59 Death of a Hero

Not able to sleep, Alice took to the streets to walk around and enjoy the peace and feel the breeze while the people of the Kingdom partied and enjoyed their victory.

Nearing the Adventurer's Guild she was almost instantly spotted by the staff causing them to rush over and greet her. "Miss Alice! You have to come to the guild and join us if you plan to be up at this time of night, everyone would love to see you there. "

"Everyone? " Alice said curiously.

"Come with me! " The woman said excitedly.

Walking through the doors everyone who was having a great time drinking and having fun with the others in the Guild slowly quieted down until it was silent.

Not knowing what to say or do Alice began to feel a little uncomfortable as everyone just stared at her.

"On behalf of everyone here I want to say thank you for helping us win the war! " One clearly drunk man yelled out while walking over and offering his hand for her to shake showing his respect.

Shaking his large hands Alice felt a little more at ease as everyone slowly took turns greeting her and thanking her for her help.

"Can we see your wings?! " One of the younger girls in the crowd yelled out hoping to see her wings up close in hopes of touching them.

"I.. "

"Yeah! I also want to see your wings! I didn't get to see them clearly with how fast you moved on the battlefield! " Another man said from a different side of the room.

"Everyone should let her relax. I am sure she has a lot on her mind as you all surely remember what happened and the people we have lost. " King Mark said at the entrance of the Guild causing everyone to take a knee and go quiet.

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"Care to join me for a walk, miss Alice? " King Mark asked with a serious look.

Nodding her head she followed him out of the Guild and into the street as they were escorted by numerous knights back towards the castle.

"Is there something you wanted to talk about? " Alice asked quietly.

"There is. " The King said while dismissing his knights as they entered the castle grounds.

"I wish to hold a festival as a celebration for everyone's hard work and sacrifice during the war. I believe it will be a great thing for the people of this Kingdom. With that being said the people have lost a hero they looked up to, which brings me to my point of meeting with you in private. The people have already chosen their hero, your name has spread to every resident of this Kingdom. I would like to ask you to be part of the festivities and bring joy to the people that live here. " King Mark said uncertain of how she would respond to his plans.

"It sounds like a lot of fun.. but I do not feel like I would be able to be part of something like that just yet. " Alice replied thinking back on how she hasn't even had time to morn Arita's death nor has she got to see Yumi for anything longer than a few words in what felt like weeks.

Seeing Alice's face and expression he could pretty much guess what she had on her mind. "The festival can wait until after we hold a proper funeral for my old friend. I will keep in touch with you about what I plan to do for the funeral. "

Giving him a nod Alice took her wings out and took to the clear sky and flew back to the Estate to try and get some sleep while thinking of ways to spend some time with Yumi.


Waking up early the next morning Alice greeted all of the maids and people who kept the house operational before entering the kitchen. Looking around she noticed one of the cooks preparing some food for breakfast.

"Would you mind letting me help? " Alice asked curiously, thinking it would be a nice change of pace from her normal daily life.

"Are you sure Miss Alice? This work is for the employees, I would be happy to have you help but I do not wish to waste your time. " The cook said happily.

"So what can I do to help? " Alice questioned not even knowing where to start.

"You can cook the bacon, I will show you how and then you can take over. " He said while heating the grease and laying out strips of the meat and ignoring the grease that would splash onto his hand as if he couldn't even feel it.

Watching him for a few minutes she felt she could make the bacon and took over while enjoying giving something her focus without it being stressful or related to quests or fighting.

"Good job Miss Alice, after you make another 60 strips we can move on to making the eggs and plating the food for everyone to enjoy. I am sure Miss Yumi will be overjoyed to know you helped cook her food. " He said, giving her some honest praise for her work.

Having completed their task of making breakfast Alice was happy to know she did something productive like a normal person for once. Walking through the halls with the food she helped to make she sat Yumi's plate down next to her own and waited for Yumi to finally wake up and join them.

'Shadow, you should get Yumi to come have breakfast with me. ' Alice said using her telepathy.

'It would be just as fast if you did it you know. ' Little Shadow said, stretching and rolling off the bed lazily before reluctantly making his way into Yumi's room to force her out of bed. If he had to be up Yumi may as well be up with him.

'Wake up Yumi! ' Little Shadow said loudly while laying on top of her face making it hard for her to breath.

"Gaaahhhhhh, " Yumi gasped, trying to breath and pushing Shadow off her.

"What gives you little shit, why lay on my face like that??? " Yumi asked while getting out of bed.

'Alice said to get you to have breakfast with her and that was the quickest way since you like to sleep so much. ' Little Shadow said while curling up on her bed almost mocking her for not being able to lay down anymore.

"Like you're one to speak you lazy house cat. " Yumi replied before walking out of the room and making her way to the dining room to have breakfast with Alice.

Sitting next to Alice she was happy to finally be able to feel like things where somewhat returning to normal with her. "The food looks good, I wonder how long the people my father employs will stay on now.. " Yumi asked with a sad expression.

"Miss Alice helped us prepare and cook the food this morning, and you do not have to worry about us leaving you Miss Yumi. Your father left us all enough money to work for the next 10 years, even if he had not left us the money we would all stay here if you wished us to. " The cook said while bringing the rest of the cook staff in to eat with the girls so they wouldn't feel too lonely with the absence of Arita.

"Thank you all so much.... " Yumi replied, wiping a tear from her eye before digging into the food Alice helped make, not wanting to miss the opportunity.

"Hello girls, do you mind if I join you all? " King Mark said surprising them.

"Of course.. " Yumi said as the King took the spot he would normally sit in when he would come for visits next to Arita's chair.

"I have made all of the preparations for Arita to be put to rest in the Royal Crypt, Arita was a great man and has done more for this Kingdom than I have so it is only right he has a place worthy of his final resting place. We will hold a funeral for him in a few hours, Arita has left everything to you Yumi so please let me know if there is ever anything you need help with. " Mark said before eating some bacon and eggs.

Nodding her head she continued to eat in silence thinking of how she wished the war would have never happened.

"Alice.. I do not think I can go on Adventures with you anymore.. " Yumi said sadly.

"I understand.. " Alice started to reply.

"I have to take my fathers place and make sure his legacy does not end with him. Please stay with me.. "

"I wish I could stay here forever... I do not think that will be possible though.. " Alice replied causing Yumi to get up and leave the room.

"Don't take it too hard Miss Alice, she sees you as family and probably does not wish to see another family member leave her so soon. '' Mark replied, finishing his food.

"I will send someone to come get you and Yumi when it is time for the funeral. " The King said while taking his leave.

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