30 A Chat with the Demon King

"We both know that everything would be much better for everyone if I went willingly and became a part of your kingdom of my free will rather than you sending countless people to chase someone they cant catch. I have lost everyone I love once already, if it happens again I am sure it wont hurt as bad as before. " Alice said knowing she could at lest run with her Shadow Element.

"I suppose you're correct, I will need a show of good will in order for me to accept. " Lord Kira suggested. "My show of good will is talking to you now rather than running and making you try to hunt me down. You might find me if I ran but then again my mana pool should already be known by you and it has increased so I am confident I could escape for many years before being caught. Spreading a small army of Demons around the world will cause suspicion by all the kingdoms which wouldn't be good for you I imagine. " Alice said glaring at Lord Kira.

"Hahahaha! Good, I like you all the more now. I expect great things from you when you come to my kingdom in a year. Be warned though girl, I may be letting you have your way but if you cross me I will capture you and kill you in the worst was imaginable. " Lord Kira said still smiling.

Leaving the room Alice thought to herself 'I have already been killed in the worst way possible, next it will be your turn. ' Facing Drago she let him know about the conversation with his father and then left the building returning to the Astala Estate only to be met with the sight of numerous Royal Guards standing guard in front of the Estate entrance.

"Excuse me, may I go inside? I need to talk with Arita and Yumi, " Alice said slightly shake as she came down from the adrenaline from a moment ago. "No one is to enter the Estate, move along woman. " The guard said coldly.

"But I live here how can you keep me from entering my own home? " Alice said annoyed. "I will send word inside, if you really do live here then you will be able to enter, wait here. " the guard said before leaving the post to his partner and going inside.

After a few moments of waiting both Yumi and her father rushed out of the front door, pushing her way past the guards Yumi jumped into Alice's arms. "I was so worried what happened? When I told my father he was so furious he almost tried starting a war to get you back. " Yumi said clinging to Alice.

"Come inside we have some things to discus I imagine, " Arita said letting her through the gates and walking her inside the Estate. "I talked with the Demon races King, the Demon who arrived here is his son. They do not know anything about me other than I am what they call a Tri-Mage, they want me to join their kingdom no matter the cost. I agreed to go in one years time as long as they do not touch any person I care about, it is the only way I could ensure your safety. " Alice said with a sad look.

Yumi stood to argue but her father raised his hand the moment she did, "If it is like that then I can assume they are prepared to take you by force, thank you for looking out for my family but I can handle this without you selling yourself to the Demons. Do you even have a plan to survive and continue your journey in the Demon Kingdom? " Arita asked with a serious expression.

"That is why I demanded a year of staying here with my friends in return for going peacefully, I want to level up as much as possible in that year. After that then i plan to use the Demons to get even stronger so I can learn the inner workings of their kingdom and maybe even gain allies. " Alice said trying to think of a way to survive.

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"Don't be stupid Alice! Do you think this will be so easy??? " Yumi protested. "By no means do I think this will be easy but I have the weight of an entire race on my shoulders, what would you have me do? Run and leave you and your family to suffer in place of me?" Alice shouted back.

"Take it easy you two, Alice was not wrong in her choice. In fact being able to get the Demon King to agree to her terms shows just how much they want her to join them, I wouldn't doubt the Demons starting a war with this kingdom over Alice. Mage's with Alice's level of potential can turn the tides of wars, the only reason this kingdom has not approached Alice is due to her living with me and being under my care. " Arita said trying to calm his daughter down.

"Be sure not to waste any time of this year that you bought yourself, I will talk with the King of Samaria and try to get the Kings help with anything you need to become stronger, but the King will want things in return. " Arita said again thinking of ways to help her.

"I will do whatever I can but I can not go back on my word until I have the strength to stand up to the Demons alone. " Alice said clenching her fists. "Fine... If you really will go willing to the Demons then I am going with you and we will spend every day leveling up. " Yumi said with a stubborn look in her eyes.

"I will have to go and talk to the Demon King about that but even more than that your father must agree. " Alice said hoping Arita would be against it.

With both girls looking at him Arita's expression lifted a little, "If that is what my daughter wants then I will not be against it as long as the Demons promise not to harm her. " Arita said causing Alice to get up and leave the room angrily.

Storming into the Mage's Guild, Alice made her way into Alister's office swinging the door open taking both Alister and Drago by surprise. "What can I do for you Alice? " Drago said motioning for Alister to stay seated. "I need to talk to your father. " Alice said coldly.

