33 Bandit Brothers

'I am fine now, no need to look so worried, ' Little Shadow said while licking her hand. "Good, you still have to keep your promise! " Alice said thankfully while bringing up her status window to check her reward.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 580/580 (605/605)

MP - 635/635 (660/660)

Level - 17

STR - 68 > 80 +10

VIT - 70 > 78 +5

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INT - 100 > 110 +5

DEX - 40 (+10 +5)

DEF - 60 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 50 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 30 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive)

Gods Eye - With help from Gods Eye you become able to see the flow of others mana, any hidden status effects, and spirits.

Raising an eyebrow Alice wondered if this would allow her to see the levels of people who are far beyond her level. 'What do you think it means by being able to see the flow of other peoples mana?' Alice asked turning to see Little Shadow surprised to see her answer.

Looking at Little Shadow she saw exactly what the description meant, she was clearly able to see what looked like lines inside of his body circulating like blood. "No need to answer I can see the mana flowing through your body it is pretty weird to see. 'Your right eye has changed from purple to a bright golden color Alice.. ' Little Shadow said staring at Alice.

"What? really? Well in any case we should get the letter from Jakar so we can move onto the Bandit Brothers. " Alice said standing up and making her way back to the grave yard where Jakar lived. Knocking on the door a elderly man hunched over using a cane answered the door asking how he could help Alice.

Letting the man know that all the Ghouls have been taken care of, Jakar wrote a letter and handed it to Alice giving her his thanks and walked with her to the end of his property. "Time to go get the brothers! " Alice said excited to be almost done for the day having already leveled up once.

Request - Kill or capture the Bandit Brothers.

The two Brothers Jack and Logan are know to attack lone adventures and merchants on the main road heading to the Kingdom. Recently they took out a merchant who was delivering goods for a wealthy business man in the Kingdom, that man has offered a high reward for their heads. A bonus reward may be given if brought back to the man alive. Anything found during the request may be kept or sold.

"Sounds like fun, my aim does tend to sever monsters heads from their bodies... " Alice said putting the paper back in her inventory as she started running in the direction of the main road to the Kingdom.

'How long do you think it will be until we find the brothers? ' Alice asked Shadow who was running beside her along the road. 'Hard to say, we might have better luck if we just keep running away from the kingdom and use the road to walk back. ' Little Shadow replied.

Taking his advice they traveled a few miles down the road and then stopped to catch their breathe before heading back to the kingdom. 'Id say we managed to get far enough away from the kingdom, ' Alice said to Little Shadow getting a nod as a reply from him.

"Hey girly, we have a nice bed you can rest on. Why don't you come back with us, it can be dangerous to travel alone you know. " Jack said while laughing with his brother as they exited the edge of the forest. "Now that you mention it I could use some rest, " Alice said causing the two brothers to grin evilly. "That's more like it haha, we will be sure to treat you really good. " Logan said motioning for Alice to follow them. 'Alice what are you planning? ' Little Shadow asked concerned.

'Don't worry they don't have a very strong mana circulation I just want to know where they keep their stuff. ' Alice said to shadow while inspecting the two men.

| Logan level 17 |

| Jack level 18 |

The two brothers looked similar, both having slicked back and greasy black hair and muscular builds using axes as their weapons. 'I don't think killing them will be much of a issue but I would like to capture them if I can which may be a lot harder.. ' Alice said to Little Shadow thankful she had her Shadow Element to escape if they tried to touch her.

Following them to their home Alice made the choice to talk with the men to lower their guards while asking them all kinds of questions making them believe she wanted to join them. "Why would a pretty young lady like you want to be a bandit like the two of us? " Jack questioned with a serious look. "Well think about it, with my stature if I faked being injured on the side of the road who would question it? You and your brother would be able to sneak up and kill the merchants while I distracted their guards. " Alice said with a convincing smile.

"She has a good point brother, " Logan said to his brother. "I guess you are right, but I think we need some proof of loyalty if you know what I mean little lady, " Jack said casually wrapping his arm around Alice's waist grabbing her butt.

Holding back her anger she felt her eye twitch a little before she used her 'Shadow Zone' spell and diapering into the shadows. Appearing from the shadow behind their tent she took out her scythe leaving the two men to panic while searching for her. "If you had not touched my you might have lived, " Alice said coming out in view of the two men. "Hey now little lady I didn't mean anything by it, why don't you be a good girl and come back to my side where you belong. " Jack said with a mocking smirk. Taking the large axe from his waist band he motioned for her to come while his brother tried to sneak around her slowly.

