21 Dungeon Part 7

Using her Rift Warp, Alice appeared in front of the Queen as Seth used 'shout' taking advantage of the fact he can just hold aggro while running around without being hit. Letting loose and spinning her scythe Alice landed hit after hit slowly chipping away at the Queen as she was forced to try to engage Seth.

Jumping up with her one good leg Alice lands on top of the Queen lowering her blade below the queens neck. "Time to die," Alice said as she pulled the blade hard against the Queens neck and throws herself to the side using the Scythe to swing around the Queen slowly cutting away at the Queens neck as blood starts to spill and fly in a circle as Alice continued swinging around her neck until the Queen fell onto her hands.

| Kobald Queen level 15 (Weakened) |

HP 200/32,000

MP 800/17,000

Skill - Blizzard

Landing back on the Queens shoulders Alice yanked her scythe up hard causing he head of the Queen to fall from her shoulders as her body hit the ground lifelessly.

| Title Quest - Queen 1/5 (Make 5 Boss monsters kneel to you before you kill them) |

'Like hell i want to go through this much trouble again you damn system, ' Alice thought slightly annoyed at the systems timing with a random quest. However she was quite curious what kind of skill or ability would come from having such a title.

"I am really happy you're alive, and I am sorry having you go through that almost all alone. I understand if you want to find another party, " Seth said not able to look her in the eyes. "Relax i don't plan on leaving the party because of something as small as this, i could have done more to help sooner but i didn't want to reveal all of my cards to you guys. " Alice said patting Seth on the shoulder as she sat down trying to relax a little bit.

Seeing that the Boss was dead, the other party members came out of the forest and repeatedly apologized to Alice. Assuring them that it isn't a problem and that they only made the logical decision. "Well since we have all had time to rest and recover from the battle we should go ahead and head to the exit portal, once we exit we can head back to town to sell all the loot and split it. " Seth said helping Alice stand up.

"We should go celebrate the success at the tavern! " Nikita said with excitement.

"I am so down to celebrate, " Nira said with a slight laugh.

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"I think ill join you guys before i head back to the Mages Guild to train some more, i may try to pick up training with a bow so i can be of more help when i cant use my magic. " Derrick said still remembering being pretty useless during this dungeon.

"Well lets get going, " Alice said as she led the way to the exit.


"Hey Yumi, I am back from the dungeon and i brought my party so we can sell our loot. Seth will also be needing new equipment since all of his got wrecked. " Alice said surprising Yumi who did not see them come in.

"Alice! You're finally back yay! " Yumi said as she tackled Alice giving her a hug. 'Must be nice to be loved, ' Shadow said jumping on top of the two to join in on the fun.

Seeing Yumi hug and play with Alice, Derrick couldn't help but feel jealous as he continued to stare at the two. "Hey now, it is not nice to stare you know, what will you do if Alice notices and turns her gaze on you? " Seth said jokingly as Derrick shivered remembering what that gaze felt like. "Good looking out, " Derrick replied.

"So for all of the weapons, armor, and hide you guys have i can pay a total of 1,350 Silver, " Yumi said setting the big bag of Silver on the table. " Thank will be great thank you, " said said as he gave everyone their share (270 silver).

"I will meet you guys at the tavern i plan on looking at other armor if that okay, " Alice said as the rest of the group headed to the tavern leaving Alice and Yumi alone. "New armor already? What kind of armor do you need? " Yumi questioned.

"I just wanted to see if you have anything better than what i have currently, " Alice said looking around.

"I mean i have armor that is of better quality but to be honest you wont find another armor set in this kingdom like the one you have on. With the stat buff it gives the wearer it is already better than the other armor in my shop. " Yumi said sitting with her legs crossed and her back leaning against her table.

"Then why did you sell it to me so cheap? Shouldn't it be worth at lest double what your best armor is worth? " Alice questioned trying to think of any possible reason she would let something so valuable go for a small price of 9 silver.

"I just had a feeling that the armor wouldn't fit or help anyone as much as it would for you, not to mention you look super attractive wearing it. " Yumi said smiling wanting Alice to take the compliment.

Alice was never really one to have a relationship but she could clearly see that Yumi liked her. "Thank you, ill have to repay you sometime in the future, " Alice said not really sure what else to say.

"How about you join my party, i will be closing up the shop soon and heading to another kingdom with a lot higher level monsters. Honestly i could use your help getting there, plus the kingdom of Samaria has a ton of clothing shops so we could go shopping more, " she said with eyes full of hope.

