24 A Chat with the Duke

"We are kicking this auction off with a new entry to the list of items to be sold here tonight, it is a weapon set effect! " the auctioneer said as a man came onto the stage holding the Twin scimitars Alice put up for auction which caused a small amount of commotion as the auctioneer told everyone the stat boosts it gives.

"These scimitars will help any D rank adventure to have a leg up in dungeons and killing monsters out in the world, the starting bid is 18 silver coins! " the auctioneer said as he started to call out the bids of people on lower floor of the auction house.

After a brief moment of bidding between four different D ranked adventures a slim young elf-man man won the bid at 128 silver.

Continuing on with the auction many different weapons, armor, and potions where being sold all well above the price range Alice had even with the money that Yumi's father left for the two girls. "What're the odds that we even come across something we can afford? " Alice asked looking over only to see Yumi fast asleep. 'I guess this is pretty boring when you cant even bid on things.. '

Hearing a commotion taking place Alice turned her attention back to the lower floors, two men where fighting over a bid driving the price up rapidly. The item being auctioned was a weapon ornament that gave the users a burning effect.

"500 silver! I dare you to out bid me see what happens to you. " A large beast man said with black hair and white tipped wolf ears making him seem slightly less intimidating than he actually was.

"550 silver, bring it on old man you don't scare me lets see how much money you have on you today! " The other man said equal in size but human with signs of his hair turning gray.

"Enough both of you, I have decided to buy this item. 800 silver. " One of the men sitting in a different VIP booth called out.

"It seems that Young Master Vaugn has taken a interest in this item will there be any other bids? " The auctioneer called out waiting to see if anyone would bid. "Then it is settled Master Vaugn has won the bid for 800 silver! Now onto the next item. " The auctioneer said bring out a great shield that was B rank and completely useless to Alice.

After not being able to buy a thing Alice poked and pulled at Yumi's cheeks until she finally woke up, "Mn.. Is it over already? " Yeah you could have told me that we would not be able to afford anything I was pretty bored, " Alice said as she stood up stretching.

"My bad it has been so long since I have been here that i forgot how things went on big nights, but it is still good to experience the auction hall and get a feel for how things work and for who the big players are. " Yumi said getting up and sleepily walking out the door.


Having collected her money from selling her weapons, Alice and Yumi headed back to the estate. "We should avoid staying out to late today, I want to stay close to my dad in case we come under attack again. " Yumi said worrying about her father.

"Then lets go back, I was hoping i could speak with your father some more anyways. " Alice said as the two headed back home making small talk and laughing about the fun they had today.

Walking into Yumi's fathers study she sees him sitting quietly while reading a old book that looks like it could fall apart at any moment.

"Duke Astala, I was hoping i could talk with you for a moment if you have some time to spare, " Alice said trying to be as polite as she can. "Please call me Arita, you are a close friend of my daughter and even helped defend my home. You do not need to be so formal with me, what would you like to talk about? " Arita said putting his book down and sitting up in his chair and faced Alice.

"I wanted to know if you had any information on Angels, what happened to them? " Alice asked nervously. "Is this due to you being a Demi-Angel by chance? " Arita asked causing Alice to almost jump up in shock.

"How..." Alice tried to finish her sentence but couldn't.

"Don't worry, i assume you don't know much of what happened 50 years ago. You're at most the same age as my daughter, so it would not surprise me if you didn't. 50 years ago the Demonic Army found a way to reach the Angel kingdom and they waged a war that the Angels did not see coming. Angels may have been blessed by God and protected but that protection only went so far and the Angel race got to relaxed. The Demons used weapons forge in their own blood to slaughter the entire Angel kingdom. It is said that there is not a single survivor of the Angels, the Demons even went as far to kill any race that hand wings or killed anyone that had major ties to the Angels. Due to this reason less and less information about the Angels stays known to the other races. " Pausing a bit seeing Alice visually shook at the information he was telling her he decided to give her some time to process what he was saying as he got her a glass of water.

"It is also said that the Angel race can be brought back from extinction, there was a prophecy of a Fallen Angel that would appear to the would some years later and she would fight her way through the Demons. Only by killing the race that destroyed the Angels can that Fallen Angel regain their wings and begin to restart the Angel race. The Demons have tried for a long time now to snuff out this prophecy so that the world would completely forget the Angel race. " Arita said sitting back in his chair looking at Alice seriously. "I have a blessing from God that allows me to see people for what they truly are, lies and masks are no use in front of me. I knew from the moment I saw you that you were probably the one from the prophecy. With all that being said I want you to know I will do everything i can to protect your secret, I believe the reason I received this blessing for this very task. " Arita said relaxing a bit waiting for Alice to fully grasp the situation.

