29 Drago

Laying in her bed Alice reflected on her lack of power and focus in battle, when she was a Angel she didn't have these issues not that she went out adventuring. She was still recovering from the battle in the carriage when she received the notification that she had managed to level up twice.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 535/535 (560/560)

MP - 580/580 (605/605)

Level - 14 > 16

STR - 58 > 68+10

VIT - 50 > 70 +5

INT - 100 +5

DEX - 40 (+10 +5)

DEF - 30 > 60(+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 50 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 60 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze,

Putting most of her free status points into her Defense and Vitality she felt much better than she did even before she was almost killed. "This system really is amazing, I can build myself however I want, " she said while petting Little Shadow who was currently balled up on her stomach sleeping.

'Knock Knock'

Alice looked over to see Yumi peeking in her room still looking sad, "Come in, you don't have to have that expression anymore I promise I am fine now. "

"I was just really worried... " Yumi said while sitting next to her. Alice had rested in her room for two days while recovering the blood she had lost. "Eric and the rest of the party are waiting at the tavern for you, Josh almost injured himself continually drying up his mana to keep you alive. " Yumi said hoping Alice felt good enough to go meet with the rest of the party.

"Then I should go meet with them, " Alice said standing up. Entering her room before the two could leave Arita gave Alice a warning, "I just received word that the Demon is only a few hours away, so stay away from the Mage's Guild for a while. I am told that Alister has something to do with his appearance. "

"Thanks, I am just going to the tavern to let my team know I am back to full health. " Alice said with a smile reassuring Arita that she would be okay.

Taking Yumi's hand for once she headed out to the tavern to meet with the rest of her party, "I am level 16 now by the way!" Alice said with a smile, "Woohoo, I reached level 19! " Yumi said with excitement.

Arriving at the tavern Josh stood up as soon as he saw Alice come through the doors, "Thank heavens you're alright! We all were worried when you slept for two days. " He said while giving her a hug followed by the rest of their party. "I am sorry to worry all of you, " Alice replied somewhat happy, she hasn't felt like shes had friends in a long time.

"So did you hear the rumor about the Demon coming to the kingdom? " Alex asked in a hushed voice. "Yeah apparently he has some business at the Mage's Guild, the last time a Demon came it destroyed a few buildings because someone pissed it off. " Yuki replied.

"Do you guys know what business he has to come all the way here? " Alice asked curiously since the whole thing was still a mystery. "Not a clue but he will be here really soon, we should all just head home and wait till he leaves. " Eric said not wanting to be dragged into a conflict with a Demon.


"Finally I can see the kingdom, I wonder if the people are friendly.. " Drago said to himself while standing by a tree looking toward the kingdom walls.

"We should hurry Young Master, " said one of the escorts sent by Alister. "I guess you're right, I need to meet with the Tri-Mage my father told me about. " Drago said getting back into the black carriage.

"Tell me more about this woman I am to meet and bring back to my father, " Drago asked the escort.

"All I know is that she should be level 13, and uses Shadow, Fire, and the Wind Element. I have only seen her once and she is very beautiful. " The escort said remembering all the information he had on the young lady. "Maybe my father wants her as a concubine.. " Drago said shivering at the image of his father with someone his age.

Sitting back in his seat Drago moved his short red hair back over his horns sticking out of his forehead, "Wont be long now i guess. " Drago said while enjoying the new scenery.

"Master Drago, I have been waiting for your arrival I hope your travels went smoothly. " Alister said while giving a bow. "Yes I enjoy the scenery in this kingdom, now where is the Tri-Mage? " Drago asked while sitting in on of the chairs in Alister's office.

"Her name is Alice, from the information i have she currently lives at the Astala Estate, she was injured in a dungeon a few days ago. She is either at the Estate or with the Astala's daughter, Yumi, I believe her name is. " Alister said while waving his hand over the mirror in his office.

"Lord Kira, your son has arrived, " Alister said while bowing. "Good, Drago I need you to do what you can to convince the Tri-Mage to join our kingdom. If she refuses then you may try to take her by force. " Lord Kira said before waving his hand over the mirror.

Where is the Astala Estate? I wish to finish my task as soon as possible. " Drago said while standing ready to go. "I must advise against going to the Astala Estate Master Drago, the Duke is very influential in this kingdom. If you provoke him then then you may find yourself in a battle, while you're strong the Duke is still much stronger than the current you. " Alister said with warning.

"Fine then point me to the nearest tavern, if i cant go to the Astala's Estate then I at least wish to have a drink. " Drago replied.

