28 Don't Die!

| Spider Queen Level 20 Boss |

HP 32,360/50,000

MP 50,000/100,000

Seeing the Spider Queens HP slowly decrease Alice ripped her weapon back out causing the Queen to take even more damage.


Eric shouted gaining the aggro back giving Alice time to regroup behind Josh while Yumi took her repaired weapon out and tied two more of the Queens legs together. Taking her chance Yuki used 'Hands of Ninigi' spell to lock the Queen down again.

Seeing the party grouped together the Spider Queen started to glow green while poison slowly leaked from its mouth. "RUN SHES USING POISON BREATH!!!" Alex shouted as he created a rush of water sending the team washing to the side of the Queen, narrowly avoiding the Queens 'Poison Breath' attack.

Getting back to her feet Alice rushes back towards the Queen using her scythe she pours half her MP into it causing the scythe to catch on fire. Landing on the Queens back Alice brings the blade down as hard as she can piercing through the Queens mouth causing sever burns.


Breaking free of the Spell cast by Yuki, the Queen flailed around in pain from the burns caused by Alice.

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| Spider Queen Level 20 Boss |

HP 15,890/50,000

MP 39,998/100,000

"She is almost dead! Keep attacking!" Eric called out as both Yuki and Alex stood back gathering mana for their best attacks. Josh focused on healing the team from the damage caused from the lingering poison in the air, while Eric maintained aggro.

"Yumi, try attacking her leg joints! " Alice called out while running behind the Queen to attack.

Taking Alice's advice Yumi sent her blade flying towards one of the leg joints lodging the blade in between the leg and body making the leg twitch trying to get rid of the blade. Seeing it working Yumi pulled the blade free sending it back at the same spot repeatedly trying to cut the leg off.

While Yumi and the others were busy attacking and trying to kill the Queen, Alice began attacking the back of the Queen wildly chipping away at her unguarded section taking a few hundred HP with every attack. Using the same tactic as before Alice lodged her Scythe into the Queen and released as much Fire as she could. Not paying attention to the Queens reaction Alice was stabbed through the stomach by one of the Queens bladed legs and flung into a wall.

Looking up weakly Alice held onto her bleeding stomach as she slowly lost vision of the party attack the Queen not even noticing she was injured. Trying her best to stay calm and call for help Alice fell limp onto the ground.


"Lord Kira, why would you send your failure of a son to the Samaria Kingdom alone for a task as important as convincing the Tri-Mage to join us? Would it not have been better to send me My Lord? " A young demon in full black armor said while taking a knee.

"Kayl, you're one of my best men I have many tasks that need seeing to. My son may be a failure but he is still my only son, I will give him as many chances as I can to prove himself, if he fails then I can send another to try again. " Lord Kira said sitting on his throne made from Angel bones using the skull of the Angel King to decorate the top of the throne.

"Yes my lord, Kayl said still bowing. Please give me a task so I may better serve you, I grow tired of doing nothing all the time. " The young Demon said wanting to please his liege.

"You can go to the Kingdom of Rudham and investigate the Mage, our source tells me that she came from that lowly kingdom. " Lord Kira said waving off the Demon.

Walking through the hallways of his castle Lord Kira headed to his chambers to call Alister. Waving his hand over the mirror he was met with the sight of Alister posing in the mirror.



"Ahem, Alister any news of my son's progress? He should only be a few days away now. " Lord Kira asked choosing to ignore the embarrassing sight he just witnessed.

"Ah yes, your son will arrive in three days time, I have sent my most trusted men to meet him along the way to ensure secrecy. " Alister said praying that Lord Kira would forget everything he saw.

"Good. When he gets there I want you to make sure he is less of a failure when he returns to me. Do anything you can for him, I will consider it a person favor. " Lord Kira said before waving his hand over the mirror again.

Walking out of the castle Kayl was met to salutes from the guards standing by the castle entrance, "Kayl did Lord Kira finally give you a task? " A elderly demon said while walking up to him. "Yes, I am to set out to the kingdom of Rudham to investigate a Tri-Mage. " Kayl said happy to finally have something to do.

"Shall this old man accompany you? It has been many years since I have had the pleasure of torturing a human. " the man said with a smile. "It is not like I could stop you from following me, do what you want father. " Kayl said shaking his fathers hands.


| Spider Queen Level 20 Boss |

HP 0/50,000

MP 0/100,000

"We did it!!" Alex said giving Josh a high-five. "Where is Alice? " Yumi said looking around wanting to give Alice a hug and to celebrate.

Looking around for Alice, Eric's face showed a grim expression as he pointed out Alice's body laying in a puddle of blood. "ALICE!!!!!!!!!" Yumi screamed as she ran and slide beside Alice, "JOSH HEAL HER HURRY PLEASE!!" she continued to yell in a panic.

