69 Ball at the Vaugn Estate

While out shopping for a dress for Alice to wear she noticed a large number of nobles also out trying to buy extravagant outfits for the upcoming ball about to take place.

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"Who is holding the ball anyways? " Alice said, taking a long and slim black dress off the rack and holding it up against her body.

"That would be the Vaugn family, they hold the same rank as my father used to hold. They can be a little flashy but they are good people. " Yumi said looking at some new dresses for herself.

"I think I have met their heir at the auction house before if I remember right. " Alice said, picking up another long black dress with a deep cut in the back and no sleeves.

"That one is really pretty, you should go with that one! " Yumi said seeing Alice hold the dress up.

Liking the dress Alice nodded and took it to one of the store's employees to purchase the dress.

"The dress will be 398 silver coins. " The employee said with a smile.

"For a dress?!? " Alice questioned surprised.

"Yes, if you're not able to pay please put the dress back where you got it. " She replied with a smile.

Handing over the money Alice walked back over to Yumi feeling robbed. "Lets go, I will go broke if i stay in here.. "


"You look so good in your dress. " Yumi said admiring the way Alice's dress hugged her body and made her look like one of the models they would use to advertise the dress.

"You look good as well, where is Shade? " Alice asked, waiting by the front door for her familiar to get done getting dressed.

"He is having issues so one of the maids is helping him put the clothes on. " Yumi said she felt bad for the maid who got the job of helping the kid in an adult's body.

"SHADE HURRY UP! OR WE ARE LEAVING! " Alice yelled out impatiently.

Hearing Alice yell Shade ran out of a room close by with no shoes on or his jacket. "Sorry please wait! " Shade said, trying to hurry.

"Just put the shoes on and forget the jacket. " Alice said leaving the Estate knowing Shade would be able to catch up.

Walking beside Yumi and Shade she started to feel like this was a going away party. 'Who knows when the next time I will be able to see them again is.. Alice looked at the both of them and enjoyed the sight of Yumi getting annoyed with Shade as they arrived at the party.

"Welcome Miss Yumi, and Miss Alice. We are happy the both of you could make it here tonight. My name is Vince, the host of this evening's ball. I do hope you enjoy yourselves. " Vince, a well built and groomed man said greeting them at the door to the large Estate.

"Thank you, we are happy to have received an invite. " Yumi said, giving a curtsey before leading the way inside.

"Oh and Miss Alice, my eldest son wishes to speak with you so please do give him some time if you happen to cross paths. " Vince said, moving his hand toward the door to let her through.

"I will be sure to keep that in mind. Thank you for having me. " Alice replied and copied Yumi's curtsey.

Entering the Estate Alice felt out of place seeing all the colorful decorations and bright dresses the other women wore for the occasion.

"Dont worry too much about it, everyone here knows what to expect from your pick of color. " Yumi said, noticing Alice looking at the others and then down at her own dress.

Giving a nod Alice walked through the large breezeway with everyone else until they entered the ball room which was decorated with the Kingdoms colors and a statue in the middle of Vince and his family surrounding him.

Walking over to the statue to read the words at the feet of the family she was stopped just short by a few of the noble sons of the kingdom.

"Miss Alice, would you do me the honor of a dance? "

"I was here first, It would be a blessing from God if you graced me with a dance Alice. "

"Try to think of Alice for a moment, do not surround her begging for a dance. Joseph Vaugn said, taking Alices hand and pulling her away from the guys trying to ask her to dance.

"I am sorry to drag you away like that. My name is Joseph Vaugn the eldest son of the Vaugn family. May I have a word with you? " Joseph asked, giving a polite bow.

"Your father mentioned you would like to have a word with me beforehand. What is it you want to talk to me about? " Alice asked curiously.

"I want to ask you if you will teach me. My Element is Wind and from the stories I have heard the soldiers tell about you on the battlefield I would give anything to have you as my teacher. " Joseph said nervously.

"I can dance with you, but I will not be able to be your teacher… I do not know much about the Wind Element yet, not enough to be someone's teacher yet anyway.. I also will be leaving this Kingdom very soon. " Alice answered honestly, feeling a little bad for him.

"The King told me not to get my hopes up when asking you, it seems he was right. " Joseph said, turning and leaving Alice alone in the corner.

Looking around confused by his reaction Alice tried to find Yumi and Shade wanting to spend more time with them before she had to return to the Demon Kingdom.

"Miss Alice! It is so nice to see you here! " Sian said happily running up to her and bowing to her.

"Please do not bow to me like this! " Alice whispered, grabbing his arm and pulling him up.

"You had left so suddenly the last time we spoke. When we had all woken up from the ritual you had vanished without a trace. Please give me a divine order to take back to the church. " Sian said, keeping his head bowed.

"Ugh, fine just pick your head up already! " Alice replied, noticing people starting to stare at them.

"I will not lift my head until your words have been spoken. " Sian insisted.

"Fine! Just do for me what you would do for Nyx, pick your head up already dammit. " Alice replied not knowing what else to say.

'Very bold choice daughter. ' Nyx chimed in hearing what Alice asked Sian to do.

"It would bring me joy to do so! " Sian said before making his way quickly out of the ball.

'What… Did I just do?? ' Alice asked, fearing the outcome now.

'What Sian and the church does for me is pretty ancient. They go and find powerful monsters and sacrifice them in order to receive blessings from me. They will also begin to spread your name to others across the land in hopes of growing your power until you ascend to Godhood.

'The second part would actually help me out quite a bit.. However, how in the world am I supposed to give them a blessing?? ' Alice questioned before being interrupted by Vince.

"So did you get a chance to talk with my son? " Vince asked, joining Alice in the corner of the room where she had been standing silently by herself.

"Yes. He did not seem to like my answer though. " Alice replied, still feeling confused.

"He is used to getting whatever he wants, getting told no every now and then will be good for him. I hope he was not rude to you. " Vince said, waving one of the staff over to bring them a drink.

"Just a little, I wouldn't worry about it though. " Alice said happily, taking the crystal glass and drinking the whole thing.

Raising an eyebrow at the little girl downing the drink like it was nothing Vince did the same curious how good the drink was for her to do that.

"Cough cough cough " Vince started coughing at the burn in his throat from the alcoholic beverage.

"Are you okay? " Alice asked.

"Yes, I am sorry. I just thought we may have been given a different drink. " Vince replied, not wanting to admit defeat to a girl more than half his age.

"Anyway thank you for the drink, I really should be finding my friends." Alice said, giving a curtsey again and leaving to look for Yumi.

"Hey where have you been? " Yumi said, seeing Alice look happy to find her and Shade.

"Just having a talk with Vince. " Alice replied.

"Shade seems to be really good at dancing. " Yumi said, pointing out Shade who was dancing with Vince's wife drawing attention from everyone around.

Trying to keep her jaw shut Alice looked at Shade who was dancing as if he was born to do so, he would masterfully spin and catch Jessica while not missing a beat.

"Just how much has he been practicing? " Alice almost lost for words.

"Believe it or not, almost two days. His teacher wasn't even that good either if i am being honest. " Yumi said a little jealousy at the speed Shade was able to pick up things.

"It really sucks. I have to leave this behind for a while. " Alice said, looking sad knowing she would miss them both when she had to return to Kira.

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