81 A True Father

 "SORAAAAA!!!! " Alice yelled looking away not wanting to see her die.

 Hearing the sword make contact and the blood fly against the leaves on the ground Alice cried and couldn't bring herself to look up, she would much rather just let Bruce come and finish her off as well as see Sora's blood. 

 "DADDYYYYY!!!!! " Sora screamed out causing Alice to raise her head quickly to see Alan lying on top of Sora dead, Bruce's sword stuck half way into his body.

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 "Hahaha it looks like the whole family is here to die with the little girl! " Bruce laughed, stepping on Alan and pulling his sword free letting him fall onto Sora who was now trapped under her father. 

 "FATHER!!!!!! " Hara yelled out seeing her father dead on the ground as she finally caught up on her Tular. 

 "Why… why.. Why.. why.. Why.. why.. WHY!!! WHY DO THE PEOPLE I CARE FOR ALWAYS GET TAKEN FROM ME!!!!!! " Alice screamed out as she stood up as the wind swirled around her. 

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