met with another forest they were surprised to see snow cover the whole forest and the temperature drop quite a bit from the last floor. "I will use my Fire Element to help keep everyone warm, " Alice said as she warmed the mana around her acting as a human heater for the people around her causing Yumi to stick quite a bit closer to her than normal.

Giving Alice their thanks they entered the snowy forest and continued their routine while sticking closer to Alice so they wouldn't freeze. 'Amazing my mana regenerates almost as fast as it drains in the forest, ' Alice though as she sent 'Fireballs' flying at monsters with every swing of her scythe, something she learned how to do while continually using her Fire Element to keep the party warm as she attacked monsters.

Fortunately due to her fire attacks, she was able to kill the mobs with ease since they had a weakness to fire based attacks making things easier for the rest of the party as she could transition from close range to long range attacks when needed.

Only moving slower through this floor due to the thick snow the party still managed to make good time killing the mobs that tried to stand in their way. "Alice, do you think you could send a few 'Fireballs' in front of us to melt the snow in our path? " Eric asked curious if she could also make moving through the forest easier.

Raising her hand and forming a few glowing red magic circles she let loose 'Fireball' after 'Fireball' hitting the ground further in front of them clearing a path. "Thanks Alice, " Eric said before the party started to follow the path she made for them.

Suddenly the party was met with large amounts of rocks being thrown at them from the trees, jumping in front of the party Yuki made a huge earth shield to protect them from taking unnecessary damage from the larger mob. Letting out his 'War Cry' Eric gained all of the monsters aggro as he blocked the onslaught of attacks being thrown at him giving the mages time to knock them off the tree branches. Yumi who moved closer to Eric made a earth shield to cover the top of his head so he could focus on tanking the monsters who fell from the trees that charged at him.

Alice took full advantage of her new found mana pool and used her Shadow spells to effortlessly move from tree to tree knocking down a large amount of the monsters in a short amount of time before standing behind the mob and launching as many 'Fireballs' at their backs as she could. Managing to kill monsters with ease Alice worked on controlling the mob so they could not go around to attack Yuki and Alex.

Killing the last few monsters the party decided to walk the rest of the way to the entrance of the third floor before setting up camp to take a rest before continuing their journey. "I think we all managed to level up so be sure to get a rest and eat a good meal before we continue the mobs on the third floor can use basic magic so we need to be at our best to defend against their attacks. " Eric said pulling out a bag full of jerky and eating it before he set up his tent.

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