66 Blood Oath

"You mean to tell me that Nyx warned you the Demon King Kira has set out for our Kingdom?! " King Mark questioned trying his best not to panic hearing the news.

"Yes, I plan to go and confront Kira on my own. The best thing you can do is prepare the Kingdom for the worst case scenario. I will be leaving shortly. I have gotten quite a bit stronger since my last encounter with the Demons. " Alice said looking at her status.

Name - Alice

Class - Demigod

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx, Sorceress, War Maiden, Daughter of the Night

HP - 2,310/2,310

MP- 5,650/5,650

Level 36

STR - 470 (+10 +100)

VIT - 400 +5

INT - 688 (+5 +200)

DEX - 495 (+10 +5)

DEF - 350 (+5 +10 +10 +100)

AGI - 445 (+5 +10)

Skill Points - 0

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive), Hunter's sight(passive), Wings of Sorrow, Dead of Night.

Power of Belief: +150 to all stats. (30 believers, +5per believer)

"It is true that you are much more powerful than I could have ever imagined, but are you sure you do not want any help? " King Mark asked.

"I am sure. Thank you so much for looking after me while I lived here, I promise to come back and visit. " Alice said before turning to leave the war room.

"Why do you speak as if you do not plan to return.. " King Mark questioned, fearing Alice planned on going with the Demon King Kira.

"I will come back, but I do have things I need to do in the Demon Kingdom if I plan to break free from Kira. Tell Yumi I will be back soon, Shade already knows to look after her. " Alice said, using the shadows to leave the castle and head in the direction of the Demon Kingdom.

"ALICE ANYTHING BUT THAT!! " King Mark yelled out not wanting to deal with Yumi breaking down or getting pissed off at the news he now had to give her.

Coming out of the shadows in the trees outside of the Kingdom Alice took her wings out and took to the sky with more speed than she thought was possible.

'At this rate I will meet the demons before they even get close to Samaria.. ' Alice thought to herself as the trees below quickly passed as she flew over them.

'Are you sure this is what you want to do Alice? ' Nyx said speaking to her with telepathy.

"I am scared of what will happen but I do not want anything to happen to the people in Samaria, I couldn't bear to see them suffer because of me. " Alice replied, picking up more speed.

'You should have still taken a little more time to prepare, even as strong as you are right now you can not defeat Kira. You can barely fight with the Demon known as Kayl with your current strength. ' Nyx replied, sounding a little worried.

"I have a plan. There is a faction that supports the Angel's return, if I can convince them to believe in me I will gain enough power to fight with Kira and free myself of the Demons who want to chase after me. " Alice said confidently.

'It will not be that easy, you would need around 120 more believers before you could fight equally with the Demon Lord Kira. ' Nyx replied, trying to convince Alice to not be so reckless.

"That is probably true, but I can't just let the demons destroy the place I have called home. " Alice replied before flying higher into the sky through the clouds and into the light of the moon as she picked up more speed to see how fast she could really go.

Flapping her wings as hard as she could, Alice flew at a speed twice as fast as Kayl's familiar, looking down she was able to see lots of light in the woods. 'Found you. '

Flying down quickly she dove through the trees opening her wings again at the last second stopping her just above the ground in front of Lord Kira.

"I see the rumor of you having wings was not a lie. " Kira said, trying to hold back the fact she took him off guard.

"I do have wings, and you have broken our promise. " Alice replied showing she wouldn't back down.

"If only you were a son rather than a daughter, you're bravery would be second to none little girl. " Lord Kira replied with a small chuckle in his voice.

"One of your men killed someone I care for greatly, our deal is off. " Alice replied while releasing the pressure of her mana causing most of the demons behind Kira to struggle to stand.

"If you want to have a pissing contest you will lose. " Kira replied, releasing his own pressure causing his men to take a knee and Alice to have to concentrate to stay standing.

"I do not know where you got your wings from but the sheer volume of your mana proves you are my child. Now come back with me and I will take a blood oath to never set foot in that Kingdom you are so fond of. " Lord Kira said, holding out a hand for her to take.

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"Me lord! She is clearly an Angel! " One of the men standing close by said standing up again.

"Another word from you and you will no longer have a head. What Angel have you ever seen with wings so black? This is a blessing on my child from the Dark God. " Kira said, showing more mercy to his men than he normally would.

"I will go if the same applies to your men, the blood oath must include you sending people to that Kingdom. " Alice said, putting away her wings as a show of good faith.

"So be it, but you must swear to call me father. " Lord Kira said with a smile.

Hearing his words Alice fought to keep her anger in check keeping her mind on the goal she set for herself. "Fine. I will call you father from now on. I swear in front of the Gods with my Blood. " Alice said, pulling Scythe out and cutting the tip of her finger waiting on Kira to say his end.

"Good girl, I swear in front of the God's to never set foot nor send any of my men to the Kingdom of Samaria. " Lord Kira said, biting his finger causing it to bleed as they placed their fingers on each other's forehead.

"We are heading back home, men! We will throw a feast with the return of my daughter and heir to the Kingdom! " Lord Kira shouted while placing his hand on Alice's back, "Time for you to take your rightful place, you will learn to love this Kingdom as you love Samaria. When Samaria is under my control I will let you rule it for yourself as a present. "

"Remember your promise Ol-- Father. " Alice said, fighting the urge to puke as she said the words.

"So I hear that you have a close relationship with a Goddess. How did you manage such a great feat? " Lord Kira asked as they quietly walked through the woods back towards the Demon Kingdom.

"I simply prayed, and she answered. She has made me her Apostal, do not even think of asking me to change to your God. I will leave through the void and disappear from this world. " Alice said strongly to show her absolute loyalty to her mother.

"I wouldn't dream of it. I wish to meet with this Goddess.. Nyx I believe she was called. " Lord Kira said without emotion as they walked.

'I REFUSE TO MEET THAT BASTARD! ' Nyx yelled unintentionally.

'Ouch! You do not have to yell! I already know you don't, I wouldn't let you anyway. ' Alice yelled back through Telepathy.

"I will ask her the next time I speak with her for you since you have been so kind. " Alice said, trying to get past the disgust she felt being nice to Kira.

"This has gone much smoother than I had expected, but know this. If you are planning something behind my back I will find a way to wipe Samaria from existence. " Lord Kira said with a grin as they approached the outer walls of his Kingdom.

"Welcome to my Kingdom Alice. " Kira said as they came out of the tree line and she was able to see the Castle on top of the mountain in the distance.

Looking up Alice was speechless to see the Kingdoms walls to be almost three times higher than the walls of Samaria. Passing through the Outer Gates she was shocked, the buildings were not at all what she had expected. Instead of being red and black like she had thought of them, they were normal and very well built with brick. The streets were alive with business and people living happily.

"This is not what you were expecting was it? " Lord Kira said, waving at the citizens who praised his return.

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