37 Battle with the Satori

Seeing Yuki aiming her spell at Josh, Alex sent a 'Water ball' crashing into Josh's back sending him forward enough to avoid death as one of the spikes impaled his leg. Yelling out in pain Alice took the initiative to guard Josh so he could have time to heal himself.

Yelling out for Yumi to restrain Yuki Eric did everything in his power to hold aggro and keep Satori's attention. Swinging the Disk end of her weapon Yumi wrapped Yuki tight with her chain preventing her from attacking Josh any further as he began to heal himself. "Alice, start doing as much damage as you can! " Eric called out trying to keep control of the situation.

Not needing to be told twice she sent a few 'Wind Blades' flying towards the Satori as she positioned herself behind the boss while changing from long range to close range attacks. Slicing away at the thick skin of the massive beast she danced circles around it while cuts started to visibly appear.

Changing to the Fire Element she swung harder with each attack dealing even more damage until Eric no longer had aggro of the Satori. Unaware of having the Satori's full attention, she kept attacking until she saw its club headed right at her head. Ducking as quick as she could Alice dodged the strike while using 'Rift Warp' to put some distance between her and the Boss.

Glaring at she could tell he was about to use a Magic attack when he threw his club at her and pulled a staff out of the ground. "Alice RUN! " Eric yelled only to see her already running towards a shadow by a tree to try to escape.

"Zizzzzzzzzk - BOOM"

Jumping into the Shadow she was hit in the back with the Satori's 'Chain Lightning' attack causing her to be stunned while in the Rift.

Coming back from her disabled state she looked at her status to see just how much damage she took from that attack.

Name -Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP 402/610

MP 582/1715

Level - 18

STR - 90 +10

VIT - 78 +5

INT - 120 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 (+10 +5)

DEF 60 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI 55 (+5 +10)

Skill Points - 0

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive),Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive)

Seeing that her MP was draining by the second and that her HP was lower than she thought it would be she made the choice to exit the Rift behind a tree behind where the Satori should be.

Giving herself some time to recover her HP and MP with her passive she rushed back towards the Satori only to see that the group was busy fighting each other. Placing her hands on the ground she used her 'Abyss Vines' spell on her teammates to hold them in place so they couldn't kill each other.

Launching a few 'Fireballs' at the Satori to get the bosses aggro she turned his attention away from the rest of the party as she dodged attacks and did her best to attack when she could.

Rift Warping beside the Boss she infused her scythe with the Shadow Element and lodged it into the Satori's body causing it to take damage every second.

Leaping back and leaving her weapon inside the boss she narrowly avoided being grabbed by the Boss. Having some room to breath she charged up a large 'Fireball' and launched it at the Boss's chest. Not being able to move very quick due to the weapon stuck in his body the boss had no other choice than to take her attack head on.

| Satori Level 22 Boss |

HP 18,111/43,000

MP 38,000/60,000

Taking out a spare sword she had in her inventory she continued with her attacks frowning at the lack of damage the sword has compared to her scythe. Seeing the Satori's staff crackle with lightning at the top she knew he was about to let out another attack. Using 'Rift Warp' to get out of his sight this time she dodged the attack then rushed back to continue attacking the boss.

Hearing Eric call out that they were back to normal she released them from her 'Abyss Vines' spell and backed off a little letting Eric try to take aggro again.

Seeing Eric fail to take aggro no matter what he did she realized that her scythe was slowly killing the Satori causing her to maintain aggro. Launching a 'Fireball' at his face she quickly withdrew her scythe from the Satori's body ending the damage-over-time effect she had figured out she could do in the last dungeon.

Taking her scythe and disappearing from sight long enough for Eric to resume his role as the tank she regained some more mana before trying to use the 'Abyss Vines' spell on the boss so they could finish him off.

Placing her hands on the ground she activated the spell as the Vines shot out of the ground wrapping themself around the Satori. Becoming enraged the Satori broke through her spell and turned his attention towards Alice again.

'Shit' Alice thought to herself before using her 'Demonic Gaze' skill to cause the Satori to pause, yelling out "Sit!!" She took advantage of Satori's state and slammed the back of her scythe against his face causing him to fall on his ass.

| Title Quest - Queen ⅖ |

Seeing the display she grinned as she was one step closer before getting her new title which she really wanted.

Attacking together the party chipped away at the last remaining amount of HP the Satori had left before finally killing him. "Well we had a few close calls but no one died so we can call this a good dungeon run! " Alex said, stretching.

"Thank you for tying us down when we were being manipulated Alice, " Eric said knowing that she is the main reason no one got killed during this fight.

"Don't mention it, you guys saved my life it's the least I can do! " She replied with a smile sitting on top of Satori's dead body kicking her legs back and forth.

Looting the surrounding of whatever they could including the satori's staff they party started heading towards the exit completing the dungeon.

