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 Rushing off in anger forgetting all about withdrawing her mana's pressure, Alice passed by the crowd of people making it clear with the look in her eyes that whoever tries to stop her will lose their heads. 'I'M GOING TO GET YOU BACK SORA JUST WAIT FOR ME! ' Alice thought to herself as the air around her slowly started catching fire before taking out her wings and flying high into the sky above the kingdom. 

 "WHO EVER HAS INFORMATION ABOUT THE MAN NAMED QUINN MEET ME AT THE CHURCH OF NYX. IF YOUR INFORMATION HOLDS VALUE THEN YOU MIGHT JUST EARN A HOLY COIN. " Alice shouted out as loud as she could with the assistance of her wind element so that everyone below her could hear her.

 Flying off towards the church as soon as she said what she needed to say, she landed moments later to a crowd of people forming around the entrance to Nyx's church where Okami was standing, preventing people from rushing inside the doors. 

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