"I don't see why not, I have reasons of my own for wanting to become stronger and if the monsters over there are stronger then it is the perfect place for me to go to achieve my goals. " Alice said expecting a big reaction.

"I guess this is goodbye then... Wait you said yes? " Yumi said completely shocked the only thing she thought of was her saying no and this being the last time she got to see her.

"Yup, I want to get stronger and if you're going some place where i can become stronger i want to go, " Alice said as she walked out the door leaving Yumi to day dream.


Sitting at the table with the rest of the party as they all drank and had fun, Alice contemplated how to let them know she was going to be leaving the kingdom without making them feel like it was their fault for abandoning her. 'Any clue how i should break it to them Shadow?' Alice asked while taking a big drink.

'They left you for dead even i would have come to your aid if i could but i would have held you back. If you ask me just get up leave and don't even give them the honor of letting them know you're leaving, ' Shadow said coldly, still angry at the lot of them for leaving his master to fight and almost die alone.

'Sigh, i don't blame them and i had fun together being with them so i should at lest tell them. ' Alice said staring at her mug.

"Alice, hello are you there? " Derrick said waving his hand in front of her face. "Oh, sorry i was just thinking about something, " Alice said without emotion.

"We were just talking about taking on a easier dungeon and getting better at our team work and maybe having some battle practices out in the forest to tone up our team work, " Derrick said slightly drunk and slurring.

"That sounds nice, but i have something i have to tell all of you. I am leaving for the Kingdom of Samaria with Yumi very soon, it has nothing to do with you guys. Yumi says there are stronger monsters there and asked me to join her party, i have my own reasons for striving to be stronger and I don't think i cant reach my goals if i stay in this Kingdom. So this is both a celebration and a goodbye, " Alice said looking at the group before drinking the rest of her beer.

Hearing this Derrick stood up and simply said a "I am sorry." as he left the tavern with a miserable looking face. "I think Derrick probably just needs some time to accept your decision, " Seth said getting up to go after Derrick.

"Is it really because of that? " Nira said feeling guilty again for what happened in the dungeon."It is," she replied while reaching over taking Niras hand. "I really don't blame you guys, so don't feel guilty okay? "

"Fine but please promise you will talk to derrick and sort things out with him so he isn't a mess later, " Nira said as she to drank the rest of her beer believing Alice.


Having said her good byes and talking things out with Derrick, Alice packed up her belonging and headed to Yumi's Shop. "You made it! " Yumi said giving Alice another hug still overjoyed that she said yes.

"You all packed up and ready? " Yumi said putting Alice's bag in the carriage. "Yes but how in the world can you afford to travel to another kingdom in this? " Alice said genuinely curious as something like this is normally only used by families with a ton of money or high status.

"Well let me fully introduce myself my full name is, Yumi Kim Astala the third daughter of the Astala family in Kingdom Samaria. " Yumi said slightly bowing before getting in the carriage and reaching her hand out for Alice to take.

Grabbing Yumi's hand and sitting on the soft cushioning Alice couldn't help but be impressed riding off in a carriage made from such high quality material, the inside of the carriage even had light stones to keep it illuminated during the night without the need for a torch. "So are you royalty or what? " Alice couldn't help but ask.

"My father was a businessman and helped the kingdom stabilize their economy so much that they have never in history been as stable as they are right now. So the king granted my father the title of Duke, " Yumi said proudly.

"So did you run a shop in this kingdom for so long if you have life made over there? " Alice questioned again. "Because i wanted to prove to my dad that i could run a business successfully, he doubted me and i proved him wrong so now its time to go back and start my life back over, " Yumi said while looking out the window.

"How far away is your kingdom from here? " Alice said pulling up her mini map trying to see the two kingdoms to try to figure out a way to judge distance using the mini map. "Probably about 5 days give or take its been a few years since i have been back, it will also depend on if we encounter any issues along the way.

While petting shadow Alice brings up her status window to use her level up from the system quest.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 395/395 (420/420)

MP - 515/515 (540/540)

Level - 13

STR - 45 > 50+10

VIT - 50+5

INT - 70 > 90 +5

DEX - 27 > 30 (+10 +5)

DEF - 26 > 30 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 40 > 48 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 30 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze.

Finishing her level up Alice starts to feel a little better about having to fight a stronger monster if she needs to. 'Wake me up if anything happens, ' Alice says to shadow as she starts to nod off.

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