60 *Mother's Day Special*

Entering Nyx's home Alice walked around admiring all of the decorations and paintings on the walls waiting on Nyx to return from her trip to see Jun and Soron.

Seeing a painting of herself in her new dress she got from the ring and her wings expanded out Alice couldn't help but admire how different she looked from the memories she had of herself as an Angel. "I really am the complete opposite of what I used to be. " Alice said while touching the painting.

"Do you like it? I had it done the day after I gave you the Shadow Monarch's ring. " Nyx said with a smile walking over and giving Alice a hug.

"Who painted it? " Alice asked curiously, wanting to thank the painter for making her look so good in the painting.

"Believe it or not it was Jun he picked up painting a few hundred years ago and is quite talented when it comes to things like this. " Nyx replied, taking Alice's hand and making her follow her into the dinning room.

"Did you make some food or something? '' Alice asked curiously why they would be in the dining room in the middle of the night.

"I love sweets and now that I finally get to be with my daughter I thought we could enjoy some together! " Nyx said, pulling a seat out and motioning for Alice to sit with an excited expression.

"That sounds great, why did you wait so long to be with me anyway? " Alice asked while Nyx clapped her hands signaling her servants to bring in the trays of sweets.

"It was all because of your father, but he doesn't matter anymore. Oh that is right I have a present for you that I think you will enjoy! " Nyx said, running over to one of the doors and opening it to show Arita standing on the other side.

"Arita! " Alice said, pushing her chair back and running over to him hugging him tightly.

"I am sure you are curious but I asked Osia to let Arita come back, he just cannot go back to the mortal world so he will stay here as one of my servants. You can come back at any time to see him. " Nyx said happy Alice enjoyed her present.

"How is Yumi doing? " Arita asked calmly while rubbing Alice's head gently.

"She is a mess without you, Nyx would it be possible for me to bring Yumi here?!? " Alice asked, realizing she may be able to give Yumi her father back in a way.

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"It is not allowed unless she has my blessing which makes things hard since she cannot use my element and is not one of my followers. However if you can convince her to take me as her God of worship I will allow her to come here a few times a year. " Nyx replied honestly while pulling a seat out for Arita to join them.

"That will be the first thing I do when I get back to the Mortal world! Arita what is wrong you do not seem to talkative? " Alice asked curiously, noticing how quiet Arita was.

Shaking his head and looking at Nyx she answered Alice's question, "He was just brought back today, he won't be his full self until a few days to make sure his soul fully returns. He needs to rest, you should go to your room and get some sleep Arita if you wish to talk more with Alice next time she returns. "

"Thank you so much for this Ny--Mom. If I would have known I would have tried to get you something to repay the kindness. " Alice said, moving from her seat to sit next to Nyx.

"Hearing you call me mom and sitting next to me is all the thanks I need, I made this cake myself I hope you enjoy it! " Nyx said, cutting Alice a slice and putting it on her plate.

Taking a bite of the chocolate cake Alice's eyes shot open, 'It's delicious! ' she thought while taking another bite feeling like all the stress and sadness she had been feeling had completely vanished while sitting with her mom and eating treats.

"Im happy to see you enjoy it! It makes a mom really happy when their child is as happy as you look right now. " Nyx said, placing her hand on Alice's head and running her fingers through her hair.

"The cake is really good and this is the first time in what feels like forever that I feel relaxed. Unfortunately I need to get back, Yumi will be waking up soon and I don't want her to freak out when she sees I am not home. " Alice said, giving Nyx a tight hug before going back to the Astala Estate.

'How was your visit with Nyx? ' Little Shadow asked, lying comfortably on the bed.

"It was really good, I got to see Arita and I can bring Yumi to see him if she takes Nyx as her God the next time I go! I am sure that Yumi will be so happy she won't be able to wait to take mom as her God! " Alice replied lying next to Little Shadow while petting his soft fur.

'I hope she is happy to hear the good news, she has been really sad lately. When did you start referring to Nyx as Mom? Shadow questioned noticing the change.

"Tonight I guess, even if she really isn't my birth mother and has been deceiving me like Soron she still treats me like a daughter and I am sure the mother I remember would be happy to know I have someone who treats me like a daughter even after her death. " Alice replied, closing her eyes to get some sleep.

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