"You barely have any mana and you think you stand a chance little man? " Alice said while catching her scythe on fire sure it would cause the man to fear her a little. "I see you have a sense of humor, that's good you will need it for later tonight, " Jack said blowing her a kiss before trying to run at her only to notice he was moving much slower than he wanted.

Going from Fire to Wind, Alice sent a 'Wind Blade' flying at him knowing he couldn't dodge the attack. Taking his axe he swung the it hard hitting the 'Wind Blade' causing the attack to fail catching her off guard. "You will have to do better than that. " He said signaling for his brother to attack.

Swinging his axe at her Alice jumped up trying to dodge only to get cut on her exposed leg, using 'Rift Warp' Alice put some space between her and the two men, before limping and taking out a HP potion and drinking it. "Think we should kill her and use her brother or should we break her arms and let her feel everything? " Logan asked his brother with a smile knowing they could easily over power the beauty before them.

"Leave her Alice of course I like it when they struggle, " Jack said laughing and charging at Alice again getting use to being slower than normal. Launching 'Fireballs' at the two men she started to panic a little when she saw their axes could break through her spells. Jumping back again landing on a tree limb Alice began making a larger 'Fireball' and launching it at Logan wondering just how much they could counter her attacks.

Swinging his axe and cutting the 'Fireball' in half she was happy to see that the attack still hit him and caused a burn even though he sliced her spell in half. "Agh! You bitch! Get down here and surrender or I really will kill you, " Logan called out in anger from taking damage. "Like hell I would do that! " Alice retorted before sending three more 'Fireballs' at him watching as he cut through the first two and getting hit square in the chest by the third.

Seeing her opportunity she used 'Rift Warp' again closing the distance before he could recover and swinging her scythe at his neck decapitating him. Seeing his brother drop dead to the ground Jack let out a loud yell before breaking free of her 'Shadow Zone' by sheer will and charged at her as fast as he could.

Being taken back by his ability to break free from her Zone spell Alice quickly sank into the Shadows barely dodging his swing knowing if she is hit that it is game over. "If you surrender and let me bring you to the kingdom alive I promise you will get to see your bastard brother buried before you get sent to prison or die. " Alice said mocking Jack. 'Little Shadow sneak up and attack his legs to slow him down, ' Alice instructed Little Shadow who was hiding behind the now dead Logan.

Rift Warping to get Jack to face away from Little Shadow, Alice taunted him again about his brother sending him into a rage as he ran at her again. Taking his chance Little Shadow ran up behind Jack and used 'Devour' to take a large chunk out of Jack's calf.

Falling to the ground and rolling in the middle of his charge due to missing a chunk of his leg Alice slowly walked up to the man and kicked him hard in the chin knocking him out. "Good work Shadow, search the camp for anything of value while I tie him up. " Alice said while taking some rope she had purchased out of her inventory. 'I wonder if i still get paid extra for only bringing one back alive? ' Alice thought to herself while tying Jack up making sure he couldn't move.

Walking over to Logan's head she picked it up and put it in a sack and stored it while putting the two men's weapons in her inventory to auction off since they could cut through magical attacks. 'Alice, come inside the tent they have quite a lot of money and other things you may be interested in. ' Little Shadow said looking at a small chest full of silver.

Entering the tent her eyes widened seeing what had to be a few thousand silver coins as well as some crates of crafting materials. "Good find, " Alice said while storing all the silver and materials away. "I wonder how I am supposed to carry that guy back to the Kingdom, " Alice said while looking towards Little Shadow. 'Don't look at me I can not carry that much weight, ' Little Shadow said not even wanting to try dragging the guy.

Slowly dragging the bound and knocked out Jack, Alice made her way to the main road and started to slowly drag him to the kingdom wishing she had brought a horse or carriage for this part. After about two hours of dragging the Jack who had woken up and made things more difficult they were finally able to see the Kingdom Gates in the distance.

Happy to see the sight of the Kingdom Gates, Alice didn't notice a merchant wagon approaching behind her. "HALT!! " One of the guards with the merchant wagon yelled out to Alice finding the sight very suspicious.

"You have to help me this crazy bitch attacked me and killed my brother! " Jack yelled out hoping they would help to free him. Kicking him in the jaw again Alice turned to face the guard before handing him the request flyer. "I just captured this brother and killed the other, the two of them were bandits who made an enemy of a business man in the kingdom. " Alice said bluntly annoyed with Jack and the fact she had to drag him so far.

"Hahahaha! You killed Logan and captured his brother Jack? My boss will be over joyed, Joey load the tied up man into the back of the wagon. Young Miss would you like to sit beside me for the rest of the trip? I can take you right to my boss to collect your reward? " The merchant asked with a big smile.

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