"If I am found out the Demons will come for you and your daughter are you not worried about that? " Alice said weakly realizing now that her being around people can put them in danger.

"I don't believe that you would let yourself be found out so easily, nor do I believe that you would let harm come to my daughter. You're not a evil person and i can see that my daughter while pushy and clingy is still a important person to you. " He said confidently.

| Main Quest discovered |

| Wipe out the Demon Race |

| Reward - Final Class up, Gods Wings, Element of Life |

Alice paused at seeing the system message appear after learning the full story of what happened to her race and the ones responsible. 'Is the system a part of my blessing from God? ' Alice questioned to herself feeling weaker than she ever has.

"Try not to bear this weight alone, i cant even imagine having the fate of an entire race on my shoulders. You have me, and I will do everything in my limited power to assist you. " Arita said now standing in front of Alice holding out his hand.

"Right, you have my thanks.. " She said taking his hand and standing before leaving to reflect on everything she has learned.


Entering her room and unpacking all the new clothes she bought today, Alice wished that she could see her family again. If there was one thing God could give her it would be to get her parents back. Thinking back to her time in the Angel kingdom Alice recalled all the good memories she had growing up and playing with her father. 'I hope you and mother are at peace, ' Alice thought to herself before hearing a knock at her door.

"Hey Yumi whats going on? " Alice asked opening the door.

"How did your chat with my father go? I wanted to join you guys but it looked like a pretty serious talk. " Yumi asked curiously sitting on Alice's bed. "Honestly I learned a lot of things I wanted to know for a while now, do you want to know what it was about? " Alice asked. 'If she is going to be in danger because of me she may as well have a choice. '

"If you don't mind, I don't normally see my father talk with someone with that kind of expression. " Yumi said listening closely.

Alice begun to explain to Yumi her who situation as Yumi sat and listened to the whole thing finding it hard to believe that a member of the Angel race was actually her closest friend.

"So in short your whole race was wiped out leaving you behind, and if the Demons find out about you then anyone associated with you will be targeted by the Demon race and the only way to bring your race back is to wipe out the Demons the same as they did to the Angels? " Yumi asked seemingly brushing off the severity of the situation she is in.

"That is correct, I understand if you want to cut ties with me I will back my belongings and find lodging somewhere else.. " Alice said standing up as she starts to pack her things trying not to cry.

"Well you cant take on a race of Demons on your own, so I guess I will have to get stronger with you wont I. " Yumi said with a smile causing Alice to drop the clothes she was packing.

"You might die..."

"I am going to die eventually anyways, " Yumi said with a grin.

"Then you're not allowed to die before I do,if you promise me that I will stay." Alice said turning to face Yumi.

"Its a promise, as long as you promise to not keep anymore secrets from me. " Yumi said while picking up Little Shadow and petting him feeling victorious. 'Congratulations on getting a new ally, ' Shadow said purring as he was reviving attention.


The next day Alice woke up early and headed out going to the Mages Guild to schedule with a Wind Element Instructor. Arriving at the Guild Alice headed inside to talk to the receptionist, "Hello I was here the other day trying to get a teacher for the Wind Element. "

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"Right, well sit on the bench over there and wait until someone comes to get you. " The receptionist said pointing at the bench at the far corner of the lobby.

Taking her seat Alice begins to read from her grimoire to kill the time until her new teacher arrives, casually flipping from page to page she becomes slightly consumed in her study not noticing her teacher trying to get her attention.

"Hello, are you Alice? " The elderly gentlemen asked as he stood in front of her. "Yes sorry i was doing some reading and got pretty absorbed into it. " Alice said as she stood and shook his hand,

"I see you have a Shadow Element grimoire, do you perhaps have a reason you asked to see a Wind Element teacher? " The man said curiously.

"I have three elements and i am curious about learning my third which would be the Wind Element, it is nice to meet you teacher, " Alice said politely.

"Oh my, how rare to have three elements especially the Shadow Element, If you would like you can follow me to the training grounds and we can start our first lesson. " The man said whilst offering his hand to Alice.

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