Heading towards the Adventure's Guild Drago ignored all the stares and whispers around him, his father had warned him that this would happen and it would be best not to provoke the kingdom without a good cause.


As the party started moving through the tavern to leave they paused, seeing a young Demon standing at 6"2 with red hair and long black horns protruding from his forehead he turned and looked at their party with deep yellow eyes. "You there I am looking for a drink and information, your party should join me. " Drago said to Alice and her party bluntly.

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"Our friend here was injured a few days ago, we are on our way to take her back home after being stuck in bed for so long... " Josh spoke out hoping the Demon would let them pass.

Raising an eyebrow Drago walked towards Josh who was holding onto Alice's shoulders, "Injured you say? Could you be Alice? Keep in mind if you lie that I will find out. " Drago said leaning down a little to meet Alice's eyes.

"Yes I am Alice, can I help you? " Alice said coldly. "No need for the hostility I just wish to talk with you privately, your friends can sit at a table further away to make sure I do not do anything if it makes you feel better. " Drago said while pulling a chair from someone motioning for Alice to sit.

"Just sit over there guys, I should be okay.. " Alice said reluctantly sitting down and looking at Drago trying to see his level.

| Drago Level 32 |

'Shit, even if things go bad no one can help me. ' Alice thought to herself before saying, "What business do you have with me? " Alice asked as politely as she could. "I guess it doesn't hurt to get right to the point. My father Lord Kira of the Demon race has received word of you being one of the only Tri-Mages in the world. He has tasked me with talking with you about joining our kingdom as a Royal Mage. We would provide you with everything you could ever need to level and to become stronger, you would receive many other benefits that no other kingdom would be able to offer you. " Drago said calmly.

"And if I do not wish to join? " Alice said expecting the worse. "You should know that my father wants you no matter the cost. If you refuse me then another will come, your friends, family and the people you care for will all fall victim to my father and his desires. " Drago said leaning back in his chair.

"Why does your father want me so bad? " Alice said trying to find out everything she could. "Having the Shadow Element already makes you desirable, but you also have the Fire, and Wind Elements making for a very lethal combination once trained. If you don't come back with me my father will see you as a threat and do everything he can to kill you. " Drago said knowing that he had the upper hand.

"If I go with you then my friends will be safe? " Alice asked not wanting her friends to suffer because of her. "If you come with me then I can promise no harm will befall your friends, you will be treated as royalty and eventually obtain a high ranking. " Drago said making things up as he went knowing he was only told to bring her back and nothing more.

"I want proof, if i have proof I will go. " Alice said trying to hide her fear and sadness.

Not expecting her reply Drago though for a bit before saying to her, "Fine I will get your proof but you and you alone must come with me to the mages guild. " Drago said knowing his father would probably agree.

Walking over to her parties table Alice explained things to them and then told them to make sure that Yumi doesn't do anything stupid while she is at the Guild.

"Lets go." Alice said walking past him to the Mage's Guild, "Glad to see that you're smart. " Drago said as they both walked to the Guild.

Walking right into Alister's office Alice gave him a death glare using her 'Demonic Gaze' skill to show him she was pissed. "Call my father now, I have things to discus with him. " Drago said to Alister.

Waving his hand over the mirror Alister bowed before being pushed to the side by Drago, "Hello father, I have Alice the Tri-Mage with me. She has her own terms which I have come to talk with you about. " Drago said to his father.

"You have done what I have asked of you son, you and Alister leave the room I wish to speak with her alone. " Lord Kira said sternly.

Bowing to him both Alister and Drago left the room leaving Alice to face him, "So you're the young mage I have heard so much about, it is nice to meet you. " Lord Kira said being surprisingly polite.

"Yes, it is nice to meet you as well. " Alice said using every ounce of control she had not to lose her temper. "What are the conditions you have for coming to my kingdom? If they are within my ability I shall grant them. " Lord Kira said hiding his surprise at how smoothly things were going.

"I will come to your kingdom if your swear on your life that my friends will never meet any harm by your kingdom or anyone hired by your kingdom, I also want to ask that you let me stay here with my friends for a year before I come to your kingdom as this is so sudden. " Alice said wanting to buy time for herself.

Sitting in a chair in front of the mirror Lord Kira thought about Alice's terms. "As for your friends I will give my word to it. Concerning your request to stay for a year I do not wish to wait a year. " Lord Kira said coldly seeing how he had plans for the young mage.

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