8 Bandit Camp

Hearing the men talk about the Beast Egg piqued Alice's interest. Magical Beats are able to become a pet through a blood contract. The Beasts can level up and gain abilities the same as their masters and in some cases, they can even share abilities and communicate with their masters via telepathy.

'How the hell did these low-level bandits come across something this valuable?' Alice thought to herself while planning out a strategy to kill the bandits and take the Egg for herself.

Leaning over the branch, falling gracefully, she lands beside the two bandits taking them both by surprise. "Hey there cutie. Where did you come from? Don't you know it's dangerous to be out here all alone? Why don't you come with me and my brother here? We will take real good care of you hahaha!!!"

Said the bandit with clear motives to take advantage of her.

'Che~ What scum.' Alice says under her breath while taking her Scythe. Seeing Alice bring out her weapon both men scrambled to take out their swords. Even if Alice, herself, doesn't look intimidating anyone would freak out seeing someone bear a hulking evil looking Scythe at them. "Pathetic." Alice said coldly as she swung her Scythe as hard as she could, cutting both men in half.

Picking up the two swords and other things of value from the two men's bodies, Alice leaped up to the nearest tree. She began jumping from tree to tree looking for the rest of the bandits in hopes of finding them before they can do anything with the Beast egg.

Coming into a clearing she finally sees the Bandit camp. 'One... Two... four… eight… thirteen… twenty-four... che~ why are there so many bandits? No wonder this is an E rank party request. Luckily their levels are all around 7 with the highest level being their leader at level 9. Maybe if I just use my Shadow movement, I can kill them quick enough to keep my position hidden long enough to kill the majority of them before I actually have to fight.' Alice thought to herself giving a lot of thought into her plan of action since she was not about to abandon this opportunity unless she absolutely had to. Obtaining a loyal ally this early on would make things much easier.

Using her shadow skill, she moved to a tent close by without being seen. Knowing that the scythe was big and caused a bloody mess when she killed with it, she chose to use one of the daggers she previously looted until she was found out to make thing quieter and more effective.

Moving at full speed she ran by one of the bandits quickly cutting his throat before he had a moment to react, he fell to the ground bleeding out. Unfortunately catching the attention of another bandit, she hid herself behind a crate. "Paul, if you're going to fucking take a nap, take it in a tent. Why the hell are you laying on the ground." Another bandit said slowly approaching the fallen bandit. Hearing this, Alice took the opportunity to act and launched herself at the bandit as fast as she could. Seeing a figure come out of nowhere at him the bandit yelled "INTRUDER" before having his throat cut as well.

'Well, this ruins my plan of being sneaky. Damn I still have twenty-two more to kill before I can search for the egg.' Alice thought to herself before jumping back into the trees to observe what happens. Seeing eight more bandits rush to see what happened they called out "BOSS! TWO OF OUR MEN HAVE BEEN KILLED!" Looking in the direction he called, Alice could see the Leader and four more bandits jogging to the scene. Taking out the bow and notching an arrow, Alice aimed at the leader hoping to land a head shot so she wouldn't have to fight him later being two levels under him. Waiting until he was standing still above the two bodies, she fired the arrow. Deciding against staying to see if it hit, Alice entered the shadows and moved to another tree a little further to the left. Exiting the shadow, she saw that the arrow managed to hit him in the right shoulder.

"Find the assassin! They must be after the Beast Egg!" The Leader shouted in pain as the bandits quickly spread out running to the woods where she was while leaving the Leader behind. Watching the Leader make his way back to his tent, Alice knew she couldn't miss this opportunity and she acted fast. Quickly using her shadow movement, she rushed towards the Leader while he was injured and had his back turned. Putting her bow away, she took out her scythe and swung as fast as she could hoping to end him as quietly as possible to have more time before she was noticed by the other bandits.

Sensing danger the Leader ducked and rolled forward drawing his sword. He landed and turned to face Alice. "Why don't you just lay down your life and give me the egg and I'll be on my way? I'll even let your friends live." She taunted him since she could no longer end things quickly.

Charging at her, swinging his sword, Alice jumped back returning the attack and parrying his strike. Lunging forward, she uses the small end of her scythe and jams it into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Following up her attack, she roundhouse kicks the side of his head sending him rolling. Pulling a dagger from her inventory she throws it at him while disappearing into a shadow and reappearing from the shadow cast by the tent behind him. She swung her scythe down, impaling him between the shoulder and head as the blade easily went through his neck down into his body killing him instantly. "This would have been much harder if he wasn't injured and had more experience." Alice thought to herself thankful at the relative ease of this battle.

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Causing her victory to be short lived, she heard more of the Bandits headed her way. Running towards the 3 bandits coming her way she swung her scythe with as much power as he could as the blade cut through 2 men and being stopped by the shield of the last. Moving back the two locked eyes with each other. "Are you here for the Egg?" The Bandit asked calmly.

"I'd prefer to end the day not having to fight the rest of you for now if possible." Alice replied wondering what the bandit was up to but deciding to hear him out as she still had no idea where the Egg actually was.

"I know I can't defeat you and while the rest of us together might manage to kill you, most of us would probably still die considering you're a shadow mage on top of having great combat experience. I'll show you to the egg so long as you leave here and not return. I am next in line to be Leader so naturally I benefit from losing the egg in exchange for my life." The bandit said with a serious look in his eyes.

"I'll agree to that, but you'll have to bring the egg to me. I'd rather not walk into an ambush. I'll keep my weapon out and hide in the tent behind me. Since you know I'm a shadow mage you know that trying to ambush me in a tent will not work. Come back when you have the egg. I'll give you 5 minutes." Throwing him a bag she waited to see what the Bandit would do.

Picking the bag up and putting his sword away, he turned and casually walked away and headed to the biggest tent in the area. 'I wonder how long it's been; I'm growing impatient.' Alice thought considering just killing them all. Alice thought but decided against it and to wait longer since she only managed to kill five of them so far.

A few moments later the Bandit walked into the tint with no weapons on him and the bag. "As you requested, the egg is in the bag. You can inspect it if you would like, but as soon as you verify it, you should leave. The bandits will see the leader dead soon and all hell will break loose." He said handing Alice the bag.

'He really came through I guess.' Alice thought as she opened the bag clearly seeing the Beast egg. "Since you kept your word, I'll keep mine. You should also move out of this forest there is a request at the guild to wipe you all out." Alice said as she disappeared into the shadow and reappearing in the shadow of a tree just outside of camp.

Storing the egg in her inventory, Alice made her way away from the bandits and back to the goblin area, so she could finish up her system quest.

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