38 Demon Threat

Heading back to the kingdom Alice and Little Shadow chatted about her life as a Angel while re recalled memories of her family and friends. 'I would have liked to meet your family.. Once you bring the Angel Race back I am sure you will create a family of your own. ' Little Shadow said rubbing against Alice's leg as they walked.

Reaching down and petting Shadow a little they picked up their pace to reach their home before the sun went down.

"Hey Yumi I am back I managed to reach level 19! " Alice said walking though the front doors of the Estate seeing Yumi sitting on the stairs while talking with one of the maids.

"That's amazing, you will overtake me in level in no time at this rate. " Yumi said with a smile.

"Yeah.. So did Eric say when we are going back out? " Alice asked eager to keep leveling.

"He said he needs some time to get better gear and relax while spending time with his family so it may take a few weeks before we go back out. " Yumi replied. "Alice you should also know that my father received word that two people from the Demon Kingdom visited the Kingdom of Rudham.. A few people died and the rumor is they were asking on information about you. Two of your previous party members died at their hands. The Kingdom is building up a army to retaliate and they also are trying to find information about you. " She continued to say with a serious expression.

"Is there a chance that the Demons will come to this Kingdom? " Alice asked kind of worried.

"We still don't know, but the King is hiring high leveled adventures and plans to make them stand guard at the kingdom gates for the next few day. " Yumi replied not knowing what else to do other than tell Alice.

"Alice, would you mind coming with me to the Castle in the morning? The King wishes to have a talk with you. " Arita said while coming down the stairs.

"That should not be a issue. " Alice replied wondering what the King will have to say about this matter.

"Thank you, you girls should head off to bed. Tomorrow will be a little busy for Alice and myself. " Arita said while motioning for the maid to follow him again.

"I guess I will have a early morning tomorrow, goodnight Yumi, " Alice said while going to her room to prepare for the meeting with the King.


Walking through the Castle Gates the two where greeted by a Royal Guard with orders to bring them to see the King for today's meeting.

Walking through the large hallways with countless rooms and suits of armor lining the hallways she couldn't help but to think that the amount of money spent on all the armor sets could probably feed the kingdom for a few months. "Honorable Guests please enter the strategy room. " The guard said while opening the door for Alice and Arita.

"Thank you Steven, " Arita said to the guard while leading Alice into the room where the King and a handful of other people sat around a table.

"Thank you for joining us Alice, I am sure you have already heard of the Demons who paid a unfortunate visit to the kingdom you came here from. We have not been able to verify the location of these Demons yet but we have reason to believe they will visit this kingdom next. With that being said we would like to ask if you could talk with the Demon King Kira seeing how you have a agreement with him. All we ask is that you try to prevent any harm to the citizens here, without your help there will most likely be innocent life's lost. " King Mark said gripping the handles of his chair tightly.

"I would but I do not know how to activate the Mirror in Alister's office, that is the only way know of to talk with the Demon King. " Alice said wanting to help but not knowing what happened with Alister.

"That wont be a problem Alister still lives in this kingdom and we have moved the mirror to one of the rooms in the Castle. One of my men with fetch Alister and bring him to you where the Mirror is currently located. " King Mark said while telling one of the men in the room to take Alister to the room and wait for Alice to arrive before taking his shackles off.

"If the Demon King wont make any promises? " Alice questioned after the man left.

"Then we will fight if it comes down to it as well as evacuate the area surrounding the Gates. Let us pray that it does not come to that though. " The King said while standing now.

"Arita, take Alice to the room where we would often talk about the good of the kingdom while drinking. " King Mark said while offering his hand to Arita to help him up.

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"Those days still live fresh in my mind, I long for the day when we can once again drink like that. " Arita said while standing by the door waiting on Alice to join him.

"I will do what I can to help the Kingdom your highness, " Alice said with a slight bow of respect before leaving the room with Arita.

"I know you want to help but don't agree to anything troublesome for yourself, " Arita said leading her through the long hallways of the Castle.

"I don't plan on offering him anything, " Alice said trying to work out what she was even going to say to the Demon King.

"This is the room, Alister should already be inside so be careful I will stand outside and wait for the news. Be safe for Yumi's sake please. " He said before closing the door behind her.

"Why hello there Alice, It has not been that long since our last chat. Did you perhaps miss me? " Lord Kira said with a smile having already been called on the Mirror.