"Alright, but I cannot imagine my father has already managed to make you this upset, " Drago said giving Alister permission to call for his father.

Waving his hand over the mirror Alice was met with the sight of Lord Kira holding a set of stuffed Angel Wings. Seeing what he was holding Alice could not help but release her Demonic Gaze passively causing Lord Kira to raise an eyebrow. "Drago and Alister leave the room, if you disrupt me then neither of you will live to see tomorrow. " He said causing the two to leave the room quickly.

"I don't know why you have called for me but I demand a explanation as to how you have the 'Demonic Gaze' skill, humans can not obtain that skill no matter what method they use girl, speak. " Lord Kira said with a slight tone of authority.

Not even thinking of the consequences Alice held back her rage as she said, "My mother was a Demon, I don't know anything of my parents other than the fact I can use Demonic skills. My friend who is very dear to me wont agree to me going to your kingdom unless she is allowed to go, I am here to ask if that is okay. "

"I do not mind, the only thing I care about is you joining me. Our agreement stands no matter if your friends are in that kingdom or mine. " Lord Kira said thinking about the new information her learned about Alice.

"Young lady, can you describe your mother to me? If things are the way I am thinking then you may be more valuable to me than I first thought. " Lord Kira asked sitting on his chair wondering if Alice was his lost wife's daughter.

"I told you I don't know much about my parents, all I remember of her is that she was beautiful and loved to wear a necklace she wore with everything. When I was still a child my mother disappeared and i never saw her again. " Alice said remembering how beautiful her mother was and the necklace she would never take off.

"Contact me if you ever need anything, and I mean anything we will talk more of this later when you arrive, tell me son he is to return home at once. " Lord Kira said waving his hand over the mirror and thinking to himself, 'Is it possible she is my wife's daughter she always wore a necklace I gave her after conquering the Angels... Alice does resemble her in a small way, I cant remember the last time my wife gave me that very look. '

With tears leaking from her eyes no longer able to hold back her rage Alice started destroying Alister's office setting his books on fire and slicing his desk in half before calming down a little and letting Drago know what his father said.

Returning to the Estate with her eyes red and puffy Alice walked past Yumi and went to her room to spend some time alone. 'Do you want to talk about it? ' Shadow said gently crawling onto her lap.

"No I just want to cry, I was forced to lie about my mother all because I couldn't control my emotions when I saw the Demon King holding a pair of stuffed Angel wings. " Alice replied burring her head in her pillow.


After having composed herself and taking the time to remember every detail about her parents while praying for forgiveness Alice made her way to the dinning room in time for lunch.

"Nice of you to join us Miss Alice, " A older man said sitting beside Arita. "Allow me to introduce you Alice, this is the King of Samaria Mark, " Arita said standing and pulling out a chair for her.

Giving the King a bow before sitting down Mark began to talk, "I have heard a lot about you Miss Alice, Arita has informed me of your situation with the Demons. " Mark said with a warm smile. "It is nice to meet you King Mark, and yes unfortunately Alister sold me out to the Demons and I, " Alice began speaking before being cut off by the King.

"I have sent someone to deal with Alister, he will be interrogated thoroughly by my best people, I can not let a spy for Demon's live in my kingdom. After all he has just cost this kingdom a very promising young lady, I will help provide what I can for you to get stronger but in return I want you to send me any information the Demons have regarding this Kingdom when you arrive there in a year. On top of that I wish to form an alliance with you Miss Alice, if the demons go this far for you I would be a fool to not establish a good relationship with you. " King Mark said signaling for the food to be brought in.

Looking at the delirious looking feast being brought out Alice's mouth began to water a little as she ate and thought about what the King was offering. "Of course I will send information if I can as long as it does not put my friends in any danger, as far as an alliance I don't want any harm to come to my friends home so I will promise that I will do my best to prevent any harm from coming to your kingdom, " Alice said drinking some wine.

"That is all i ask, I have prepared some weapons and armor sets from my personal collection to be brought over to help you in your adventures. " King Mark said as he began to eat as well.

"I do not need any weapons, I only need to go on dungeon raids and supplies for my travels, " Alice said while sitting back waiting for the the maid to finish cutting the roasted pig. "Then they shall be yours you merely need to put a request in with a Royal Guard."

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