"You guys head back and turn everything in first. I want to see if I can't find any monsters around for me to fight. I feel like I am close to leveling up again. " Alice said while running off into the forest with Little Shadow by her side.

'I am close to leveling up again as well, ' Little Shadow said while keeping pace with her. "I guess we will both be leveling up again! " Alice said hearing the good news.

Killing small monsters in the forest they two kept going further into the forest while looking for something strong to kill so they could finish leveling up. Just when Alice thought of giving up looking and heading back to the kingdom to she spotted a large beast in the distance.

| Wind Lion Level 20 |

Seeing that the beast has a specific element she wondered if it was capable of long range attacks. 'What do you think? Should we take this beast on? ' Alice asked her companion Little Shadow wanting to know what he thought.

'It might be a tough battle seeing how he has an element but I believe with the two of us we can probably kill him. ' Little Shadow replied waiting for Alice to make her move so he could follow.

Pulling out her scythe she waited until the beast had its back turned before she used her 'Rift Warp' to sneak up behind it to land the first attack.

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Successfully managing to land the first strike she jumped back and fired off a 'Fireball' quickly to add to the damage she just dealt. Turning around and getting hit in the face with a fireball the beast let out a loud roar before rushing at Alice.

Seeing the wind swirl around the Lion's paws Alice sank into a shadow avoiding being hit as Little Shadow jumped on top of the distracted Lion and used 'Devour' to take more of his HP away. Turning and swiping its large paw at Little Shadow the Lion's unknowingly turned his back to Alice again letting her get another heavy attack in.

Infusing the Fire Element in her scythe she sent small 'Fireballs' toward the Lion. Not wanting to be hit anymore by her annoying attacks the Lion dodged and jumped back giving Alice the distance she wanted.

Having already prepared a larger 'Fireball' she launched it at the Lion before using 'Rift Warp' to appear next to the Lion attacking him before the 'Fireball' hit forcing the Lion to take one attack of the other.

Choosing to take the 'Fireballs' attack not expecting it to be stronger than the previous ones he howled in pain as the attack crashed into his rib cage exploding on impact causing serious burns. "Here kitty kitty, " Alice said yet again further away with a taunting finger motion.

Mad and at half HP the Lion knew he could not defeat his opponent and tried to run away. Seeing the Lion running away at a fast pace she used every ounce of agility she had to catch up and launch more attacks at the Lion.

Seeing that running was useless the Lion turned towards Alice sliding to a halt before letting out another howl. Covering his body with a small barrier of wind he charged at he again this time with more speed.

Not having the time to think Alice jumped up as high as she could while watching the Lion crash through a tree knocking it over and turning to see her. "Seems like you decided to play seriously, " She said while falling back to the ground.

Seeing the Lion distracted again Little Shadow tried to use 'Devour' again only to be sent flying to the side because of the Lions 'Wind Barrier'.

Seeing this Alice wondered if her attacks with her scythe would even damage the monster, spinning before she landed she swung hard with her weapon only to see it stop at the barrier a hair away from hitting the Lion.

Taking his chance the Lion pushed forward landing a hit on Alice sending her flying back a few feet while red lines slowly appeared across her stomach letting blood flow out.

Jumping into a tree and sending more 'Fireballs' at the Lion she pulled out a potion and drank it letting her wounds slowly close. "I guess I will try my new spell out on you since no one can see me! " Alice yelled out angrily having taken over 300 damage from that one attack.

Landing on the ground she slammed her palms on the dirt and yelled out "Vines of the Shadow Monarch".

Almost as soon as she said it she felt a large amount of mana rush out of her body and into the ground as large portion of the surrounding turned black and large tentacle like Vines shot out of the ground around them flying at the Lion.

Grabbing onto the Lion and lifting him into the air before dragging him forcefully to where Alice was the Lion was completely wrapped in the Vines unable to move. Looking at her mana increase at a rapid pace due to all 25 Vines latching onto the same target the spell disappeared in a black mist showing the dead body of the Lion.

"What the heck I couldn't even attack it just drained him dry… " Alice said to herself looking at the shriveled up body of the Lion and then back at her mana which was almost back to full.

| Title Acquired - Apprentice of Nyx |

| Using the Shadows to kill a enemy without mercy Nyx has given you her blessing +25% efficiency with the Shadow Element, Shadow Eye (Allows you to see in the dark just as one can during day), +20 Skill Points per level up |

"Who is Nyx? This Title bonus is just crazy… " Alice said before seeing that she also gained a level after killing the Lion.

Pulling up the status window she was happy to see she really did get 20 extra points to level up with.

Name -Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx

HP 665/665

MP 1820/1820

Level - 18 > 19

STR - 90 > 110+10

VIT - 78 > 88 +5

INT - 120 > 140 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 (+10 +5)

DEF 60 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI 55 (+5 +10)

Skill Points - 50

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive),Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive)

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