Rushing to Alice's side Josh put his hands on her stomach and cast his 'high heal' spell over and over again not wanting his new team mate to die. "Heal DAMNIT!" Josh yelled pushing harder exhausting his MP trying every healing spell he had.

Through all of Josh's attempts to heal Alice the only thing he managed to do was close her wounds. "I-i-is she dead..." Yumi asked crying while holding Alice still.

Walking over and checking her pulse Yuki brushed her hair out of her face as she met Yumi's eyes, "Her pulse is very weak, the only thing we can do is pray that she can recover enough blood to live, potions and healing magic can not restore lost blood... and from the looks of it Alice lost a lot of blood.." Yuki said with a sad expression.

'Master, you're not dead yet. Fight and come back to us. ' Little Shadow said as he licked Alice's cheek.

"We should carry her back to the kingdom, the Royal Mage might be able to do more to help her.. we just need to hurry before it's to late. " Josh said picking her limp body up and started walking back out of the cave.

"I will send a emergency message to my father with this scroll he gave me, i just hope he is in his study to see it. " Yumi said as she set the scroll on fire after writing a report to her father.


Reading a book about the history of Angels from his person collection Arita jumped up seeing a scroll land on his desk with a soft thud. Reading the message about the party his daughter joined with a smile his expression quickly changed as he read the rest of the scroll informing him of Alice's state right now.

"Get our fastest carriage right now! Meet me at the castle in 20 minutes!" Arita said as he ran full speed out of the estate towards the castle.

Running between stalls and crowds of people he made his way to the castle gates, "OPEN UP! I NEED TO SEE A FRIEND!" he yelled out to the guards. Throwing his houses token at them he moved passed the guards without waiting any longer.

Reaching the Royal Mage's quarters Arita met with his old friend, "Martin, I need a favor from you.. I need you to come with me out of the castle to help heal my daughters friend, I can not explain everything just know that she is very important. "

"Well hello to you as well old friend, Is this so important you can't take a moment to have some tea with me? " Martin questioned wondering why his friend is in such a rush to heal someone, in his experience he could heal almost any kind of injury a few minutes wouldn't mean to much.

"She is dying as we speak, I will buy you all the tea in the world and drink it with you later but i need you right now. " Arita said standing his ground waiting for Martin to just give in.

"Sigh, fine let us go to this injured woman. You owe me this time though I just finished making some very good tea. " Martin said grabbing his satchel and following Arita out of his home.

Rushing to the gate the two old men got into the carriage and set off as quick as they could out of the kingdom towards the cave.


Taking turns carrying Alice, Josh continued to try and heal Alice while Eric carried her, "Do you think she will live? " Yumi asked quietly following behind everyone.

"I am sure that Alice will be fine Josh is using every ounce of MP he can to keep healing her to try to give her more time... " Alex said walking beside her.

The party kept walking as fast as they could only stopping when a monster would wonder their way only to be brutally killed as soon as they got close enough for Yumi to attack them with her weapon.

"Try not to push yourself to hard Yumi, we still have along way to walk.. " Eric said not able to meet Yumi's eyes since he was terrible with this kind of situation, but then again who was?

Meanwhile Alice was on the verge of death dreaming of her time as a child...


"Alice! it's time to eat!! " Her mother said looking at the sky above her home watching Alice fly around playing with the other kids around the kingdom. "Okay mom I will come back in a minute! " Alice yelled to her mom while flying further away with her best friend Terra.

"Wont your mom be mad if you stay any longer? " Terra a silver winged Angel with black hair and green eyes asked. "Yeah I guess but I really want to see out side the kingdom walls don't you? " Alice said dragging Terra with her.

"You know that we're not allowed to go that far, what if we get caught? " Terra asked trying to persuade her friend not to do it.

"Don't be like that Terra! What is a guard going to do to two little girls? Most they will do it shoo us away! " Alice replied knowing she made a good point. "Ugh, fine! But just to peek and then we need to go back home okay? " Terra pleaded.

Grinning Alice flew faster towards the kingdom gates, "Race you! " Alice said letting go of Terra and flying faster knowing that Terra was very competitive. "NOT FAIR! " Terra yelled out as she picked up the pace to try and pass Alice up.


Slowly opening her eyes Alice was met with the sight of her party, Duke Astala, and a strange old man standing over her. "YOU'RE ALIVE!!! " Yumi said hugging Alice crying into her shoulder not letting go.

"Yeah, I am alive thank you for saving me. " Alice said gently hugging Yumi back, "Where are we did we finish the Queen off? " Alice asked remembering how she ended up in the state she is in.

"Yeah we killed her, are you sure you're okay? " Eric asked still looking worried. "Yeah how long have I been asleep? " Alice asked noticing it was dark outside.

"For a few hours, now that you're awake we can take the carriage back to the kingdom. " Arita said helping Alice to stand while separating his daughter from her.

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