80 Conflict and Death

 Walking into the room where Bruce was still currently upset about being bit, Jayce tried his hardest to make his body turn around so that he could avoid the conflict about to start in hopes of living another day.

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 "Jayce what are you doing back here? Didn't I give you an order? " Bruce said standing up and walking over to Jayce. 

 "... " Jayce wanted to reply but the words wouldn't come out instead his body walked past Bruce and opened the doors allowing Alice to see Sora lying unconscious on the bed still tied up. 

 "Grrraahhhh.. Re..leash… er.. " Jayce said almost painfully with Alice pushing the limit of the spell forcing Jayce to speak for her. 

 "Hahahaha! Why would I do that? What is wrong with you, we have done this many times already. " Bruce laughed while pushing Jayce away from the room and stepping between him and the door closing it again. 

 "I.. whil.. Kell.. u.. " Jayce said mimicking the words Alice was forcing him to say. 

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