"I wouldn't miss someone who threatens my friends and loved ones even if they died in a horrible way. " Alice said not hiding the disdain in her voice.

"Now now that is no way to talk to your future King is it? " Lord Kira said jokingly.

"Future King? A King is someone honorable who keeps their word, unlike a certain someone. " She replied with a cold glare.

"I wonder what it is you're referring to Alice, " Lord Kira said while waiting for her to explain what was going on.

"You mean to tell me you didn't send two of your Demons to the Rudham Kingdom to kill and question people I knew? People who I use to be a party with? " Alice said in a sarcastic voice not believing he didn't have anything to do with it.

"Why it is true that I sent one of my men to investigate your background I did not tell them to kill or harm anyone. " Lord Kira said growing annoyed thinking about how he would punish the two who went to the kingdom.

"You have my word they will be punished accordingly, I would be more than happy to let you watch their punishments. You can even tell me when to stop? How does that sound Alice? " Lord Kira said wanting to see if Alice shared his taste for torture.

"While I would enjoy nothing more than seeing the ones who killed my friends killed I am afraid you cant do that for me since they are currently on their way to this kingdom. I don't need to remind you of our deal do I? " Alice said trying to trap him while giving herself a opportunity to get out of the deal with no fault of her own.

"If they set foot in that kingdom I would like you to meet with the two men. They have strict orders not to harm you so they will at a minimum listen to what you have to say. When they let you talk tell them I said 'For someone who is so eager to make his King happy and be given more tasks to accomplish you have managed to piss me off. Come back now and I can look past this, stay longer than your talk with Miss Alice and you will be seen as a enemy of the kingdom.' That should get his attention, but if things go bad for you then I will just compensate the Kingdom for their losses. " Lord Kira said clearly angry.

"Compensating the Kingdom wont be the only thing you do. I have many friends in this Kingdom and if anyone of them are harmed then you will have broken our deal and I will go into the wind so keep that in mind Mister Demon King. " Alice said before turning around to leave the room.

"Are you sure that is the way you want things to go Alice? You may be my daughter so I wont kill you no matter how much you piss me off run but your friends wont be able to escape unlike you. Think carefully before you leave the room. " Lord Kira said now glaring at her.

Turning around and walking up to the Mirror close enough to feel as though she was standing directly in front of him she said, "Your people have taken who i care about the most once already, what makes you think I wont survive and come back to destroy you if you do it again? You're old and I am young even if it takes me 40 or 50 years I will still swear a blood oath to God to kill you. A man like you could never have the right to call me father. " Alice said now infuriated once again letting her 'Demonic Gaze' out passively causing her purple eye to turn a blood red color.

"You sure do take after your mother Alice, no one in this world other than her would dare say such a thing to me. I will stand by my threat though so don't feel to good about yourself, I will do what I can to make the two Demons return to me but don't think I will be letting you go so easily. " Lord Kira said leaning in closer to the Mirror meeting her gaze with his own.

Looking at his she wondered if she could use 'Gods Eye' on his through the Mirror.

| Kira Ashkin Level 150 (King of the Demon Race) |

"Guess you better hope that your men don't mess things up for you then. " Alice said before sinking into the shadow cast by the mirror keeping eye contact with him to show she meant what she had said.

Reappearing from a shadow cast by a suit of armor in the hallway beside Arita she only looked down with a sad expression knowing she may have just killed off her friends with that exchange of words.

"I did what I could, I think it would be best for you and Yumi to leave the kingdom and head somewhere far away.. " Alice said almost begging him.

"If we die than we die, life is not forever I would rather die protecting someone truly important to the world than running away. " Arita said pulling Alice in for a hug to let her know he does not blame her.

"But.. He will really kill you and Yumi... I wont be able to become a Angel anymore if I loose the two of you.. The last of the good in my life will have been destroyed all by one race.. I will be driven by hatred. " Alice said in tears not wanting to be strong anymore. "I wish my father was here.. He always knew what to do... " She continued to sob in his arms.

"Your father may not be here but as a father myself I know he would not want you to cry Alice, he would say the same thing I would tell my daughter. Pick your head up and always look forward, never let someone make you give up. " Arita said trying his best to find the words to say to the broken girl in his arms.

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