47 Death

Not able to move fast enough to save Yumi or yell loud enough to call for help Alice had no choice but to watch as Yumi was dangled in the air above the Ogre Demons mouth.

Knowing things were helpless Yumi turned to face Alice and while holding back her tears she smiled one last time for Alice before the Ogre Demon swallowed her whole.

Seeing yet another person she cared about taken from her Alice stood up slowly as the anger and hatred inside her built up with every passing second. Hot tears fell from her face as she just let her anger consume her causing the mana around her to become unstable forming a dark mist around her. Every step she took left a scorching foot print behind as she used her scythe as a crutch to get closer to her enemy.

"You.. took my... family "

"You.. took my... family "

"You took me family. "

"WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE EVERYONE I CARE ABOUT AGAIN???! " She shouted powerfully as her golden eye glowed brighter and her other eye looked as if there was a endless void in its place.

Loosing all reason she moved purely on instinct and reflex fulled by all the hatred she held in her heart. Controlling the wind around her she managed to keep the Ogre Demon steps away from her while pushing him back every time she took a step.


The Ogre Demon yelled out annoyed as he threw a large wooden club hurling at Alice even against the wind. With one swift motion she raised her blade sending two large halves of the weapon flying by each side of her crashing into the ground.

"I will KILL Y- " Alice started yelling only to be knocked unconscious having exhausted her mana.

"Sigh, I told you that I wouldn't help so why did you have to wander off so far? " Kayl said throwing Alice over his shoulder and throwing a dagger into the Ogre Demons skull killing it instantly.

"To think you made me save you and now I have to try to save Yumi. " He said to him self as he cut through the monsters body pulling Yumi's limb body from his stomach.

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Checking her pulse Kayl found her to be on the verge of death from having been deprived of oxygen for so long.

"I guess there is no other way. " He said before holding her nose closed and putting his lips to hers blowing air back into her lungs.

"Cough-- Cough--- Cough-- Alice run... " Yumi said weakly before passing out.

Carrying both the injured girls to a opening he called his familiar.


'Alice Alice wake up Alice' Shadow said calling out to her repeatedly as she laid asleep on her bed covered in bandages.

"What Shadow? I don't feel good let me sleep. " Alice replied still mostly asleep before quickly trying to jump out of her bed as the memory of what happened in the Valley came rushing back to her.

"Ouch, fuck I am so sore. Shadow how did I get back home??? I have to go back! I have to go get Yumi!! " Alice said starting to panic wanting nothing more than to retrieve her friends body to bury her.

'Yumi is here, she is safe. Try not to move so much, you have broken ribs. ' Little show replied jumping onto her lap and pushing his head softly against her stomach to get her to lay back down.

"I could't protect her.. " Alice said with tears in her eyes feeling guilty that she didn't just listen to Yumi when she wanted to go back.

"I almost got her killed.. I almost lost my family again.. " She said sobbing and holding Little Shadow close to her.

'She is alive though thanks to Kayl, but you're right you did almost get her killed. If you know that then learn from your mistakes and pay attention to your party members and your surroundings or next time she really will die.' Shadow replied knowing that if he coddled her she wouldn't grow from the experience as a person or a leader.

Hearing his words send needles stabbing into her heart as she cried more.

"Knock Knock~ "

"May I come in? " Arita asked from the other side of the door not knowing if it would be a good time to see her or if he should leave her alone for a while more.

"Yes.. " Alice replied just barely loud enough for him to hear.

Opening the door Arita along with Kayl entered the room which took Alice by surprise that Kayl was even aloud inside the estate.

"What.. What is going on? " Alice asked while wiping away her tears on her sleeve.

"I brought you and Yumi back home after you exhausted all of your mana in a fit of rage. I thought it would be best if. I stayed here to make sure the both of you woke up. " Kayl replied taking a seat on the couch in her room.

"If it wasn't for Kayl then both you and my daughter might be dead. " Arita said looking sad while taking a seat next to her.

"Where is Yumi?? " Alice asked trying to get up.

"She is in her room resting but I assure you she is fine now. " Arita said placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Kayl and I have been discussing what to do about things for now and we both agree that it would be best if you and Yumi stayed in the kingdom for a while and did things as normal Adventure's to let you both develop your senses without having a safety net. So for the time being Kayl will be going back to his kingdom until you have reached level 50 and can stand on your own at the bottom of that valley to train. " Arita continued while rubbing the top of her head before giving her a hug.

"Please dont scare me like this again, I may not be your real father but I see you as my daughter and I couldn't bear seeing anything happen to you. " He said again before getting up and leaving for Yumi's room.

"You're lucky to have a father figure like him. " Kayl said almost jealous.

"So you're leaving? " Alice asked.

"Arita is right I rushed into helping you two to fast. The both of you need to learn how to read the situations you enter, with me around you wont take things as a life and death situation. " He replied tossing her a small scroll.

"What is this? " Alice asked looking at the scroll in her hands.

"if you need help just destroy this and I will come as fast as I can. But be careful I wont be able to get here for a few hours so be sure to not get yourself in any trouble you cannot handle. I should be leaving now I hope I can see you again soon. " Kayl said jumping out of her window into the sky and flying off on his familiar.

'He seems like he is a true ally. ' Shadow said curling up on her lap.

"I think so as well.. " Alice said hoping she never has to kill him.

"I want to go see Yumi. " Alice said slowly getting up and walking out of her room.

"Knock Knock "

Knocking on Yumi's door she slowly entered her room and saw her laying in her bed looking weak and peaceful sleeping as if it was all a dream that she was swallowed by the monster.

"I will give you some time with her. " Arita said leaving the room.

Nodding her head as he passed by her Alice took a seat on Yumi's bed next to her and brushed the hair out of her face gently.

"I am so sorry I didn't listen to you.. I hope you can forgive me.. " Alice said trying not to tear up again. "I know you're asleep but you did a really good job not dying and leaving me behind.. you would probably yell at me for doing this when you are asleep but that's the best I can do for now. " Alice said leaning over Yumi letting her hair gently fall and brush against her skin as she gently gave Yumi a soft kiss as a reward.

"I promise next time I will be able to save you my self. " Alice said laying down next to her falling asleep.

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